5 Anti-aging Exercise to Enjoy Young and Happy life

There are lots of benefits of exercise, we know it very well. In order to get a fit body including muscle and less weight, no other ways except exercise. However, There is also long-term benefits of exercise and that is to keep yourself young. To do it you need to practice anti-aging exercise. The Aging body appears when the muscle becomes weak and bone mass becomes thin. These conditions lead your body to frailty and fracture. Anti-aging exercises will also help you by protecting your health from osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes. Strength training and aerobic are two types of anti-ageing exercise to make you strong and build your muscle and keep you free from cardiovascular ailments. The minimum workout time should be 2-3 times thirty minutes session per week to get well bone density. However, more issues we will discuss in this article below.

anti-aging exercise

Benefits of exercise on aging

Brain activity

Losing brain activity is an important sign of aging. To keep your brain sharp you need exercise. Better or working brain means better attention, superior processing speed. In order to get sharp brain regular exercise such as swimming, walking is helpful and it also reduces the risk of dementia.

According to Joyce Gomes-Osman, a scientist of University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine, “This is evidence that you can actually turn back the clock of aging in your brain by adopting a regular exercise regimen”.

In contrast, a Study from neurology journal reveals, physically fit women are 88% less chance to develop dementia than who were moderately fit in their middle age. The researchers also found another statistics that only 5% of among the fit women develop dementia later stage of life. On the contrary, 1/4th of the moderately fit women and 32% of the unfit women was identified by dementia.

Heart performance

Cardiac exercise or in short cardio is necessary to improve your heart performance. Some kinds of cardiovascular exercises are walking, swimming, running, cycling etc. According to USA guideline minimum 150 minutes of cardio is perfect for an adult weekly. These exercises are also called aerobic exercise which develops mitochondrial function.

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A study from ahajournal was conducted among two types of 53 people. One who does exercise 4-5 days a week and another who does yoga and balance exercises. After the end of the study, the result found significant heart performance improvement for whom follows higher intensity exercise. This exercise also diminishes the stiffening of the heart.

Age-related decline

Age-related decline means losing muscle, bone mass, body strength. To prevent it anti-aging exercise is a good option. Cycling is one of such exercise which can protect the immune system and hence age-related decline. It is found from a study of journal of aging cell, the comparison of cyclist aged 55 to 79 with other similar aged people who never did cycling exercise. The result says, cyclist people have more strength, lower fat & cholesterol and more muscle mass.

Exercise and its effect According to Age

In your 30’s:

In age 30, there is a risk of human body of different abnormalities such as Type 2 diabetes, weight gain, losing fitness etc. However, steps or walking may help to avoid such risky conditions. It is found from study that, male people who reduce their daily steps 10,000 to 1500 they start to lose body fitness, breed insulin sensitivity and gain abdominal fat. The general recommendation for this age is to do anti-aging exercise 60 minutes a day, and 5-6 times a week. It will not only build strong body but also lower osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease.

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In your 40’s:

In your 40’s, according to Dr. Wells, ““People often sacrifice exercise because they’re busy, but it’s one of the most important times to exercise.” Dr. Wells is an assistant professor at the University of Toronto. But you have to keep a certain time for exercise. Otherwise, you will be at risk of affecting Stroke, Cancer, Osteoarthritis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Best exercises in this age of 40s are cycling, running, swimming and walking which are also called cardiovascular exercise.

In your 50’s:

In the age 50 or more, telomeres become shortened due to aging. However, a study revealed that you can protect your telomere even aged 50+ by running. Study says, people aged 55-72 who runs have same size telomere as like as 18-32 years old people. On the other hand, 55-72 aged people who lead sedentary lifestyle has same shorter telomeres. So, anti-aging exercise can make a difference between a healthy body and a lazy body.

Another study proved that, regular workout reverse your aging sign such as skin composition. A study from Mcmaster University in Hamilton found, 60 years plus women who does workout 2 hours in a week for 3 months has same skin composition like 20-30 years younger girl. This is because regular workout means regular sweating and sweating leads to pumping myokines, a type of protein resides in muscle cells of body. The result brings younger looking skin.

5 Anti-aging Exercise to Enjoy Young and Happy life

1. Squat with bicep curl:

Take two dumbbells in two hands and take a standing position in feet hip-width apart. Bend hip and thighs slowly giving pressure to heel. Then up your weight into shoulder location doing the slow movement. Do it 10 reps.

2. Push up:

Push up is moving your body up and down using the arms. Firstly, you have to set your hand in the ground in a distance that is larger than shoulder-width. Then set your feet in a way that feel you comfortable. Your head should not be in downwards but slightly ahead of you. Use your arms to support your body weight when push upstarts.

3. Step-Ups:

It is a superb anti-aging workout which needs only a few elements such as bench/step/box where you can place your foot and need two dumbbells. First of all, you have to grab two equally weighted dumbbells in your two hands. Then place your left foot on the bench slowly giving pressure on big toe. Try to push your body up and chest lifted and keep left leg straight. Finally, bend your left knee and try to move body upward position. Do it 10 reps for each legs and 3-4 times a week.

anti-aging exercise

4. Plank:

You can do this exercise in a an open floor or in a bench. You do it in floor, use your forearm by using elbow. Keep your hand under your shoulder and keep hands shoulder-width apart. Keep your body head to heels straight and it will like 90 degree angle of your forearm and body. Hold this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

5. Footwork:

Footwork is a good anti-aging exercise. You can use a circle to do this footwork. Think there is a circle in the floor on your right side. First you have to place your right foot on the circle and left foot. And then go outside of ring in the right side. Afterward do same work from left to right. You need to speed up this work gradually. Do it very fast for 30 seconds.