No one expects hereditary dark circles as a gift of legacy! It will be a blessing for you if they get beautiful skin complexion from your mother or blue eyes  from the father. But, every time it may not be happening. It is unfortunate, if you get hereditary dark circles from your parents. But it is common. This is also called genetic hyperpigmentation under eyes. Hereditary dark circles are look like normal dark circles which are acquired from allergy, nutritional deficiency, lack of sleep, dehydration etc. It appears as a round, uniform, darkish under eyes. The characteristic of inheritance dark circles is – it turns worsen if you go to sunlight, drink alcohol, smoking. This is why, if you want to remove hereditary dark circles, try to avoid these behaviors.

hereditary dark circles

However, here the responsible entity is gene. Gene or DNA translation from parents to child forms this dark circles. Now the question is do hereditary dark circles go away?. The answer is YES! There are several effective genetic dark circle solution. New York Cosmetic Skin and Laser Surgery Center also says genetic hyperpigmentation is treatable. Chemical peel, laser resurfacing and skin lightening cream are proven solution to treat dark circles. Here, we will discuss how to get rid of hereditary eye circles.

1. Special Hereditary Dark Circles Remedies

Remedies from hereditary dark circles can be classified in two ways. One is expensive, another is cheap. Surgical or laser treatments are expensive, beauty care products are less expensive.

1.1 Using Concealer

As it is difficult to fight against gene causing dark circles, you may use concealer to hide it. Concealer may be undetectable with if you choose right one and it gives a flawless skin. Find out a concealer which matches with your skin tone and use of your under eye area with fingertip. It will help you to disappear the dark rings.

 1.2 Using Skin Lightening Agents

Skin lightening products protect skin from hyperpigmentation. There are many hereditary dark circles cream, which has a strong effect to avoid pigmentation such as: Hydroquinone, Glycolic acid, Kojic acid. This is why, search for a skin lightening product which contains these useful ingredients. However, as for example Murad age spot and pigment lightening serum contains 2% hydroquinone, so it is effective to reduce deterioration of genetic dark circles.

1.3 Using chemical peel

The main motto of chemical peel is to renew skin. Still chemical peel treatment is effective, though laser resurfacing has been introduced in the market. However, due to unavailability of laser, chemical peel is also used for hyperpigmentation reduction. In chemical peel, acid solution is used such as alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), trichloroacetic acid etc. AHA and glycolic treatment are good, safer and effective. Sometimes, chemical peel is used as adjunct with laser resurfacing.

Precaution should be taken before using it, because eyelid area is thin. Deep chemical peel can hurt eyelid, so use mind treatment.

1.4 Hereditary Dark Circles Laser Treatment

Another name of laser treatment is “heat and heal technique”. Here, heat is used through a laser beam on damaged skin. Another function of this treatment is to produce collagen, which recovers the dark circles under eyes. Collagen contributes smoother skin. Fractional CO2 laser is the best choice to eliminate dark circles.

Skin area under eyes receives light and hence resurface the affected areas, as a result, it reduces wrinkles and increases appearance of eye by reducing dark circles.

2. How to get rid of hereditary dark circles naturally

2.1 Rose water

Rose water is rich with the humectant property help to remove inherited dark under eye circles.  Hence, it keeps moisture on the skin for a long time and keep balance of skin PH. It prevents hyperpigmentation which is responsible for creating dark circles. Moreover, it has anti-inflammatory activity which keeps eyes free from swelling and redness.

Its astringent property keeps skin tight. In contrast, rose water clear skin, removes clog from skin.

Applying Method: Soak a cotton ball into the rose water and tap on under eye and leave it till dry automatically.

2.2  Raw Potatoes

Raw potatoes have tremendous benefits to alleviate dark circles. It contains anti-inflammatory property which reduces eye swelling. Raw potatoes provide strong bleaching property which diminished dark circles gradually. Moreover, it’s catecholase enzyme reduces genetic puffy eyes.

Applying Method: Slice raw potatoes into thick pieces and apply to the eyes for 20 minutes. For better result does it every day.

2.3 Cucumber

Cucumber contains 90% water, which keeps skin hydrated. It also provides vitamin K, C and potassium. These are used to fight against dark circles. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which stimulates collagen, the essential component of skin. Collagen makes skin strong and thick. Vitamin k for dark circles protect blood leakage on blood vessel below the eyes.

Applying Method: Slice like potatoes and place on both eyes. You can also use the juice of cucumber. Use cotton ball to dab and apply on eye area.

2.4 Almond Oil

Almond oil helps to conceal hereditary dark circles. It contains retinol and palmitic acid, which keeps moisture on the skin. On the other hand, it removes clog from skin.

There are two types of Almond oil: Sweet and bitter. Sweet almond beauty skin. This oil also contains vitamin k which acts to diminish dark circles.

Applying Method: Applying oil on the skin after washing face clearly. Apply few drops under eyes and keep it for a long time. For better result blend with honey or coconut oil.

2.5 Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is rich with vitamin C and citric acid, which helps to lighten dark spots around the eyes. Moreover, it has a special feature of the bleaching property which aids in lightening of skin and fades skin discoloration.

It also reduces swelling under the eyes and minimizes hereditary dark circles and its symptoms.

Applying Method: Extract juice from lemon. Use cotton ball for the application under eye. Leave on the eye skin for 15 minutes then wash with water. For sensitive skin you may mix lemon juice with water.

3. Change Lifestyles

Proper sleeping

Proper sleeping at night keeps the blood circulation smooth on under eye skin. It avoids the blood pool and removes genetic under eye circles. 7 to 8 hours sleeping at every night help you to heal tired eyes and to fight against dark rings around eyes.

Regular drinking of water

Regular drinking of water flushes out waste material from skin and eye area. As a result, water hardly deposit under eye. That’s why, eye puffiness has been reduced and dark circles as well. When the body is lack of water, it automatically retains water for its own interest and swell eye. Sufficient taking of water, wipe out this problem.

Proper foods

Proper foods rich with different vitamins such as C, A, K help to diminish dark circles. Strawberries,  pineapples, grapes fruits etc contain vitamin c and it helps to reduce hyperpigmentation because it lowers production of melanin. You may eat vitamin A rich foods such as papaya, mangoes, butternut squash. It protects elastin from early breakdown. Vitamin k has anti-dark circles property. Vitamin k rich foods are cucumber, plums, kidney beans, etc.


Nowadays it is not to be worried about hereditary dark circles. It is curable, just follow proper remedies option and trust on yourselves.