Home Remedies On How Can I Get Fair Skin

Fair, bright and smooth skin is the dream of every woman. This why it is a very common question to all of them how can I get fair skin? Fair skin makes you look attractive, confident and presentable. Moreover, you will look beautiful at any color dress compared to black or brown people. It is not a short term procedure, you have to wait for desired result and have faith on remedies described here. Different types of skin lightening techniques are available. Among all of them home remedies are the best rather than expensive and painful treatment such as chemical peel, vitamin C injection and using lightening creams and pills. Creams are also dangerous as it may contain harmful chemicals which cause severe rashes, uneven white skin color and other skin abnormalities.

It is true that there are no medical treatments which can bleach skin. According to Dr. Windy Miryana, Spkk “if you see skin color is different than face than it sure that here heavy metals have been used”. Before to expense lots of money and getting improper treatment, try home remedies which are affordable and very safe for skin.

how can I get fair skin

Home remedies on how can I get fair skin permanently

Lemon for bleaching effect

1: Lemon juice:

Lemon is a special fruit composed of two excellent ingredients. One is Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) and another is Citric acid. Alpha hydroxy acid is a good lightener and natural exfoliant. Citric acid is a natural skin bleaching agent.

How to use: First of all you have to cut one half of a lemon. Than squeeze it for juice. Afterward mix lemon juice with equal amount of water and apply places of body where you want to lighten the skin such as face, neck, chest, arm. Use cotton ball for application and keep juice up to 20 minutes and afterward rinse lukewarm water.

Precautions: Don’t use it more than three times a week to avoid skin irritation. Don’t go sunlight before rinsing the lemon juice. Don’t forget to use moisturizer which helps you to retain lemon juice on skin for long time.

2: Lemon with Honey and Oatmeal:

Along with lemon, a skin lightening agent, honey and oatmeal works on how can I get fair skin. Honey is an excellent moisturizer and oatmeal is an exfoliant. A mask of lemon, honey and oatmeal should be applied on the face and massage with finger tip at a circular motion. The ground of oatmeal removes dead skin cells, dirt and makes skin fair.

3: Lemon with baking soda:

Baking soda is an anti-inflammatory agent along with its efficacy to take away dead skin cells. To get the best result, mix 2 tbsp of baking soda with half cut squeezed lemon and ½ cup of warm water. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply on the required region of your body such as feet, toenail, between toes which are infection prone areas.

Turmeric for whitening effect

4: Turmeric+Honey: Turmeric has been used for long time. It has many uses such as antibacterial, antifungal and skin whitening. Different skin abnormalities such as blemishes, pimples, scar, tan can be removed by Turmeric. Turmeric is used as face pack. Here is a face mask tips of Turmeric which is combined with honey to get better whitening result.

How to use: Mix ¼ spoon amount of turmeric with two spoonful of honey and make a paste. Apply on face for 30 minutes and wait till dry. Afterward wash it with water.

5: Turmeric+Honey+Curd for instant skin glow: When question arises on how to get fair skin fast than you must need to use curd with Turmeric and honey. The specialty of curd is it contain lactic acid which is used to get instant fair complexion.

How to use: You need to make a paste by mixing 1 tbsp turmeric, 1 tbsp honey and 3 tbsp curd. Before using keep it at refrigeration for 20 minutes. Then apply this cold paste on the face for 15 minutes to get a nourished, improved textured and golden glow skin.

Coconut oil for skin fairness

6: Coconut Oil:

Coconut oil has many skin benefits. Among all a unique characteristics is to take away toxins and infectious agents from skin and help on how can I get fair skin. It is an antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral agent. Lauric acid is especially play key role to eradicate microorganisms.

How to use: First of all you have to prepare coconut milk from 5 coconuts and separate cream from it. Afterward, transfer the cream to a fry pan for heating. After heating for 30-40 minutes use a strainer to collect coconut oil. Cool it and preserve in a bottle. Then you can use 2 tbsp coconut oil by using cotton ball in the face and neck area to get rid of black neck. Keep it for at least 15 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

Precaution: Don’t go to sun just after using it. And it is better to use just before go to bed.

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Orange juice for bright skin tone

7. Orange: Orange is an anti aging fruits which answers how can I get fair skin as it contains two fairness vitamins – C & A. It not only minimizes spots, pigmentation but also improves fair complexion.

How to use: You need to have chilled orange juice.  Take 3 tbsp of it. Dab cotton ball and apply on the face. Stay 5-7 minutes and rinse with water. Do this practice every day in a week.

Raw potato to get lightening effect

8. Potato: Potato is a good fairness vegetable. It contains vitamin C and we know vitamin c is good for skin lightening. However, there are other ingredients as well carry vitamin c. You can use over-the-counter skin lightening cream rich with vitamin c. But raw potato is also effective to do the same activity with leaving no skin side effects.

How to use: This is completely an easy process.  You just have to cut a potato into thick and round shape. Rub in the desired areas to get lightning effect. At the end, let this rubbing areas till to dry. Then rinse with water.

Tomato for magical effect

9: Tomato: Yes, really tomato is a magical vegetable to work on how can I get fair skin.  It contains lycopene which reduces tan and skin darkness. Moreover, it reduces uneven skin tone and ensures how to get fair complexion permanently by removing dead skin cells.

How to use: To use it, first of all you have to blend tomato with lemon juice to get extra effect. Here, one tomato is needed to mix with 2 tbsp of lemon juice. Apply this onto face and neck and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing.

10: Tomato+Baking soda+honey: Take a half ripe tomato. Mix mashed tomato with 1 tbsp of baking soda and honey to make paste. Use this paste on face, neck, hand and rub for some time.  Leave it for 5 minutes. It removes all impurities of skin and protect skin from sunlight.

11: Tomato with papaya: This is a great combination tomato with papaya to help on how can I get fair skin. Papaya is a substantial source of vitamin. Combination with tomato help skin from UV radiation, look bright.

How to use: In order to do it, take a tomato and a slice of papaya. Mix and mash in a bowl and apply on the face for 10-15 minutes. Afterward wash face with cold water mixed with a few drops of rose water.

Papaya for perfect exfoliation

12: Papaya: Papaya contains an enzyme called papain which has excellent exfoliant characteristics. It also contains vitamin C. This is why, it recovers damaged skin.

How to use: Choose a green papaya. Slice it and blend to make paste. Then apply it onto the body areas where you want to lighten.

13: Papaya+cucumber : This combination is good for skin whitening, to boost up collagen, to cure discoloration and pigmentation.

How to use: Cut slices of papaya and cucumber. Blend then with a blender and add a tsp of fresh milk cream. Apply on face/neck and keep for 20 minutes and wash with water.

Cucumber for soothing effect

14: Cucumber: Cucumber is a plant having soothing effects. It is found in many creams and lotion in market to soothe skin.

How to use: Spread aloe vera all over the body. Leave it for 20 minutes for absorption in the skin. Afterward rinse it.


15: Yogurt+Whole Milk+Oatmeal Paste: Yogurt and whole milk both are good exfoliant as it provides alpha hydroxy acid. In combination with ground oatmeal it boost the exfoliation effect. Place this mix on the face for 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water. Use a cotton ball to accomplish the work.

16: Gram flour: When the question arises on how can I get fair skin, gram flour is a good remedy. Face pack with gram flour removes tan and dark patches from skin.

How to use: Make a paste with 2 tbsp of gram flour, a small pinch of turmeric and few drops of rose water.  Apply onto face and leave for 20 minutes before washing with lukewarm water.

17. Garlic: Sometimes due to our dull skin we affect by acne and acne scar. These abnormalities can make our skin dark and uneven. In order to get fair skin you can take help of garlic. It is a powerful antioxidant helps to fight against discolored patches.

How to use: Apply garlic paste on acne and acne scar. If malodor is a problem than add some water with garlic or soaked peeled garlic in milk for an hour before applying.


18. Rice powder+Banana+Milk Paste: Combination of rice powder, banana and milk paste is very effective to cure wrinkles, pimple mark, dark spot etc. This also ensures instant fairness tips.

How to use: Take a full ripe banana and mash with back side of spoon.  Add 2 tsp of rice powder and 4 tbsp of milk with banana and make a paste. Apply this paste on face and neck for 15 minutes than wash with water.


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