How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes Fast


It looks very annoying when you wake up with severe puffy eyes. Especially, when you have any special appointment or any occasion, for what you need to look fresh and bright. Several things can contribute you to face this awkward problem. In this article, I will make a useful discussion about how to get rid of puffy eyes fast and their underlying causes.

When you have swelling eyes, it definitely disappoints you to look at the mirror. And you may be tired of hiding those signs and symptom. From now on, this won’t happen with you anymore. Hopefully, this article will make you strong enough to combat with it.

How to get rid of puffy eyes fast

Reasons behind having puffy eyes:

To fix any issue, it is much needed to find out the underlying reasons behind that. This article will follow the same thing for sure. The sensitive skin around your eyes faces swelling with dark spots.

And there are some possible causes for that. To learn more about how to get rid of puffy eyes fast, you should figure out those factors that instigates the issue. Below I show you those common factors which ignite the problem excessively.

1. Sleep disorder:

Sound sleep is good for health and we already know about it. Under stress, this is very common for not to have a good night sleep. When you can’t sleep properly at night, it leads you in having tired eyes and puffy eyes.

Again, stress-related issues release cortisol from the adrenal glands of our body. That’s why the salt balance of our body drastically loses its normal level. When this happens, our body needs to retain water and puffy eyes are the result of that.

2. Allergic problems:

We have sensitive eyes skin. When the thin skin around our eyes somehow faces any allergenic issues from any kind of sources, swelling on the eyelids might be the possible result I think.

Furthermore, behind our eyes, there are sinus cavities. Through pour nose, it becomes affected for having inhalation in terms of allergens. This could lead you to struggle with dryness and itchy effect on the skin too.

3. Crying:

Crying ultimately puffs the eyes. When you are going through emotional tantrums, tears flow down on the cheeks naturally. When the tears come to contact with the much salt contained tissues, it begins swelling on the eyelids.

4. Drinking alcohol:

Too much alcohol drinking contributes to reducing anti-diuretic hormones in the body. This ultimately causes puffiness around your eyes.

Moreover, it never let a person have a beautiful sleep at night. And the result is fluid retention and gets inflated eyes that are not expected at all.

Effective ways for how to get rid of puffy eyes fast:

1. Take rest:

Are you engaged with your works too much? Extensive busyness sometimes leads us to awake at night. For that reason, our eyes go through much pressure due to work hard more.

Taking some rest is one of the best solutions for it. During working hour, close your eyes for some minutes and make the rest. It won’t let you build up unnecessary fluid around the eyelids.

2. Never rub the eyes:

If you have allergic problems, rubbing the eyes will seriously aggravate the problem in a wide range. This will definitely lead you to swelling eyes.

3. Use cold water for washing your face:

The dusts and debris flowing on the air are very harmful for the eyes. When you have some free time for refreshment, use cold water to wash your eyes. You should repeat this process after crying.

If possible, get an ice pack and use it with a fluffy cloth. Then put it around the eyes for couple of minutes. Hence, you should gently tap the puffy eye areas. This will help to continue the blood moving normally.

4. Use cucumbers:

This is absolutely a natural solution if you want to know how to get rid of puffy eyes fast. Place some pieces of cucumber on your eyelids making the perfect size and shape.

Again it helps you to remove dark circles under eyes. As it contains ascorbic acid and caffeic acid, it leaves a wonderful effect to save your eyes from puffiness.

5. Avoid allergic factors:

If you have any allergic issues on your face, you need to have a treatment for that. Certain allergies on your face accelerate puffy eyes and worsen the matter more.

Try to avoid allergy-triggering factors such as dusts and allergic foods

6. Say no to diuretics:

There are some diuretics like alcohol or caffeine. To get rid of puffy eyes, you should avoid these substances. If you take it in moderate level, then it is okay. But excessive usage will drag you to get puffy eyes.

In replace of that substance, you can drink herbal teas. That is very helpful for removing water retention. It also protects your body from dangerous toxins.

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7. Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera is enriched with antioxidants. Again, you won’t find an effective treatment like this natural solution. It helps a lot to remove puffiness and wrinkles around the eyelids.

It also develops blood circulation on the affected area. Make sure you are not using it in your eyes directly.

8. Drink a lot of water:

This is another solution if you are desperately seeking for how to get rid of puffy eyes fast. Drinking water will make your brain know that the body is not in want of water. Again, it boldly prevents eye swelling.


By now, you came up with plenty of information about how to get rid of puffy eyes fast. Also, we have mentioned common problem arising triggers that stimulate this eye-related problem.

It seems very annoying when you look at the mirror and gets shocked at seeing your eyes. It directly leaves a negative impact on your face from glowing.

Above, I have mentioned some tips and advice to follow. Fortunately, these solutions work on some victims. I hope it works on you too.