Secrets Looking 10 Years Younger (9 Tips)

Secrets Looking 10 Years Younger is mandatory to know everyone. As years catch up, all of us has to face the dreaded reality of ageing which is the main impediment to stay young. We can just accept the fact and move on, or try to stop the clock to look young again, so that we can proudly say “age is just a number”.

If you are the person who thinks this way, you can try some or all of these basic secrets looking 10 years younger.

Secrets Looking 10 Years Younger

9 secrets looking 10 years younger

1. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy food and doing it in the right time works as one of secrets looking 10 years younger. The food you eat should consists of the right balance of proteins, carbohydrate, fats and vitamins. It is needed to fulfill your body’s normal and natural functioning. Anything extra, especially fat, can be the cause building up of the same which may lead to many ailments and health conditions. You should also remember to eat according to your own metabolic prowess. Cut down on stress eating, or consuming unhealthy snacks and fast food. Restrict harmful habits like smoking and drinking. Though red wine is considered to be effective in keeping you from ageing and is good for health, always try to maintain limits.

2. Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water is one of the key ways to take care of your skin and this is one of secrets looking 10 years younger. Human body is made up of almost 70% water, so maintaining the right balance is necessary. Drinking the right amount of water can help your body to reduce the toxins it generates. It also maintains the softness and shine of the skin, which otherwise may become parched or dull. Keeping your body hydrated helps in improving your metabolic functions and helps you to digest the food you had at a better rate.

3. Be Hygienic

Maintaining proper hygiene is one of secrets looking 10 years younger. Take time to clean your body and surrounding so any chance of falling ill is reduced. It also takes care in keeping the skin healthy by maintaining its glow. Any chances of allergy or other infections can be kept to negligible through proper hygiene. Removing dead skins, other micro pollutants and blackheads can be quite effective in keeping your skin healthy and young.

4. Positive thinking and De-stressing

It is said that our body reflects our mind’s thoughts. Keeping a positive attitude towards most of the things in life could work wonders as one of secrets looking 10 years younger. Cleansing your thoughts and other negative feelings can change your posture and approach towards any situation. It also helps you to de-stress effectively. Reducing the bad thoughts and anxiety can help you to have a wrinkle free and glowing skin. You can try meditation or get more involved in pursuing your hobbies to keep your mind off all the ideas that worries you.

5. Sleep

Having a sound sleep is treated as one of secrets looking 10 years younger. You should sleep at least 6-8 hours can rejuvenate you like nothing else. A sound sleep helps in reducing your brain’s activities and allows you relieve the stress that gets built up everyday. It also relaxes your body and the tired muscles to get you going in a better shape after you wake up. A good sleep reduces black patches under your eyes and wrinkles on your skin quite easily so that you look fresh and young. It also helps you have a better metabolism which helps you to maintain a soft and smooth skin. Sleeping for a required amount of time also takes care of your hormones which play an important role in your overall ageing process. Certain hormones are also related to stress and anxiety and other mental conditions, so it helps in proper hormonal flow that affects the whole body in keeping its longevity.

6. Exercise

Exercising your body helps a lot in maintaining the youthfulness of your body and mind. An extensive workout can reduce any chances of accumulation of unhealthy fats in the body. One should at least try to get involved in some physical activities that will help in burning the calories which is in excess than our body needs. Hitting a gym, or practicing some free hand exercise tones the human body and gives you a healthier and leaner body. Your muscles looks young and fresh which could effectively make you look a few years younger. Practicing yoga can leave some wonderful result as well.

7. Love

The saying “Make Love, not war” is a useful tool that helps as one of secrets looking 10 years younger in a formidable way. This is because, when we are romantically involved with someone, our body releases certain hormones which makes the skin look fresh and young. The phrase that says ‘glowing in love’ is not an understatement it seems. Stay in love to stay younger for a longer time than you had imagined earlier.

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8. Sunscreen and other supplements

Practicing all of the above is quite necessary as practicing them in a disciplined manner would change them in to habits. Though these habits are more than enough to achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the effects of ageing, sometime you need to take some extra precautions to avoid an aged look and protect your skin and it acts as one of secrets looking 10 years younger. Apply sunscreen and other such supplements that will help you to deflect the harmful UV rays that we are eventually gets exposed to. Using these skin cream according to your skin type also helps keeping it hydrated as well as removes the tanning or pigmentation of skin. But you must remember that overusing any such skin creams or supplements in excess can have adverse effect on your skin affecting the tissues and the skin as a whole due to the side-effects some of these may have.

9. Be young at heart

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, ensuring proper mental balance and application of skin creams can work well in reducing your age. To sustain the effect for a long time, you must be young at heart by feeling young. Socializing, involving in some leisure activities, or helping out people will allow you feel younger at heart as well as body. The right food for your body and mind, and connecting your feelings to them is one of secrets looking 10 years younger forever.

Final Thought

Anything that comes to life is bound to grow old eventually but you need to know the secrets looking 10 years younger. Preserving the youth forever may seem an impossible task for now as no “Elixir of Youth” has been found yet. However, cutting a few things in our life which have a detrimental effect can help us to stall the process of ageing for some more years, thus allowing us to age gracefully. As evident from the above points, finding the right balance between physical as well as mental well-being is the much needed task.