11 Anti Aging Drinks For Youthful Appearance

We all know that aging is inevitable, but anti aging drinks can help you to delay aging. We see different aging signs at our old age such as fine lines, wrinkles, age spot etc. It affects not only women but men also. Everyone wants to be younger and beautiful in their old days. It is difficult to stop aging. But we can add more years on our life by choosing healthy foods. Anti aging drinks are healthy foods can delay your age. Here, we will discuss 11 anti-aging drinks.

. Anti aging drinks

11 Anti Aging Drinks

1 – Milk

Milk is such a drink can strengthen muscle. Good muscle represent you that how much strong you are. A person who has lean muscle looks older. According to study, when people goes to age 30, start to lose muscle 0.5 to 1.0% per year and 12-15% per decade. In order to strengthen your muscle you need to intake of protein foods. Protein is the building block of muscle. Amino acid, especially leucine is the major one to help key role in muscle building. Milk is a ideal drink which contains whey protein rich with essential component leucine. It helps to build muscle and gives a well shape to your body.

2 – Coffee

Regular drinking a cup of coffee is a good practice. Coffee contains anti-aging benefits. It’s antioxidant property protects your skin and shields from UV light of sun and helps to get a young look. Caffeine has anti-inflammatory effect and repair cell damage. The most remarkable property of coffee is it acts against skin cancer. According to a study published in a renowned journal “European journal of cancer prevention” says, the risk of nonmelanoma skin cancer is 10% lower for whom who drink a cup of coffee every day. This study was conducted among 93,000 women. Moreover, coffee helps to prevent older age brain disorders such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease.

3 – Water

It is no doubt that water is an essential part for living. Water is also an anti-aging drinks because it prevents our skin from dryness, flakiness and tightness by keeping us hydrated. Hence, it prevents early aging, keeps skin glowing and soft. Water eliminates all toxic materials from body. This is why, it is essential to take water every day. According to beauty expert and skin care specialist, every young adult must take 8 glasses of water a day. Water also prevents bad breath and oral cavity as it moist mouth, throat and lip area.

4 – Alcohol

Is alcohol helpful! yes but in tolerable level. It is moderate drinking of alcohol that means one glass a day. Alcohol keeps brain active as it maintains nerve transmission well. It has well anti aging effect and this is why it is called anti aging alcohol. It diminishes premature aging mental disorder such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s disease. Moreover, Alcohol take care of telomere and decrease wrinkles and fine lines.

5 – Green Tea

Green tea is a great anti aging drinks. It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and stress reducing property. It is found from a study that people who drink 4-6 cups of tea in a day can significantly reduce their stress. Like alcohol, green tea also protects telomere which prevents cell to die. Telomere is the protective caps of DNA strand. On the other hand, Green tea contains catechol which protects skin from free radical damage and wash environmental toxin from skin.

6 – Soy Milk

Soymilk is another anti aging drinks. It’s flavonoids helps to prevent collagen from breakdown. Collagen is a skin firming agent of our skin. On the other hand, its antioxidants property helps to fight against inflammation and keeps skin younger and beautiful. This is why, it is necessary to drink soy milk every day. According to Journal of the American College of Nutrition, scientist found efficacy of soy milk after application in mice for the prevention of wrinkles.

7 – Carrot Juice

Carrot, an anti aging vegetable also effective as anti aging juice for skin. It’s essential component Luteolin is helpful for better skin and to prevent early cognitive decline. On the other hand, Carrot contains alpha and beta carotene having antioxidant property reduces cell damage and delay aging.

8 – Beetroot juice

Beetroot is natural component produced in soil and rich with nitrates. Nitrates are helpful to maintain blood supply smooth on the brain especially in the frontal lobe region. This part of brain may cause dementia, alzheimer’s disease due to poor blood supply. On the other hand, beetroot contain folate and antioxidant. Both are useful substance to fight against deep wrinkles. Study says, it lowers wrinkle by 60%.

9 – Orange Juice

Orange juice is an excellent anti aging drinks because it provides vitamin C, one of major anti aging vitamin. And we know vitamin C is a good antioxidant protects us from harmful free radicals. Free radical can damage eyes after age 40. Age related macular degeneration (AMD) is the major threat for blindness. Vitamin C erases all free radical from retina and keeps eyes protected from AMD.

10 – Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is commonly known for its cooling effect. It soothes skin from sun burn and irritation. As it contains all essential vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E effective for anti aging. Moreover, its wound healing property helps to tighten skin. Study proves, women over 45 years are taking aloe vera for 90 days got improvement in skin elasticity and wrinkles.

11 – Pomegranate Juice

Last but not the least Pomegranate is a superb anti aging drinks. It is a delicious to drink and is very useful as well. 3 reasons of why it works against aging. It is an antioxidant and contains polyphenol so protects skin from sun damage. It protect cell damage as it lowers wear and tear of DNA. Finally, Its vitamin C property stimulate collagen production and repair damaged skin.


To defend your early aging, you must have to choose ideal foods. Anti aging drinks such a food to fight against premature aging. Moreover, it makes your skin more shiny and glossy and helps to remove early wrinkling.