6 Anti Aging Facial Exercises To Fix Sagging Skin

Everyone gets old. It is an unfortunate part of life. It doesn’t have to show on your face, though. There are several anti aging facial exercises that will help you prevent and alleviate the sagging. However, not everyone believes in the hype surrounding them. You can be the judge on whether you can find a more youthful face again.



Do Anti Aging Facial Exercises Really Work?

It’s not uncommon for you to be skeptical about whether or not anti aging facial exercises will actually make a noticeable difference on your face. With so many products claiming to be able to enhance and fix those fine lines throughout your face, the thought of lifting and firming your already sagging skin is almost laughable. However, these exercises really work and they work well.

The way it works is by getting deep into the lower parts of the skin, or hypodermis, the middle part of the skin, or dermis, and the upper part, or epidermis. The anti aging facial exercises work to get the blood flowing, which in turn increases the circulation and oxygen levels to the skin’s cells. That is when you will see the skin change into a more beautiful form of itself.

Even though many hail their praises at these exercises, some doctors are not that supportive of them. In fact, some claim that they may have a negative impact on wrinkles and increase the numbers that appear. Also, the sagging has been said to not change in its tone.

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Anti Aging Facial Exercises:

So, what are the best anti aging facial exercises to do? Here are some of the best ones to try.

1# Smiling Face

anti aging facial exercises

This is the simplest way. Smile broadly and move your mouth and lip as much as you can. You have to try to uplift your mouth so that teeth can be seen. After finishing limit, slowly turn to normal condition and go back to starting position. During this exercise, stop at several times for 10 seconds which is helpful.

This anti-aging facial exercise is good for better control of face and smiling capabilities.

2# Do Lip Exercise

anti aging facial exercises

Firstly, open your mouth and make sure both lips are not attached to each other. Then, forward your lower lip slowly until it touches the upper lip. Afterward, try to inward both lips slowly. After finishing it, then release pressure and get relaxed.

This facial exercise is good to retain natural color of lip as it helps to increase blood circulation.

3# Cheeky Face

anti aging facial exercises

You can either sit and stand for this one. Breath in and expand your cheeks to hold the air. Go back and forth between each cheek. Maintain holding your breath more possible time while doing this. Repeat this at least eight times and up to ten times.

This is a standard anti-aging facial exercise for anyone looking to tone the entirety of the face.

4# The Surprised Face

anti aging facial exercises

Expand your eyebrows in an upward way, as if someone surprised you suddenly. Put them up as high as you can. Along with this, open your mouth to stretch heavily. You can stretch your eyes as well. Repeat this at least eight times and up to ten times.

This is a great facial exercise for someone who has several wrinkles on their forehead.

5# Frown Face

anti aging facial exercises

For this anti aging facial exercises, you will use your index fingers to press on the outsides of your eyebrows. As you are doing this, put your middle fingers on the inner parts of your eyebrows. It should make a V underneath your eyes. Put pressure and pull your eyebrows down, which will make a frown. Remove your fingers and squint. Put your lips into a frown. Hold this position for two seconds and release. Repeat this process for eight more times and end with relaxing and closing your eyes.

This anti-aging facial exercise is good for drooping eyelids and crows feet, as well as puffy eyes.

6# Suck Your Finger

anti aging facial exercises

This is an easy exercise. Just enter one of your fingers in the mouth then remove it. Do it for ten times.

This anti-aging facial exercise is good to firm your lip.

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Yoga Facelift Exercises

Yoga does wonders for your body. The results and other benefits have been proven time and time again. Now, there are some that are promising the same results for your face. There are specific anti aging facial exercises that are called face yoga. While some are expressing their love for it, some dermatologists and plastic surgeons (surprise, surprise,) are saying that you will see an onset of more wrinkles the sooner you begin face yoga.

The reason these doctors are saying this is because the increased stretching that you are doing to your skin is actually creating more creases. These creases are what cause wrinkles to appear. They say it is unlike yoga on your body, where the stretches increase elasticity and firmness of your muscles. Your face does not react the same.

While this is all true, don’t count face yoga out yet. People who practice face yoga still say it has benefits. Wrinkles can be attributed to tension and stress that we react to with our face. What the face yoga does, then, is relax those parts that we are scrunching up and that ultimately bring on wrinkles. It is because of this that supporters of face yoga say that it helps with lifting and fighting the skin.

Facial Exercises For Wrinkles

Wrinkles can be reduced with facial exercises as well. For example, the pesky forehead wrinkles that shower some unlucky ones can be toned to look ten times better and younger. Put your index fingers underneath your eyebrows and lift your eyebrows up as far as you can. While you are doing this, use your index fingers to pull downward. Expect to do this at least ten times to wave goodbye to your wrinkly forehead and say hello to a firmer one.

Unfortunately, the lasting results of anti aging facial exercises for wrinkles are not good. They do work but many dermatologists say that they will not hold up to father time.

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Face Exercises Cheeks

Your cheeks can be the most troublesome area to fix when you age. The sag very heavily for some. In order to change the sagging, you need to lift and tighten the cheeks. Besides getting Botox, there are natural ways to do this. Plan on making this and other anti aging facial exercises a part of your daily health regime.

It helps if you are looking at yourself in the mirror to ensure that the exercise is done correctly. Make yourself smile one of those big silly smiles, but keep your mouth closed. Then, lift your nose up as if you smelled something that smells badly. Hold this position for five seconds and repeat for another ten times.

Face Exercises Before and After

anti aging facial exercises

If you decide to use anti aging facial exercises, you will see results. Sometimes, the results have been a huge change in the face. However, don’t expect your many wrinkles and sagging skin to disappear overnight or be gone forever even. This is not a quick fix and sometimes will not last a lifetime. It will help your skin look and feel the best it has in years.