Anti Wrinkle Pillow For Side Sleepers

Wrinkles and sleeping on the side

Sleeping is one of our very common daily activities. That’s why we must know anti wrinkle pillow for side sleepers if you want to free from sleep wrinkles. We have to sleep to retrieve our energy again. Naturally, doctor recommendation is to nap for eight hours. Now if we sleep 8 hours/day, then we sleep average 229,961 hours in our lifetime which means one third our life. This is why, to produce wrinkle is common if we sleep on our side at every time. This regular formation of wrinkles makes our skin older and we look senior concealing our real age.

Side sleeping means sleeping on your side. There are two types of sleeping position: one is side and another is back sleep. Side sleep has a direction connection to aging because in this position face goes to press on the pillow which makes unwanted sleep lines. Best anti wrinkle pillow for side sleepers will help people to avoid sleep lines.

anti wrinkle pillow for side sleepers

Sleep wrinkles normally look like a vertical or slight angle. Repeated pressing on pillow makes the accumulation of blood in specific areas of the mouth. That’s why, back sleep is better. But to make it habit you have to give time. After trying for a long time you will be able to sleep on your back.

According to American Academy of Dermatology, sleep lines are a major cause of early aging, and this is number fifth reason to cause aging. However, this organization also recommends for back sleeping.

3 Tips on How to prevent pillow-causing face wrinkles

1 # Changing Habit

You have to change your sleeping position from side to back as this habit is the main culprit to make wrinkles. But the disappointing matter is 41% people sleep on their side (according to the UK sleep assessment and advisory service).

2 # Using Anti Wrinkle Pillow

When you start to use different pillow, you will get a better idea about anti wrinkle pillow for side sleepers. There are anti wrinkle specialized pillow made of special foam. Quality fiber is used which keep face free from friction of pillow. This pillow is very soft and comfortable.  However, this pillow avoids face to direct contact to pillow. It slightly uplifts the face from the pillow and reduce compression.  

3 # Using Anti wrinkle pillow case/ silk pillowcases to prevent wrinkles

Anti wrinkle pillow for side sleepers is used to reduce wrinkles. However, a good pillow also can reduce sleep lines as well. Ordinary pillowcases are made up of cotton, which creates folds on the face skin during sleeping. But special pillowcases are made of silk and prevent it. The silk pillowcase never presses face to the pillow by its nature.  It not only care your skin, but also prevent hair from breakage. On the other hand, the Copper oxide pillowcase is also helpful to reduce wrinkles and lines.

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6 Anti Wrinkle Pillow For Side Sleepers

1. The Womfy Side Sleeper Anti-Wrinkle Pillow

This is an ideal choice as an anti wrinkle pillow for side sleepers. This pillow is discovered to keep in mind that pillow should be head shaped rather than square. That’s why, this pillow is head shaped and it prevents friction with face and ensure a sound night’s sleep. It is made of high quality viscoelastic memory and gel foam and bamboo fiber pillowcases.

Its specialty is it is curved and concave shape in the middle of the pillow. It never presses face, ear and mouth to the pillow. Its dimension is 18 inches wide, 4-6 inches length. The womfy cases are made from china and foam is from United States of America.

2. Brookstone BioSense Luxe Pillow

Another pillow and an ideal choice as anti wrinkle pillow for side sleepers. Its specialty is memory foam contains green tea and charcoal to fight against microorganism and malodor. It not only care face, but also head and neck. It ensures softer and lighter weight but support you as like other memory foam. Another fantastic feature it is easily washable and removable because it contains 300 thread count cotton cover. However, this pillow is made up of BioSense Loft Technology which ensures ultimate comfort.

3. Parachute Down Alternative Pillow

This anti wrinkle pillow for side sleepers is made with 100% fiber and 400 thread count. This fiber is called hypoallergenic provides formats for users. It is free of harmful chemicals. Its dense and supportive features helps to those who are side sleepers.

4. Your Face Pillow as anti wrinkle pillow for side sleepers

Skin needs to breathe normally to avoid some skin problems like wrinkles, acne. When we sleep our face skin smashes with pillow where skin cannot breathe easily. However, at that time our skin looks fold and appear wrinkle. Your Face Pillow is such kind of pillow which makes your skin free from the pressure of the pillow. It helps skin and face from direct contact of pillow.

This is a comfortable pillow as well as adjustable, but you have to wait for a week to adapt. It uses CertiPUR certified foam, but avoids mercury, lead and heavy metal on it.

5. Back to Beauty Anti-Wrinkle Head Cradle

This is also called beauty pillow as it prevents wrinkles and acne, and it acts as a good anti wrinkle pillow for side sleepers. It helps for back sleeping and relief from the weight of the head. This pillow provides a relax night sleeping and it doesn’t disturb night lotion as it never pressed face skin to pillow. Its size is compact so it is easy to use in different purpose and easy to bring in travelling.

6. BioPEDIC Copper Pillowcase and Pillow (Copper Oxide Pillowcase)

Here, both pillow and pillowcase are covered with copper. Copper is very essential compound for health, wellness and antimicrobial purpose. This biopic copper pillowcase and pillow releases copper during sleeping, bring youthful skin. The bed pillow size is 28×20 and infused with copper, support neck, head and shoulder. This pillow is clinically proven material to alleviate wrinkles, hence reduce skin aging.

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Eyetopia anti-wrinkle pillow

This anti wrinkle pillow for side sleepers is specially made to decrease wrinkle around the eye. It prevents compression eye area with pillow surface. However, it remains eyes open and orbital as well to remove compression. This pillow was tested among 24 females aging between 21 and 67. The result reveals, 90% saw a reduction of wrinkle after using this pillow. However, this pillow is developed by a surgeon named Cynthia Boxrud who is an ophthalmologist. She used to see many patients suffering from eye wrinkles. After seeing this, she decided to invent a sleep wrinkle pillow. This pillow provides big dip into its body so that your face remains free from pillow compression.

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