Lavender Oil For Natural Hair And It’s Benefits

Lavender Oil for natural hair ensure damage free healthy hair. Shiny and beautiful hair will reduce your age. It is extracted from Lavandula angustifolia flowers. However, It grows natural hair through improving circulation of the blood in the scalp and also through stimulating the hair follicles to work properly. This hence results in the growth of natural hair. Anxiety and stress have been known as factors contributing to hair loss and unhealthy hair. To eradicate the problem of unhealthy hair it is required to use lavender oil for natural hair. On the other hand, lavender oil in turn helps solve anxiety and stress with its sweet aroma which promotes good sleep.

Lavender Oil for natural hair

It has soothing and mild effect which makes it very suitable for any hair type. Once lavender oil is massaged into your scalp, it prevents loss of hair, promote growth of hair. Lavender oil known to moisturize scalps and also balances production of sebum. It’s an ideal option for persons with mixed scalp type, for instance those with oily scalp at the forehead and also head’s back but dry the rest of the head. The antimicrobial and antiseptic action make lavender oil a perfect choice for controlling scalp acne and dandruff.

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How to use lavender oil for natural hair

The following are the steps to using Lavender Oil for natural hair:

  • Get two teaspoonful of lavender oil.
  • Massage the oil into the scalp.
  • Leave the oil on the scalp for a night.
  • To avoid pillow staining, cover the head using a towel.
  • Wash the oil off once you get up. Repeat the similar procedure two times in a week.

Lavender oil for natural hair benefits:

Lavender oil is good for growing hair because of the following reasons:

  • Regenerative.

While hair is growing, most of the times you irritate the scalp through scratching with combs and other products. This lavender oil therefore, restores your scalp to the original scalp state.

  • Calming and soothing effect.

Using bad products or else bad weather may cause some inflammation on the skin and lavender oil helps repair such inflammations.

  • Anti-itching agent.

While hair is growing, it is always very itchy and lavender oil due to the soothing effect act as anti-itching agent.

  • Stimulating Agent.

Once you apply lavender oil on the scalp, it penetrates the scalp cells and in turn improves circulation of blood and nourishes the cells. Once circulation of blood has been improved, oxygen and nutrients are brought to the follicles of the hair hence growth. The shaft and roots get nourished hence quicker growth.

  • Scalp cleaning.

Lavender oil for natural hair helps in dissolving dandruffs and dead skin such that once you clean your head you get it out. It is also known as powerful detergent which will get off viruses, fungi, lice or lice eggs on the scalp.

  • Relaxation.

Lavender oil is great when it comes to giving a relaxation mood. Once you relax, you have good sleep and hence have some good growth of the hair.

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How Lavender Oil Prevents Hair Loss

Acute loss of natural hair for most individual results from stress. Lavender oil apart from it being beneficial when it comes to circulatory systems and antiseptic factors. However,  it works as like miracles in reducing stress. Aromatherapy deals with bringing relaxation which results from the smell. Including lavender oil in your bath detergents will work miracles in relieving anxiety and stress. Once such conditions are in control, growth of healthy hair is also stimulated.

Is really lavender oil good for natural hair?

Yes, it is good for hair. From generation to generation, lavender oil was used as a natural hair due to its many benefits including of the pleasant fragrance. The benefits lavender oil has for hair include:

Prevention of loss of hair, promotion of growth of hair, increasing of blood flow through the scalp, it’s an anti-fungal, prevention of pre-mature hair graying and controlling alopecia condition which occurs whereby the body neglects its hair follicles among others. Although its usage may take some time before responding fully, you are assured of a significant change.

Lavender oil for natural hair growth recipes 

Lavender Oil for natural hair is widely popular in the world. This is due to its effectiveness in hair growth, prevention of loss of hair and other benefits related to hair is mixed with other products to make the mixture for application.

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Lavender oil use for natural hair

  • Repair damaged hair

Lavender oil heals damaged hair from its therapeutic properties. It is recommended that you mix the oil with a cool base either shampoo, cream or conditioner to avoid irritation. Once mixed with healthy hair products it promotes healthy and thick hair.

  • Moisturizing the hair.

Lavender oil in turn improves nutrient circulation for the scalp and hair and also keeps the scalp away from irritation and dirt as moistened hair. Hence, it is needed lavender Oil for natural hair.

  • Prevention of hair loss.

Hair loss and related conditions can be treated very effectively using lavender oil. Lavender oil does not contain alopecia element and hence it improves growth of hair and controls any loss of the hair.