100 Anti Aging Tips: Best Tips You Have Ever Seen


Do you intend to reduce your aging? Do you want to stay and look younger for longer? Did I hear you answer ‘yes’ to these two questions? You have indeed landed on just the right page! We have compiled a list of 100 anti aging tips which may help you out in case you adhere to them strictly.

Anti Aging Tips


#1: Cut back on Alcohol

In case you have never attempted to take alcohol, do not even contemplate doing so. If you have been actively taking alcohol, you may have to either scale down your intake or stop completely. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and damages your liver besides speeding up your aging.

#2: Quit Smoking Permanently

Just like alcohol, smoking is also harmful to your health. Smoking makes you wink your face and in so doing, develop creases and wrinkles prematurely. It also damages your lungs which subsequently send you to the grave before time. This is why it is important anti aging tips to quit smoking.

#3: Avoid Excessive Exposure to the Sun

Overexposure to the sun leads to sunburn and skin cancer. This is because the rays of the sunburn the skin. This further leads to reduced lifespan of the skin. To ward off this issue, you are advised to minimize your exposure to the sun as much as possible.

#4: Drink Plenty of Pure Water

Pure water brings along plenty of benefits to the body. It flushes out toxins, keeps the temperature of the body at manageable levels, and hydrates the skin. These benefits have the cumulative impacts of reducing the pace of aging.

#5: Eat a Balanced Diet

Eat a balanced diet is a good anti aging tips. The food you eat also matters. To be sure of the best ever outcomes, you are advised to feed on a well-balanced diet. This way, your body shall be furnished with all the vital nutrients. Consequently, your body will stay healthy and younger for longer.

#6: Consume Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Anti Aging Tips

A balanced diet is a bare minimum you require to stay healthy and young at all times. However, it in and of itself is not enough. You have to pay particular attention to the anti aging fruits and vegetables. These two classes of food burn fat are easier to digest and enhance the flow of blood. They thus make you look younger and fit at all times.

#7: Reduce your Consumption of Sugary and Junk Foods

Junk foods such as burgers, fries, pizza, and their sugary counterparts can also fast track the aging process. This is because they contribute to the development of wrinkles, dark circles, and the dehydration of the skin. You should hence avoid them by getting rid of them from your diet.

#8: Bathe at Least Once a Day

It is important to bathe at least once a day as an anti aging tips. By bathing, you get to open the sweat pores. This ensures that no sweat accumulates in the pores to make your skin look older than ought to be. Moreover, the skin absorbs some water while you bathe. This lets it stay hydrated and younger for longer.

#9: Avoid Winking your Face Every Quite Often

As you wink, some patterns develop on your face. With time, these patterns solidify so much so that they become permanent. You, therefore, end up looking older than your actual age. You should, therefore, avoid winking or making facial gestures and expressions. This will make your face look younger all the time.

#10: Moisturize your Skin

When skin loses water, it develops wrinkles and ages faster. To make your skin last longer and look fresher also, be sure to moisturize it. Look for lotion, jelly or cream that contains active moisturizers. Then apply them on your skin regularly to furnish it with the required moisture contents.

#11: Apply Tan Also

After prolonged exposure to the sun, your skin may often lose the brown color. You may consider applying tan onto the skin. This is to restore the natural brown color and to give your skin a fresh lease of life. Do so especially in the summer months when the risk of the heat wave is high.

#12: Discontinue the Usage of Harmful Skincare Products

Anti Aging Tips

Chances are that you are already using dozens of skincare products. Well, you may well have to reconsider your usage of those products. In particular, you should discontinue the use of those products that are harmful or contain too many artificial chemicals.

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#13: Massage your Face and Skin every Quite Often

Massaging face and skin is a good anti aging tips. Massage has the impact and ability to revitalize your skin and body. As you age, your bones and muscles lose their vigor and vitality. Massaging them will reignite them and make them stronger than they were before. Do so at least once a month for better results.

#14: Consider Taking Some Skin Supplements

As part of your effort to keep your skin looking younger and fresh, you may consider taking some skin supplements. These supplements basically reinvigorate the health of the skin and in so doing, extends its lifespan. Some are toxic and should hence be taken only under the supervision of a dermatologist.

#15: Cleanse your Skin Gently

While cleansing your skin and face, do so gently. You may inadvertently end up inflicting more harm on them or speeding up the pace of their deterioration by being rough. Use only certified bathing sponge and mild detergents. The force you apply has also got to be moderate.

#16: Avoid Too Much Manual Labor

As you age, your bones become more brittle and less firm. They are not able to handle as much tension as they ordinarily were when you were in your youthful stage. This is why you are advised to avoid too much manual labor. You still have to work, but be moderate in the process.

#17: Be Mindful of your Area of Residence of Choice

Your choice of residence also determines the pace of aging. Secure neighborhoods that are surrounded by green leafy foliage are better. This is because the air around such places is fresh and breathable. The opposite is the case for congested slum areas. You may therefore wish to shift residence appropriately.

#18: Incorporate Plenty of Antioxidants in your Diet

To have antioxidant food regularly is a good anti aging tips. Antioxidants are nutrients that inhibit the production of free radicals. They therefore shield the cells of humans from possible damages. It is therefore in your best interest to incorporate as many of the foods that are rich in them in your diet as possible. Examples of these foods are dark chocolates, beans, and blackberries.

#19: Consume Plenty of Fermented Beverages as Well

Fermented foods such as sour milk, yogurt, and sauerkraut are rich in probiotics. These substances slow down the process of aging in a number of ways. They prevent the skin from forming wrinkles, get rid of the toxins, and eliminate free radicals that can pose damages to the skin.

#20: Always Sleep on your Back

Studies after studies have deduced almost without exception that sleeping on your side leads to premature aging signs. This is because the weight of your body is channeled only to the side on which you lie. This in turn increases the pace at which the affected portions age. You are thus better off sleeping on your back as you distribute your weight evenly.

#21: Scale Back on Salt

Salt is highly absorbent. By taking too much salt, you contribute to the deterioration of your body. This brings along some undesirable repercussions such as the development of wrinkles, and faster aging, among others. You should therefore consume less salt and instead, take in more water.

#22: Watch Interesting Movies, Comedies, and Shows

Another anti aging tips is to watch interesting movies. Tense moments do make us look much older than our actual ages. This is because they stiffen the muscles, develop wrinkles, and speed the pace of getting aged. One of the most reliable ways and means of mitigating these conditions is to watch lots of movies, comedies, and shows. These break the tense moments and slow the pace of aging.

#23: Avoid Too Much Indulgence

Indulgence in too much pleasure may also contribute to faster aging. You should see to it also that you do not indulge too much in pleasure, sex, and alcohol. Reduce the number of times you go out partying or stay awake late.

#24: Meditate every Quite Often

Anti Aging Tips

Meditation by way of prayers or other spiritual activities has also been linked to long life. People who meditate are better at dissipating tension and other stressful circumstances. They therefore age slowly and are also able to fight off diseases well. Be one of them by meditating regularly.

#25: Use Anti-wrinkle Creams

Once you have crossed the 35-year threshold, your skin will inevitably begin developing wrinkles. To keep it looking younger, you may wish to acquire and us the anti-wrinkle creams. These are specially formulated to get rid of the wrinkles to leave behind fresh and youthful skin.

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#26: Exfoliate at Least Once a Week

The upper layers of the skin do die. The dead skin cells pile up on the upper layer or surface of the skin. If the trend goes on indefinitely, the skin may lose its visual appeal. To reinvigorate the appearance of the skin under such a circumstance, you will have to exfoliate at least once a week. Doing so requires facial scrub. Exfoliation is a great anti aging tips.

#27: Take Some Anti-aging Supplements

Apart from the skin supplements mentioned and explained above, you also have to consider taking some anti-aging supplements. These are tablets and drugs that generally slow down the pace aging to let you look younger and fresh for longer. Some of these are the Aspirin, Hesperidin, Carnitine, and Idebenone.

#28: Use Richer Face Creams as you Age

Oil glands become less active with time. They are therefore not in the position to generate as much skin moisture in your older stage like they were when you were young. This is why you have to use richer face creams. These generate the skin moisture to ensure that your skin stays fresh and vibrant even as you grow old.

#29: Upgrade your SPF routine

To further intensify the fight against wrinkles and aging of the skin, you may consider upgrading your SPF routine. The term SPF stands for sun protection factor. It is the ability of a sunscreen to shield your shield from the risks of sunburn. Go for those sunscreens that are more potent and reliable.

#30: Commence using Retinoid and Retinol

Retinoid and retinol are two products that are specially designed to ward off aging. They do so effectively given that they reduce the formation of wrinkles, improve the circulation of blood on the skin, and fight acne, among others. If you have not commenced, you are advised to commence using them for healthier skin.

#31: Stimulate Your Brain

If your brain stays idle for too long, it may lose the vitality and the functionality it once had in your childhood and youthful stages. To prevent it from deteriorating to the extent of not being able to discharge its roles, you should stimulate it from time to time. Subject it to challenging circumstances and tasks.

#32: Avoid Over-thinking

Over-thinking leads to stress which ultimately leads to depression. Depression does exert some physical and chemical stress onto the body. It is important anti aging tips to avoid over thinking. These in turn accelerate cellular aging. It therefore follows that your first line of defense against aging is to stop thinking too much. Avoid any circumstances that may naturally predispose you such an act.

#33: Sleep Adequately

Sleep is very significant in the health and well-being of humans. While sleeping, you give your body time to rejuvenate. The muscles which would have otherwise been too tired to function regain their vitality as you sleep. The same case applies to the rest of the bodily organs. Those are why you ought to sleep for at least 8 hours a day.

#34: Maintain your Hormones to the Desired Levels

Several hormones impact your growth and development. These are the cortisol, testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, and DHEA. A delicate balance exists among these hormones. In case this delicate balance is distorted, the aging process might be triggered well before its time. That is why you have to see to it that this delicate balance is upheld at all times.

#35: Human Growth Hormone Therapy

To combat an imbalance of the various hormones in the body, you may have to go for the human growth hormone therapy. This is basically a medical intervention which is designed to restore the delicate balance to its optimal or desired levels. This therapy thus contributes to your youthful look and appearance.

#36: Pick cosmetic procedures which regenerate the Skin

The skin is by far the worst affected organ of the body by the aging menace. That is why you have to give it particular attention. To slow down the pace of aging, and to also let your skin stay younger all the time, you ought to be selective with your choice of cosmetics. Go for those cosmetics that have the ability to regenerate the skin.

#37: Eat an Anti-inflammation Diet

Inflammations do alter the appearance of the skin. The red and swollen spots make the skin to look to ugly and much older than it actually is. To deal with such issues well, you should eat an anti-inflammation diet and it is a great anti aging tips. These are foods that are rich in fiber like brown bread.

#38: Put on Sunglasses

Anti Aging Tips

Your eyes are the second most vulnerable parts of your body to the effects of aging. That is why it is in your best interest to shield them from the harmful rays of the sun. To do so, look for sunglasses. These are darkened and reflect away much of the solar radiation that is responsible for the skin deterioration.

#39: Avoid Synthetic Chemicals

Synthetic chemicals; whether in food or cosmetics are generally hard to get rid of. If and when they are deposited in the body, they overwhelm the bodily systems. The liver, the skin, and the kidneys are by far the most vulnerable parts of the body. They subsequently lead to premature aging. The anti aging tips is you should hence avoid them.

#40: Keep off Stressful Situations

Just like artificial chemicals, stressful situations also have a toll on the bodily faculties. They do overwhelm the body and in so doing, contributes to its rapid deterioration. Divorce, constant squabbles, and harsh words are perhaps the most notorious situations you ought to steer clear of.

#41: Stay Away from Unnecessary Wrangles and Arguments

Closely related to the stressful situations discussed above, unnecessary wrangles and arguments can also take a toll on you. They have the impact of exerting undue pressure on your bodily systems and make you wrinkle every quite often as well. You should try as much as possible to avoid them.

#42: Insist on Whole Foods

Whole foods contain plenty of fibers. They are also low in calories besides being easier to break down. Because of this, they will not predispose you to the risks of food-related disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and heart attacks. Because of this, you will live much longer and age much slower.

#43: Use only Anti-aging Creams and Lotions

Aging is to some extent unavoidable. This is because our bodies are designed to grow old and die. However, you can slow down this process. One of the tools you have to use is the anti-aging creams and lotions. These soften the skin and slow down the formation of wrinkles to make you look younger for longer.

#44: Consume only Organic Foods as Much as Possible

Apart from whole grains, try as much as possible to consume only organic foods. These are basically foods that are grown without fertilizers or genetically modified seeds. They are as natural as can be. So we can it as natural anti aging tips. They do not contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals that may deteriorate your bodily systems prematurely.

#45: Avoid Drugs and other Substances

Other than alcohol, you should also make it a point of avoiding other kinds of drugs and substances. Examples of these are cocaine, heroin, marijuana, cigarettes, and pot. These drugs tamper with the normal bodily processes and in so doing, accelerate the pace of aging.

#46: Incorporate Essential Oils in your Diet

Essential oils such as lavender, Omega 3, tea tree oil, lemon, frankincense, and peppermint confer a whole lot of benefits to the human body. They heal skin conditions, relax your body, soothe sore muscles, and reduce cellulite and wrinkles. Incorporate as much of them in your diet as much as possible.

#47: Take Natural Juices as Well

Natural juices or anti aging drinks which are great refreshments indeed. They differ radically from soda and other artificial beverages in that they contain less sugar and calories. They also contain plenty of vitamins and fiber contents. They are great for skin health and digestion. You should therefore take them as often as possible.

#48: Learn to Forgive and Let Go

People who are forgiving have been noted to live longer than those who bear grudges. This is because unforgiveness causes high blood pressure, stress, unnecessary tension and anxiety, and depression, all of which cause premature aging. You should therefore learn to forgive and let go.

#49: Practice Intermittent Fasting

Fasting plays a crucial role in helping us stay younger. It detoxifies our bodies, gives our digestive system some reprieve, and contributes to the cutting down of excess fat, and indeed, so much more. All these benefits have the joint impacts of slowing down the pace of aging besides helping us live longer.

#50: Set Aside at Least One ‘Lazy Day’ per Week

In addition to intermittent fasting once in a while, you are also advised to set aside at least one ‘lazy day’ each week. This is basically a day where you cease from normal labor. You either relax indoors or take a walk or picnic in the city park. This will relieve stress and slow down your aging.

#51: Take a Vacation at Least Once a Year

Anti Aging Tips

Over and above the lazy day each week, you are also advised to take a vacation at least once a year as an anti aging tips. Choose a venue that is as far away from your ordinary place of residence as possible. By detaching yourself from your ordinary routines, you get to restore your body and stay younger.

#52: Stroll or Take a Walk Away from the City

In between the week, you should strive as much as possible to detach yourself from the ordinary chores for the sake of relaxation. Stroll or take a walk away from the congested city life. This again will help you to dissipate stress, depression, and their undesirable consequences of faster aging.

#53: Avoid Lonely Situations

Whenever you are withdrawn, you will normally tend to become anxious and apprehensive. You will also develop stress and regurgitate those low moments you once had. These do ultimately cause depression and their undesirable consequences of premature deaths. You should minimize being lonely as much as you possibly can at all times.

#54: Do not Over-eat

Eating is great, only when done in moderation. Eating too much may have the exact opposite impact. It sends you to the grave before time. This is because too much food exerts unnecessary stress to your digestive faculties and body as a whole. If left unchecked, this will ultimately lead to premature aging and death.

#55: Cut Down your Weight

Other than merely eating in moderation, you should also make it a point of shedding excess weight. Too much weight interferes with your self-esteem, exerts too much stress on your bones, and ultimately leads to you dying premature. This is not to mention the risks of hypertension and obesity. So, anti aging tips for you is to loose over weight.

#56: Ozonated Oils

Some oils are prepared by means of the ozonation process. This simply means that they are fused with the ozone gas as part of their processing. Ozone, whether inhaled in the raw form or as part of any food item is completely undesirable. This is because it damages the liver, lungs, kidneys, and interior organs.

#57: Avoid burnt meat

Burned meat is quite cumbersome to digest. This is because the enzymes have a hectic time breaking them down in the stomach. They will usually accumulate in the stomach and putrefy. In the course of so doing, they give rise to several disorders that may ultimately lead to premature aging and death.

#58: Eat smaller meals and more often

Anti Aging Tips

While eating, you are advised to take in smaller quantity of foods but over a prolonged duration of time. Most people usually do the opposites. Taking in huge quantity of food at a go has the undesirable impact of overwhelming your digestive system. It also leads to indigestion which ultimately leads to malnutrition. So, anti aging tips to make a habit of having light diet.

#59: Avoid excessive exercises after 30

Inasmuch as exercising is great, you are strongly advised against it beyond the age of 30. This is because, the bones of the body begin to weaken as one advances beyond the age of 30. One is also not as agile as he should be to be able to carry out complex maneuvers. By exercising rigorously, you inevitably contribute to your premature aging.

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#60: Grooming Decently

Most modern dressing is inappropriate. They expose the sensitive parts of the body to the external elements such as strong wind and sunshine. Some other kinds of grooming like tattoos and body piercing also have the impacts of diminishing the life expectancy. You should steer clear of them too.

#61: Fly Less

Those who fly frequently expose themselves to harmful Ultraviolet radiation which is abundant in the upper layers of the atmosphere. They also subject themselves to low humidity levels that do crack the skin. These two accelerate the pace of aging. So, anti aging tips is you may have to consider flying less to ward off these dangers.

#62: Watch your Posture

Certain postures are inimical to good health besides subjecting your bones and joints to dangers of breaking apart. These include those that bow or warp the back as well as the sensitive knee joints. Maintain upright postures at all times. Support your back appropriately to prevent it from warping or losing its straightness.

#63: Keep Off Dust and other Pollutants

Whenever you inhale dust, you block your respiratory tract and subsequently invite a host of several airborne diseases. These issues may reduce your lifespan considerably. Be careful of the quality of air you decide to inhale. Keep off dust and other forms of pollutants that may diminish your lifespan.

#64: Stay Away from Harmful Radiation

Certain radiation such as X-rays and Ultraviolet are way too harmful to subject yourself to. This is because they may cause impotence and mutation of cells besides reducing your lifespan. It is therefore in your best interest as an anti aging tips try to stay away from them as much as you can.

#65: Embrace Plant-based Diets

Studies after studies have deduced almost without exception that plant-based diets are way more nutritious than their animal counterparts. This is mainly because they are easier to digest, do not have to putrefy and also contain high fiber contents. You will therefore stay younger and healthier for longer if you embrace them.

#66: Never Sleep with your Makeup On

Much as make-ups enhance our appearance and slow down the emergence of wrinkles, they are not entirely safe. In case they are left overnight, they clog the skin pores and possibly give rise to pimples and other skin problems. You should therefore remove them moments before you go to bed.

#67: Eat Less Salt and Spices

Salt and spices are also not so great for your health inasmuch as they are good at seasoning food. These substances can overwhelm your kidney and liver as they are difficult to flush out of the body. You should therefore reduce their intake in your diet. Complement this by taking in excess pure water.

#68: Trim your Hair and Beard

Hair and beards do alter our appearance and plays a good role as anti aging tips. They make us look much older than we ordinarily are. Moreover, they trap heat and clog the sweat pores, both of which hasten the aging of the face. To look younger for men longer and age slowly, be sure to trim them from time to time.

#69: Take Care of your Oral Health

Teeth are very sensitive to germs. This is because much of the foods we eat are a hotbed for the growth and proliferation of germs. No matter how fit the rest of your body could be, all would still not be well in case your teeth are unhealthy. That is why you should brush at least once daily and tooth cleaning at least once a year. This way, you will look fresh and younger for longer.

#70: Set Aside Time for your Family

Anti Aging Tips

The family unit offers a great environment for rest and relaxation. Since we ordinarily generate plenty of stress and depression from our hustles and bustles, it is necessary to dissipate them somehow. Bonding with the family provides a cheap and convenient anti aging tips. Do set aside for your family from time to time.

#71: Avoid taking too Much Medication

Inasmuch as modern medicine helps us to stay healthy, they are not without their fair share of downsides. This is because most drugs are made of artificial ingredients and chemicals. When these chemicals are taken in great quantities, they accumulate in the body and overwhelm the various systems. They in so doing hasten the aging process.

#72: Hydrate your Lips

By reason of being exposed to the outward environmental elements, the lips are ordinarily susceptible to the dangers of dehydration. If and when the lips get dehydrated, they lose their luster and young look. To reverse the situation, you ought to hydrate them every quite often. Petroleum jelly will do the task perfectly well.

#73: Wear Hats, Visors, and other Sun-protective Clothing

To further shield your body from excess sun and other harsh external weather elements, you are advised to wear hats, visors, sunglasses, and other sun-protective attire. These filter the solar energy and the accompanying harmful radiation. They therefore offer added protection to your body and make you stay younger for longer.

#74: Put on Lighter-colored Clothes

It is not just enough to put on decent clothing. The color of the attire you put on also matter. Lighter-colored clothes are better than darker colored clothes. This is because they reflect much of the heat from the sun and helps to keep the body temperature at manageable levels. This again slows down the rate of skin decay.

#75: Consider Treatments for Youthful Skin Damage

In case your skin gets damaged, you may wish to approach a dermatologist to repair it. Such persons have the skill, experience, and expertise necessary to restore your skin to their original good shape and form. Do this especially if your skin is under the threat of damage of premature aging.

#76: Avoid Using Wood Fuel or Paraffin

Wood fuel discharges plenty of smoke which may discolor your eyes and reduce the elasticity of your skin. Paraffin on the other hand releases sooth which may block your nostrils and predispose you to the risks of respiratory disorders. Both are responsible for premature aging. Avoid using these two sources of fuel.

#77: Shower Twice a Day with Lukewarm Water

You should also shower at least twice a day. This way, your sweat pores will be wide open to release any sweat or unwanted toxins from the body. While showering, use lukewarm water. Hot water damages the skin and makes it less elastic. Cold water does not open the sweat pores as widely as should be the case.

#78: Pay Attention to your Hands and Legs

The hands and the legs are often overlooked yet they are equally as important. Do not neglect them at all. On the contrary, take good care of them as well. Wash them, dry them, apply lotion on them, and once in a while, visit the dermatologists for further check-up. This will make them look younger and fresher.

#79: Supercharge with Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is a kind of cosmetic that is intended to breathe a fresh lease of life on your skin. It contains plenty of Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9 fatty acids. It makes the skin appear soft, smooth, and radiant. Consider supercharging your skin using this oil from time to time to look younger always.

#80: Safeguard your Head from Strong Impacts

Heads are generally vulnerable impacts and injuries. This is especially the case for those who do manual labor or intense sporting activity. You should therefore put in place every measure to safeguard your heads from injuries. Wear helmets and other protective gears to shield it. This will slow down the pace of aging.

#81: Consume More Healthy Fats

Fats are not entirely bad. There are as a matter of fact several fatty foods that are incredibly nutritious. Examples of these are Dark chocolate, avocados, cheese etc. Moreover, nuts, fatty fish, whole eggs are also fatty food. Consume as many of them as you possibly can. They will keep you healthy for longer.

#82: Detoxify your Body

In case you have been taking alcohol for quite some time, you may wish to detoxify your body. This is to get rid of the harmful substances which may jeopardize your health and body. Do so by cutting down on your consumption, drinking plenty of water, eating a lot of pepper, and exercising.

#83: Watch less TV and Video Games

Anti Aging Tips

Watching television or playing video games require you to spend plenty of your time seated. This has the dangerous consequences of inhibiting the flow of blood, predisposing you to the risks of heart attacks, and excess weight. This is why you would rather not watch too much television or spend too much time playing video games.

#84: Be Grateful and Cheerful

Those who are happy and grateful do not necessarily have it all in life; they only choose to be happy. Happiness and long life are directly correlated. In case you hope to fight aging effectively, make a deliberate effort to be cheerful and grateful at all times as an anti aging tips. Give more, expect less, and thank everyone for those little gestures.

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#85: Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Maintain active lifestyle by ways of sitting less and being constantly on the move. This way, you get to burn extra calories, enhance the flow of blood, and aid in digestion of food, among others. Find something to do at any given time. If you lack anything, then take a walk around your neighborhood several times a day.

#86: Expose yourself to Moderate Sound Volumes

Your ears are vital parts and organs of your body. You therefore want them to be able to perceive sounds for as long as can be. For this reason, you do not want them to be blocked or rendered insensitive to low noise. To keep such dangers off, expose them to moderate sound volumes at all times.

#87: Take Good Care of your Body Generally

Apart from showering and lotions, you also have to take good care of your body. Be mindful of the routes you ply, the activities you engage in, how you relate to others around you, and how you generally conduct yourself. These issues determine to a great extent how long you will leave and how fruitful your life will be as well.

#88: Attain Higher Education

People who are educated have been found to live longer than those who are not. One research study found bachelor’s degree holders to live up to 9 years more than high school dropouts. Moreover, studying engages the brain and in so doing, lets it stay active for an extended duration of time.

#89: Take Some Red Wine Moderately

Red wine contains plenty of antioxidants and higher levels of polyphenols. These two substances are great at combating aging. They inhibit the production of free radicals and protect the heart and brain from possible damages. In light of this, they enable your body to stay healthy and stronger for longer.

#90: Give Sacrificially

People who give and assist others have been noted to be healthier, happier, and more fulfilled in her lives as opposed to those who do not. They also look younger, fresh, vibrant, and are more fulfilled. Be a part of this team of people by also adopting a culture of giving. Help those in need and be always eager to stretch forth your hand.

#91: Volunteer your Time to Help Others

There is great relief that comes along with helping others. You obtain some satisfaction and joy that you would not obtain anywhere else. Such joy contributes to staying young by reducing the likelihood of stressful situations arising as well as disappointments. You should therefore volunteer plenty of your time to helping others.

#92: Find Purpose and Meaning in Life

As one more way of warding off stressful situations, you are advised to find some purpose and meaning in life. Look for an activity that gives you joy and happens. Thereafter, focus all your strength, energy, and effort towards the accomplishment of such activities. This will shield you from the disappointments and disillusionments that arise periodically.

#93: Contemplate Cosmetic Surgery

Even though this is risky and expensive, you may, under extreme circumstances go for the cosmetic surgery. The doctors will overhaul your appearance and breathe a fresh breath of life onto your skin and other body parts. You should attempt this though as a last resort and only if you have to.

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#94: Work on your Sex Life

Sex, surprisingly has a role to play in slowing down aging. Those who have sex regularly, it has been noted, age slowly than those who don’t. This is mainly due to the intimacy and comfort that this wonderful activity brings about. You may therefore wish to have sex more frequently than you have been of late.

#95: Lower your Expectations Appropriately

In most cases, we get stressed or depressed because we set too high goals. When we fail to achieve them, we withdraw and degenerate into a state of stress. To keep such an eventuality at bay, you are advised as an anti aging tips to lower your expectations appropriately. This way, you will experience almost no disappointments.

#96: Put in Place a Planned Schedule of Activities

To make some meaningful progress and do so effectively, you definitely must put in place a planned schedule of activities. This is what shall guide every step or strategy you employ and the timeline in which you are to obtain any meaningful feedback or progress. Adhere to the timeline strictly thereafter.

#97: Track your Progress from Time to Time

From time to time, pause and track your progress. Check whether your skin has grown any younger. Ascertain also whether your bones, muscle, and physical strength have become any stronger ever since you started combating aging. This will enable you to put in place credible intervention mechanisms.

#98: Attend Seminars and Relevant Forums

Anti Aging Tips

You may need to share your information and struggles with others. This way, you will get to receive the support, motivation, and encouragement you badly need to soldier on. Attend seminars, relevant forums, and share your experiences with one another. You will be shocked at just how others are also struggling to make some progress like you.

#99: Invoke the Assistance and Mentorship of an Experienced Expert

In some instances, you just have to seek the assistance and mentorship of an experienced expert. This is especially so if you intend to try out those technical strategies. Such a person will also keep you in check and give you the drive and discipline you need to achieve all your objectives.

#100: Read as Many Relevant Books as Possible

There are several books that are written on the subject matter of anti aging tips. To obtain a complete picture and to also respond to your unique needs, you may wish to read as many of these books as possible. This will also give you another angle which you probably never knew of.


There you have it! To look completely young throughout your life, you have limited options. You just have to adhere strictly to the aforementioned anti aging tips. You should also attempt two or more strategies at a time for best results. Please note that some of these strategies require the endorsement of a medical practitioner.