7 Anti-aging Benefits of Anaerobic Exercise

What is anaerobic exercise

Anaerobic exercise is a physical exercise where body’s requirements for oxygen exceeds the oxygen supply. It is a short duration exercise starts from seconds to about 2 minutes. The physical activity longer than two minutes is termed as aerobic exercise. However, anaerobic means lack of oxygen which continues for a very short term but in high intensity. Examples are sprinting, weight lifting, running, biking, climbing on hills, jumping etc. These all exercises are hard usually done by athletes to maintain strength, speed and power. One among numerous benefits of anaerobic exercise is to build muscle mass. Doing anaerobic exercise keeps you fit, strong and young. Hence, this exercise gives you a younger look and puts anti-aging effect.

How does anaerobic exercise works?

Before to go to discuss benefits of anaerobic exercise, we should know about how it works and what are the phases of anaerobic exercise. Anaerobic exercise, also known as anaerobic glycolysis, because glucose is used instead of fat in the muscle. As here oxygen is absent so, it is impossible to utilize fat. Lactic acid is produced as a by-product due to using glucose as fuel. However, when the amount of lactic acid increases it passed to blood and causes muscular fatigue. For this reason, anaerobic exercise should not last for a long time.

Due to effective training, it will be easy to handle lactic acid. Different bodily changes will reduce lactic acid production and to remove it from blood and makes you less tired. This will also help to eradicate fatigue by creating buffering, keeping production of lactic acid and energy. Along with lactic acid system, anaerobic exercise has another metabolism technique called ATP-PC system. It also provides an immediate and short-term burst of energy.

benefits of anaerobic exercise

Difference between anaerobic vs aerobic exercise

  1. Aerobic exercise has supply of oxygen, anaerobic exercise has no supply of oxygen.
  2. For energy, aerobic exercise use oxygen, in contrast, anaerobic exercise utilize glucose.
  3. Examples of aerobic exercise are jogging, cycling etc. Anaerobic exercise is sprinting, jumping etc.
  4. Aerobic exercise sustain for long time, anaerobic exercise sustain for short period.

7 anti-aging benefits of anaerobic exercise

1. Production of energy

Anaerobic exercise produces glycogen as energy in the muscles of body. This energy is produced in two ways- 1) ATP-CP system. 2) Glycolysis system. In both system energy is stored due to doing exercise in a short period of time. However, benefits of anaerobic exercise are energy is required to do everyday work and it will keep you strong and delay your aging.

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2. Improvement of Muscles

Anaerobic exercise improves muscle mass & strength by intense workout on muscle to make it twitch. Hence, this strong muscle can help you to lift heavy weight. A strong muscle man looks better than others. So, it give a young and a presentable look.

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3. Improve body shape

Another benefits of anaerobic exercise improves body shape. Strength training, continuous exercise give you strong, toned and athletic body. It is an excellent health benefits of aerobic exercise.

4. Metabolism and weight loss

If you want to lose weight you must have to follow anaerobic exercises because weight loss is connected to metabolism and metabolism is connected to anaerobic exercise.  If you have a slower metabolism, your weight will increase. This exercise helps in metabolism. To utilize calories from your muscle, you have to continue anaerobic exercise at least 2-4 times weekly. In comparison to aerobic exercise, anaerobic does modest reduction of fat from subcutaneous and abdominal areas whereas aerobic exercise does negligible action.

5. To feel young

When you go to age 40, your body will lose muscle 6 pounds in every ten years. To prevent it, you have to do strength training at the age of 20. Hence, you will get youthful, dynamic and vibrant look even at the age of 40.

6. Helps to prevent diseases

Anaerobic exercise is a significant key role player to prevent many diseases such as Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), diabetes and restore blood circulatory system. In addition to RA, it lowers inflammation and pain. On the other hand, it also insulin resistance problem among diabetes patients. There are lots of low HIIT options to help to prevent diseases and for that talk with doctor to select your right training option.

7. Take cares of bones

Proper practicing anaerobic exercise may help you to boost your bone and by improving bone mass. It will prevent osteoporosis. Strong bones means you are strong enough to do any work at any age.