11 Must Know Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes

Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes are called culprit to make your beautiful face ugly. Dark circle means darkening of skin below the both eyes which is usually looks like the shape of half-moon. Periorbital dark circles is another form of dark circles. It is seen around the eyes.

What causes dark circles around eyes nhs is, bruising to the tissue surrounding the eyes. This is the most common aesthetic problem near eyes. It makes you appear tired, old, stressed and depressed. It occurs both in men and women, even in children also. However, women’s health dark circles under eyes creates unpleasant situation. Millions of people suffer from it in the world. This is called second major skin appearance disorder after Acne. Another name of dark circles is Panda eye or eye rings. Sometimes, we become astonished about, what causes black eyes without injury. It feels people shy and confines at home. Dark circles under eyes causes are very necessary to know. Here, we will discuss how dark circles under eyes causes.

11 Must Know Dark Circles Under Eyes Causes

1 – Lack of sleep/Fatigue

Sleepless night has a bad effect on the eyes. It is recommended to have minimum eight hours uninterrupted sleep at night. Lack of sufficient amount of sleep turns skin paler than usual and helps dark circles to be more noticeable. There is a mechanism behind this incident.

There are lots of blood vessels under the eyes. Sleep disturbance dilates these blood vessels and makes dark circles visible as our under eye skin is very delicate. Hence, dark circles appear more blue and darker. However, this is the most common and main dark circles under eyes causes.

2 – Hereditary/Genetics

Genetics is a most important dark circles under eyes causes. Here, dark circles come from family history. If your parents or grandparents have dark circles, then you have a strong probability to get it through DNA. It is common Mediterranean countries.

If you get the fair or thin skin, genetically, then you have a good chance to get dark circles because blood pools under the thin skinned eyes and makes it visible. It is apparent that, you have no ability to revoke it, but you can reduce signs and symptoms by using skin care and nourishing cream.


3 – Ageing

Ageing is inevitable. There is a close relation between ageing and dark circles. What causes dark circles under eyes in adults? Actually, it is a natural process that as we grow older, our skin starts losing fat and collagen. This deficiency makes the skin thinner and translucent.

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Dark circle is more visible in such types of skin. It is said that, skin care at an early age may help little in this case. However, this ageing disorder is no longer secret now. One more thing to know, dark circles firstly appears in one eye before attacking next eye.

4 – Allergies/Itching

Here we will tell about three allergies, which have a direct relation to cause dark circles. These are- Nasal congestion, Eczema and Hay fever. Nasal congestion and Eczema dilate blood vessels and drain blood from area around eyes and cause dark circles. On the other hand, smudges can be seen under eyes during Hay fever. Allergies also inflame blood vessel and cause them to swell.

Dark circle is occurring in child mainly due to allergy.  This is the one of causes of dark circles under eyes in a child. Allergic people usually rub skin frequently which results skin abrasive and finally cause dark circle skin. Food may induce allergy as well. The mechanism of allergy is producing histamine in the body.

5 – Unhealthy habits or lifestyle/Smoking & drinking

Unhealthy lifestyle means having a party at late night and eating some inappropriate foods such as alcohol, nicotine etc. Which are detrimental for health? This kind of lifestyle hampers sleeping at night. Smoker hardly sleeps at night due to consumption of nicotine. However, it is treated as dark circles under eyes men causes because smoking and drinking rate is much higher among men comparatively than women.

This lack of sleep contributes to dark circles. On the other hand, tobacco kills healthy cells and break down production of collagen, essential substance to strengthen skin. Excessive drinking also creates dehydration and makes dark circle more prominent. Furthermore, cocaine and amphetamine also cause difficulty to bring enough sleep.

6 – Not removing makeup as a dark circles under eyes causes

Makeup is used to hide dark circles, but some people are allergic to it. Allergy results irritation. Dark circles under eyes causes are result of irritation.

If you go to bed without removing makeup, it will affect on the skin especially below the eye areas. Makeup should be removed gently with special care as eye is one of our important organs.

Removing makeup you can use a cleanser which can remove makeup. Afterward, use a gel which gives soothing effect to the eyes.

7 – Hormonal Changes/Pregnancy

For women, it is a common phenomenon of changing health state during pregnancy, post-pregnancy and menstruation. This has a sound role in causing dark circles. In this period, a woman becomes disappointed which has direct contact with skin. Thus, dark circles under eyes woman is appeared.

Moreover, excessive weight gain and inappropriate digestion are another problem during pregnancy, which serves insufficient blood circulation. However, it causes hyperpigmentation under eye area and appears dark circles to be more visible.

8 – Nutritional deficiency

Another Dark circles under eyes causes is vitamin deficiency. However, Lack of proper nutritive foods, vitamins and minerals is called nutritional deficiency. To minimize the appearance of dark circle and get a good skin complexion proper nutrition is necessary. Vitamin A, C, E, K are essential to tackle dark circle. So, foods enriched with these vitamins must be taken.

On the other hand, iron deficiency or anemia is another problem behind dark circle. Lack of iron results poor supply of oxygenated blood to tissue. It breakdowns hemoglobin (which supplies oxygen) and leaves dark circles appear under the eyes.

9 – Dehydration

Dehydration means lower intake of water or other fluids. Dehydration can dark circles under eyes causes. It has close relation with the skin and its underlying bones. But, how?

Low water in the body cannot help blood to flow smoothly. As a result, due to lack of oxygen dark circle appear under the eye. This is why, you have to drink eight glasses of water daily to meet body’s water demand and make your body hydrated.

10 – Certain medications

There are many medicines which have side effects and acts as dark circles under eyes causes. The Birth control pill is an example. It not only creates dark circles, but also it exaggerated already existed dark circle. This kind of drugs dilates blood vessel to skin, eye darkness as these areas are weak in nature.

If anyone sees the birth control pill is causing circles than they should stop it immediately and talk with the doctor.

11 – Getting too much sun

Excessive sun exposure is another dark circle under eyes causes. Sun dries out the skin and makes circles under eyes. Sun ray’s has a direct effect on skin. We have a pigment chemical in the skin called melanin. When people get excessive sun this melanin creates pigmentation and skin turns to dark.

There are two types of dark circles usually appears in the skin. One is brown color seen in the skin’s epidermis layer, another is blue or blue gray appear in the dermis layer.


Dark circles under eyes causes are closely related to our lifestyle. If we change our daily habit and avoid ill lifestyle, then we can combat dark circles.