Getting Rid of Under Eye Wrinkles : Causes & Remedies

Different people give the little nuisances about getting rid of under eye wrinkles in different names. Some call them eye wrinkles, others refer them as smile lines while the other group gives them the name crows feet! Regardless of how you call them, chances of under eye wrinkles at 25 are very high.

getting rid of under eye wrinkles

So what makes the lines to pop up? Simply put, they appear because the body loses its ability to replace elastin proteins and collagen; two ingredients that help keep your skin elastic, supple, and vibrant. Initially, it begins with fine lines. Afterwards, the lines turn into deeper ones (wrinkles). The lines or wrinkles cause ridges or creases, which form around the eyes, aging you and ultimately making your makeup to look less attractive.

Causes of wrinkles under eyes

To combat eye wrinkles, you must be informed. You must know what causes the problem. Here are some of the causes:

  • Aging – The general aging process is the major contributor of the formation of the lines. As you age, the delicate skin under your eye not only becomes thinner but also dryer and less elastic. It happens gradually.
  • Smoking – On top of causing yellow stains on the face and making you ruddy, smoking also makes the wrinkles under the eyes to appear darker and deeper.
  • Facial expression and movements – Doing the same facial expressions and movement on a daily basis, particularly those that creases the skin can cause wrinkles.
  • Sun exposure – You should avoid sun exposure at all times. Ever wonder why celebrities walk around with sunglasses and comically large hats? Walking out in the sun makes you squint as a reaction thus causing the formation of lines beneath your eyes.
  • Poor care of the facial skin – Due to the sensitive nature of the facial skin, you need to treat it with utmost care. For instance, you must make every effort to keep it moisturized and nice especially during the winter and summer months.

Remedies of getting rid of under eye wrinkles

The following are some of the most effective ways to get rid of wrinkles beneath the eyes:

  • Getting rid of under eye wrinkles by laser treatments – This kind of treatment completely changes your skin’s outer layer thus preventing the formation of wrinkles.
  • Under eye wrinkles filler – The other effective way that provides immediate results are dermal fillers. Simply put, the fillers replace part of the lost volume, which occur beneath your eyes that then fill out the wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Under eye wrinkles Botox – Dysport or Botox treatments are ideal at reducing the appearance of the more dynamic wrinkles. Actually, they work efficiently to prevent more lines from forming.
  • Getting rid of under eye wrinkles by Microdermabrasion – If you don’t like the above three methods, you can settle for microdermabrasion. This classic strategy is a more cosmetic way to treat the problem. However, it’s highly effective.
  •  Eye wrinkle creams – To obtain desired results, you can try eye wrinkle creams or under-eye creams. Their only downside is the fact that it might take longer for you notice any substantial results. Their best attribute is that they not only help with reducing wrinkles and fine lines, but also help with bags and hyper-pigmentation.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your facial skin is important. Due to its sensitive nature, you must put in a lot of effort for your face to remain smooth, youthful and soft. By knowing methods of getting rid of under eye wrinkles, you’ll be able to undertake certain measures to solve the problem. The above are some of the solutions available to help do exactly that.