Regular Practice of Yoga For Healthy Aging

Yoga for healthy aging is a much needed daily practice to keep health strong. It is a great form of exercise both for the body and the mind. That’s why, it is not surprising that it can also be used to keep you looking younger. Many people use yoga for healthy aging a guide to lifelong well being on a daily basis. They are very happy with the results that they have seen.

Four Components of Yoga For Healthy Aging

There are four components of yoga that are crucial to healthy aging and these are agility, flexibility, strength and balance.

Yoga For Healthy Aging

– 1- Agility

Agility is important as it helps us avoid and negotiate around any obstacles that may appear in our path. Yoga for healthy aging training in needed for healthy aging and focus on agility you will gain confidence that you will be able to act in order to avoid an obstacle which can improve your agility further.

-2- Flexibility

As our joints become less flexible we lose some of our range of motion. This may make it difficult for us to raise our arms above a certain level and we may find that we are moving around slower than we used to. If you find that your joints are stiff then then yoga for healthy aging can be used on both the lower and upper body to loosen these joints and help you to move around more easily.

-3- Strength

As we get older our muscle mass deteriorates and this means that we can lose strength. This can affect our daily lives as it means we may start to find it harder to do the things that we used to, such as pick up grandchildren and carry bags of shopping. There are yoga poses that can be used to increase strength in both the upper and lower body.

-4- Balance

Our sense of balance decreases as we get older and this can mean that we are more likely to experience trips and falls. There are many yoga poses that you can do which will help you improve your balance. If you are worried about balancing while you are practicing yoga then you may be able to use aids for balancing. When you use yoga to improve your balance you are less likely to become injured if you do happen to have a fall.

Experts View On Yoga For Healthy Aging

There is a program of yoga for healthy aging that has been devised by Dr. Baxter Bell and Nina Zolotow. This baxter bell yoga workshops will teach you a range of techniques and poses. These techniques can be used to improve the four areas described above. Baxter bell yoga for healthy aging is famous worldwide. Dr. Bell writes a yoga healthy blog dedicated to healthy aging and this is updated on a regular basis so that you can be sure you are always getting the very latest information.

Final Thought

If you practice yoga poses that work on these four areas on a regular basis then you should be able to slow down the aging process. Yoga for healthy aging has also been shown to actually improve the signs of aging that have already taken place. The poses that you will be using in these routines are suitable for beginners to yoga and those that are more experienced.



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