How Love Makes You Younger (6 Points) : Valentine’s Day Special

How love make you younger? Is there any linkage? Hopefully you’re thinking it. Right? Okay, let me explain. Firstly, we have to know what is love. Love means strong affection, emotional attachment and personal ties for another. As people are social, they need to have close relation to a better and happy life. To lead a healthy, young and fruitful life you need a relation with love. However, Valentine day is the time to express love, affection and friendship to your loved one. Secondly, there is a strong linkage between love and being young. Today we will look after how love makes you younger.

How love make you younger

How Love makes you younger ( 6 Points) : Valentine’s Day Special

1 # Love makes your skin glowing

Love has direct connection for lowering your stress. It drops cortisol level in blood which is responsible for stress. Stress free life is enjoyable. It keeps you free from pimples, dark circles, wrinkles and skin breakouts. Thus you get a glowing skin. Harvard University researchers found that, unmarried women’s are at 20% more risk to get stress related suicide.

Love means good feeling, living in heaven. In this condition, blood circulation remains cool and sustain. Hence, all your skin cells will be healthy and glowing as they are getting adequate oxygen. This plays a role to turn your skin brighter and young. Moreover, it helps to eliminate toxins from body and make your skin glossier especially in lip area.

Regular sex has great impact skin advantage. It propels production of more collagen which vanish your possible sagging risk and age spots as well. A study from Dr. Yvonne Fulbright on sex and youth claims men and women who are infrequent in sex look older comparatively than who does sex regularly.

2 # Marriage & love control your age

Marriage and love will answer you how Love makes you younger. We always want to live more days in this beautiful world and try to control our age and be young. If a person who is happy with family, he/she can live a longer life. It is found from a study conducted by CDC, mortality rate were small in married couples. On the other hand, married people usually give up smoking and drinking for a better conjugal life. It helps to live long days.

3 # Love lowers cardiovascular risk, eliminate early mortality

To be young, you need to be free from diseases. Heart diseases or cardiovascular diseases are key role player to make you older even at an early age. Chest pain, angina, high blood pressure, heart attack are different diseases of heart which increase risk of early death.

However, a love, healthy relationship can protect you from cardiovascular ailments. According to, Annals Of Behavioral Medicine, happily married person are at less risk of high blood pressure. Moreover, study says those couple who does sex more than twice a week are at lesser risk of heart diseases rather than who does it one or none in a week. So, your smooth heart condition comes from love.

Another study says, men who are happy with their wife are at 50% lower risk of angina though having high BP, cholesterol, diabetes.

4 # Love cools your brain and diminishes age causing stress

Over metal pressure kills you. It gives you extra stress. If you are in love with your lover, helps to produce increased dopamine. Increased dopamine accelerates your energy, enthusiasm, optimism and lowers stress as well. Your happier marriage with your loving person will help to divide sorrows and double your joy. So, keep loving.

5 # Love can transform you slim and help you on how Love makes you younger

 When you are in love, a chemicals adrenaline has been released in the body. It is good appetite reducer. As a result you will feel less interest on fast food, junk foods, late night snacks. Moreover, you will start to go to gym to look you more presentable for your lover. So, there are numerous benefits of love to turn you slim, younger and good looking. This is why, don’t underestimate the power of LOVE.

6 # Additional benefits of love for being younger :

* Love relation boost immune system. And it helps you keep free from different early acute or chronic diseases which can lose your quality young life aids on how love makes you younger.

* To keep yourself physically fit and to be young, you need to do workout. Alone, doing physical exercise is difficult rather than with your partner. Fitness trainer and nutritionist Jay Cardiello says, almost 50% of people quit gym after one year due to lack of proper company. This is why, romantic partner is necessary.

* The disease cancer can dissolve your young age by producing ovarian cancer. According to researchers of University of Lowa, those who are happy with loving person develop strong white blood cell, which beat cancerous cell. YourTango expert Carmelia Ray says, cancer recovery is faster for who are in deep family relationship.

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