Almond Oil for Dark Circles : Get a Glowing Skin

Prior to go to details about almond oil for dark circles. We need to know about what is dark circles, what are the benefits of almond oil and is almond oil really work to treat dark circles?

Almond Oil for Dark Circles

What is Dark Circles

First of all dark circles is a bruised looking and discolored skin under eyes which increase your age. Dark circles are caused by allergy, lack of water, smoking, genetics etc. All of these factors retain blood below the eyes and dilate blood vessel. When blood stays this location it looks blackish spot under eyes.

About Almond Oil

Almond oil specifically, sweet almond oil is used for dark circles. It is composed of phytosterol, vitamin E and niacinamide which have remarkable effect for lightening skin. It comes from sweet almond tree named Prunus Delcis which is profoundly available in California and Italy.  However, it is used primarily for the purpose of foods and oil. This oil is extracted from nut of almond tree through cold pressing and alkylation. Physically it looks light in color but contains no flavor.

Moreover, almond oil for dark circles, a better choice to take care of your skin. Instead of using eye creams or having surgery, almond oil treatment is safe and keep you free from side effects. Almond’s benefits not only limited to cosmetic purpose but also it possesses nutritional value, levels cholesterol, care your hair as well.

As almond oil is a natural emollient, it keeps moisture in skin and helps skin for softening. It reduces dark circles caused by dehydration. It’s anti-inflammatory property works to reduce puffy eyes.

5 benefits almond oil for dark circles

  • It contains emollient which softens skin and prepare skin to hold water for long time.
  • It eliminates puffy eyes, another reason of dark circles. Puffy eyes are appeared due to eye inflammation. Almond oils acts as inflammatory agents.
  • As a natural bleaching agent it diminishes dark circles quite efficiently.
  • It’s another unique benefit is to strength skin tone and highlight complexion.
  • Vitamin E of almond oil helps to regenerate wrinkled skin.

Why almond oil works for dark circles

Almond oil for dark circles is a good remedy as almond oil made up of fatty acid components, it nourishes skin to reduce darkness and dullness. Almond oil protect skin from sun rays, hence it avoids hyperpigmentation which is responsible for dark circles. The most important reason behind is it’s moisturizing property.  Dehydration causes dryness and dryness causes dark circles. As almond oil is a superb moisturizer, it is suitable for remedy of dark circles.

Is there any precautions of Almond oil for dark circles?

Yes. Here there are some precautions.

  1. When almond oil is used as vaseline preparation then you must concern so that it cannot enter into the eye. If it enters, it will irritate your eyes. In that case rinse eyes immediately.
  2. If you are allergic to nutty ingredients than you must avoid it. Try not to apply almond oil with other lotion or creams.
  3. Don’t apply almond oil other areas of skin except affected areas. It will create skin uneven.
  4. Erase excess oil by using tissue. Don’t allow them to pour on face.
  5. Do not use after expiry date and product smells rancid.
  6. It is advised to avoid during pregnancy.
  7. Read ingredients list written on products body and you must check and be sure that sweet almond oil is present here.

How to use almond oil for dark circles:

1) Almond oil with aloe vera:

Aloe vera has many benefits to treat dark circles. It is good moisturizer like almond oil. They work predominantly to prevent dark circles. You have to mix both ingredients in 1:1 ratio, that means one teaspoon aloe and one teaspoon almond oil. After mixing both ingredients leave it under eyes for whole night. It is used as primer of makeup.

2) Almond oil with honey

To get ultimate nourishing benefit, use honey with almond oil. It potentiate activity of almond oil. Mix two part of honey with one part of almond oil. Use it under eyes before shower for 15-20 minutes.

3) Almond oil with lemon juice

Lemon juice contains vitamin c (ascorbic acid), a great skin lightening agent. It best suited with almond oil to get its maximum output. Mix lemon juice and almond oil in 3:1 ratio and use before going bed at night under both eyes.

4) Almond oil with milk:

Milk is full of protein and it has strong nourishing effect. Apply this mixture of almond oil and milk  under the eye skin for 10-15 minutes ever day to a good result.

5) Almond oil with Turmeric:

As an anti-inflammatory agent, turmeric is an excellent choice. It treats your swollen and puffy eyes. This is why, use powdered turmeric under eyes after mixing with almond oil for 15 minutes. Turmeric can stain the skin so try to erase it quickly.

6) Almond oil with coconut oil

Mix 50% almond oil with 50% coconut oil to get a better nourishing effect. You can also use olive oil instead of coconut oil.

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7) Almond oil with castor oil:

Castor oil is another anti-inflammatory drug used for puffy and swollen eye. Mix this Ricinoleic acid and essential fatty acids rich castor oil with almond oil equally. Apply it under eye for whole night. Hence Almond Oil for Dark Circles is the ultimate solution of fresh skin.

8) Almond oil with avocado:

The fruit avocado is rich with vitamin E, K and fatty acids. This should be combined with almond oil. After cutting a slice of an avocado, make a paste with almond oil 2-4 drops. Use & keep it in affected area for few minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water.

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9) Almond oil with Jasmine oil:

Tired eyes are susceptible to get affected on dark circles. To rest for your eyes you need to apply jasmine oil (single drop) mixed with almond oil (2 tablespoons). Massage the oil on affected skin areas and get a fresh skin. Thus Almond Oil for Dark Circles work better for your skin.

10) Almond oil only

Use almond oil around your eye areas gently, in circular motion. Prior to do this clean and dry the affected areas. Leave oily skin for whole night. Rinse at morning with cool water.

Along with oil you can eat almond in daily basis to get maximum almond output.

Final Word

Home remedies like almond oil for dark circles are effective but time-consuming. Often dark circles really have no strong reason, but only genetic dark circles and allergy causing dark circles.  So, don’t late, start applying almond right from today.

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  1. Really wonderful remedies to get rid of dark circles under eyes. Almond Oil has many vitamins and nutrients which help to remove under eye dark circle. It is popular remedy that widely used to reduce the under eye dark circles. Thanks for sharing.

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