Tips On How To Get Rid of Tired Eyes

It is very shocking to have tired eyes for everyone who suffers. To know how to get rid of tired eyes is very necessary. When eyelid begins heavy and starts to droop is called tired eyes as eye muscle become fatigue.  In this condition, field of vision becomes narrow and people start to squint and blink on their eyes.

Tired eyes occur due to working of whole days. The work may be looking to the computer, reading, watching etc. However, rubbing on eye may help temporarily because it revives blood flow in this area. Rubbing is like an exercise so it helps to lessen muscles heaviness.

Tired eyes are often associated with eye bag. In severe case, to remove excess tissue, blepharoplasty is helpful.  Improper sleeping, pollution, excess crying, poor lightning are prime causes of tired eyes.

How to get rid of tired eyes
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6 Ways on How To Get Rid Of Tired Eyes

1 – Cucumber

Slice cucumbers are good choice for eyes as it has soothing effect. In order to remove tired eyes apply slice cucumber on both eyes for 20 minutes. Cucumber contains Vitamin C, Silica and Caffeic acid and helps to retain water and wipe out tiredness. Moreover, its effectiveness will increase if you add cold water compress on your eyes.

2 – Tea bag

Tea bag using is another good remedy option on how to get rid of tired eyes. Brew two tea bags. Then put it into the refrigerator for chilling for 20 minutes. Afterward, place these bags on tired eyes for 10 minutes. If you don’t have refrigerator then buy a cold water and dip tea bags in the cold water and then use. Among all other tea, Chamomile tea, Green tea, black tea are more beneficial because it causes tannins and antioxidants. Caffeine helps to tighten skin and diminishes tired eyes.

3 – Cold compress

Cold compress means giving cooling effect to eyes. In order to do it, you need to take a cloth and dip into the cold water. Afterward apply in both eyes for 10-15 minutes. Keep in mind to wring out water from cloth before using. However, you can use cold milk instead of water. Cold milk has fading effect against dark circles. Cotton ball is also helpful in alternative to cloth.. On the other hand, you can simply apply cold water several times a day to get cold compress effect.

4 – Lubricating eye drop

Lubricating eye drops are also helpful to heal tired eyes. It soothes and hydrates skin. Moreover, it works on eye straining. Frequent application is required to get a better result. In contrast, it important to follow the application method written on the drop body.

5 – Try Lavender Oil & Potato

Lavender oil is an essential oil. Mix one drop of lavender oil with half liter distilled water. Dip a cotton ball and apply it on both eyes for 20-30 minutes.

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Potato is a great source of starch and it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Cut chilled potato in round shape and use on both eyes for 10 minutes every day.

6 – Sink face on cold water

Submerging face on cold water will help you on how to get rid of tired eyes. Try to put your face 30 seconds under cold water. It will also help to tighten skin pores and keeps skin smooth.

7 Tips to prevent tired eyes

1 – Eye exercise

Eye exercise will help you for preventing tiredness.  Use your clean hand to do it. Apply fingertip on the outer edge of your eyes. Then press lightly and massage eyes in circular motion. Repeat it three to five times every day.

2 – Change your sleeping style

As puffy eye is most responsible for tiredness then try to remove it. To do it change your sleeping style. Either sleep on your back or use special pillow so that your head is in elevated position. This will help you to drain out water from eyes and face.

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2 – Eye blinking

When sleep for long time fluid may be deposited on our eyes. It makes eyes puffy and a tired look. To get rid of it blink your eyes for 30 seconds after wake up.

3 – Solve lighting problem

There are two types of lighting problem. One is high light problem and it is seen during doing work on comupter. In this case, try to lower your computer light. You can use a filter monitor to avoid high light. Moreover, keep your monitor 20-26 inches away from you.

Another problem is low light. Working under low light imposes pressure on eyes. It has bad impact on eyes.

4 – Drinking water has advantage

Dehydrated eyes often cause tired eyes. This is why, you need to take plenty of water starting from morning to evening. Regular intake of water help on how to get rid of tired eyes.

5 – Limit intake of sugar & alcohol

Sugar and alcohol increases the condition dehydration.  According to American Heart Association, an adult can take maximum sodium intake in a day below 1200 mg.

6 – Exercise for good eye blood flow

Regular exercise is very helpful for healthy eye. Exercise will increase heart rate and more oxygen circulation.  This oxygen circulation on eyes is beneficial for proper functioning of eye muscle and tissue.

7 – Avoid touching eyes

Eyes are very sensitive. So, repeated unnecessary touching especially with dirty hand makes skin dirtier. Moreover, it makes eyes itchier and drier which ultimately causes tired eyes and fine lines.