Why Do Your Bones Get Weaker As You Get Older?

Why Do Your Bones Get Weaker As You Get Older?

As much as Old is gold, it comes and wears us off through hard and trying times of life. The body has been used to straining and using a lot of energy to do things. As you decline the body strain and activities the bones also start a decline strength with age. Past the youth age, bones have now grown and matured. This, however, cannot be trusted to continue that way for a long time. As age clicks in and as years truly elapse, bones become weak. At this it needed to know why do your bones get weaker as you get older.

Why do your bones get weaker as you get older

Causes of Weaker Bones:
  1. The hormone and the immune system has become weak and are not active to give the body enough support to develop. In this way the bones become weak and the body mechanism cannot deliver the required nutrients value needed.
  2. The chronic disease tends to be prone to old age. They are a compelling reason too weak bones since they wear out the body slowly and everything is centered on curbing the disease rather than getting the bones stronger.
  3. Mothers and women, in general, lose a lot of nutrients value during their hay days like breastfeeding, menstrual period and giving birth. Failure to get the right diet to balance the lost calcium, iron and other nutrients render them weak bones in old age.
  4. As old age comes in drugs, cigarette and alcohol are a major catalyst for weak bones in old age. They tend to wear the body slowly but steadily and with a combination of addiction and lack of proper food ratio they affect your ability to have strong bones.

Weak bones challenges can be done away with in old age. This is by frequent checkups and right nutrients value. It will help you to know why do your bones get weaker as you get older. To help bones from becoming weak in old age, one should avoid wasting the body with extreme drugs, hard labor and also controlled diet that compensate the lost calcium and iron in the body.