How To Look Younger At 40? (Best 5 Tips)

Ageing is natural. We cannot restrict ourselves from it. People who are near to age 40, are anxious on how to look younger at 40. It is true that, skin loses its young look at this age. However, it is not a big deal to be worried about. You can withdraw this age-phobia by following a few advises suggested by dermatologists and researchers.

how to look younger at 40

How To Look Younger At 40? ( Best 5 Tips)

1. Diet and control your weight:

As you grow older, you will lose your body’s metabolic capacity. That’s why you have to have foods, which has low calorie but rich with nutrition. Need regular exercise to break more calories in the body. Try to avoid carbohydrate and sugar. Over consumption of carbohydrate leads to deposition of fat in the blood vessel which can eventually causes heart attack.

On the other hand, sugar is the main perpetrator of damaging your skin beauty. It diminishes collagen and elastin, which are essential substances of skin. One holds skin together, another keep skin elastic. However, as skin losing its essential materials it squeezes quickly and looks skin aged. This is why in order to keep you look young avoiding sugar.

Green tea is a good option at the age 40 to get enough antioxidants which fights against ageing. So, make a habit to drink green tea every day. There are no alternatives of fruits and vegetables, eat these foods as much as you can. Avoid processed foods, junk food and fast food, which cannot give you nutrition except trans-fat. You can also add whole grain, lean meat in your daily food list which has anti-aging beneficial effects.

Red wine with resveratrol (an anti-aging supplements) will aid you to be healthy and energetic because it is enriched with antioxidants and anti-carcinogenic effects. Moreover, take vitamin C, B and calcium containing foods which has necessary antioxidants to cut early aging. This tip will help you to answer how to look younger at 40.

2. Clean your face:

Make a habit to clean your face regularly and frequently. Don’t allow any dust or particle to stick to your valuable face skin. It can darken your skin and makes crow’s feet visible. That’s why use an effective cleanser which might be expensive, but you have to buy it for the greater interest of your skin. Dermatologists suggest to buy a creamy cleanser which has both cleansing activity and moisture retention activity. As a result skin looks radiant, glowing and young.

Make-up can close the pores of skin and can cause some skin infection such as acne. So, it is very necessary to clean make-up perfectly with leaving no particles.

Choosing a suitable cleanser is another important task. Your skin must be compatible with your cleanser. So, you must tell your dermatologist about your skin type and he/she will suggest you. However, irrespective to skin type, everyone should use cleanser which must contain Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA). It is an anti-aging chemical which protects skin from sun damage, restore skin’s damaged beauty.

3. Try to avoid sun and use sunscreen:

When people go at the age of 40 than you will think about how to look younger at 40. At this age skin start to lose their collagen and elastic tissues. That’s why, they have to be more sincere about their skin. They should follow preventive measures to restrict age. Sun exposure is a one of the important culprits for ageing. It radiates ultraviolet ray which can damage skin and make wrinkles, dark circles, puffing and sagging of skin. Sometimes skin cancer also is visible in many patients.

A good sunscreen is necessary to prevent sun exposure when you go outside. Sunscreen provides antioxidants, which fights against UVA and UVB and saves skin. Prior to buy sunscreen you must have to check its SPF. SPF means Sun Protection Factor. SPF must be 15 or above of it.

You can also use hat and sunglass which protects your facial skin and eyes from direct rays of sun. Hence you will get an answer how to look younger at 40 by using a good sunscreen.

4. Take care of your teeth:

Teeth are part and parcel of your face. When you smile and people see your bright teeth, than it will be fine. But when teeth appeared as yellow or dark, then it indicates you become older. This why, we must take care of our teeth. When people enter into age 40, they lose their interest to look after teeth. Many people think it is natural that teeth will decay. But this not true. You can handle your teeth to be strong and shining. A study reveals that, 89% people believe ageing comes from bad teeth (source: UltraDEX).

In order to protect aging you must have to follow a few rules to keep your teeth healthy.

  • First of all you have to brush twice a day

  • You have to use a decent toothbrush, nowadays electric brush is better than manual burshes.

  • Use toothpaste which contains fluoride because it protects enamel of teeth.

  • Don’t burst immediately after having acidic food or drinks such as lemon juice, cherries, wine etc.

  • Change your toothpaste every after three months.

  • Go to the dentist at a regular interval for checking your teeth at the age of 40

5. Wear Proper Dress:

Dressing sense is very important when you go at the age of 40. Many people around us make the same mistake of choosing the wrong dress. You can wear a stylish dress and choose magnificent colors when you are in 20. When you enter into 40, your body, skin should be changed from earlier. So, you have to select dress accordingly and you will ge answer of how to look younger at 40.

You cannot wear short-skirt because it will show your knee and calve. In contrast, you should not wear mom jeans because it will raise your age from your original. Then what should do? You should see you in the mirror that what is your body shape and your skin complexion and skin texture as well. If you wear a see-tops, it might make you ugly at 40. So, pick a dress judiciously.

The best way is to mix dress jeans with a jacket and skirt. Skirt must not be short, it will hide your knee. If you have a fit body, then you can use body-fitted dress like pant, blazers. You must wear a bra, but it must be invisible. However, the important thing is to use those dresses which feel you comfortable.

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Nowadays the most buzzing word is “how to look younger at 40” in the world. Actually, it is not a matter of being feared, but you have to maintain the above rules. People must take care of themselves at this stage of life. Be happy, do hang out with friends, and go outside for some days than your mind will be fresh, young and energetic.