How To Stop Aging : 5 Valuable Advises You Must Try

Many people ask for how to stop aging. Although aging is a natural process, but you can do something to slow it.  Actually, aging is inevitable, but lots of natural ways are available to prevent your early aging. We see, celebrities are young at all the time.

It makes us jealous and astonish. But, there is the inside story of their young look. They follow strict healthy routine. They limit their diet. Moreover, many actors or actresses go with cosmetic surgery to look radiant and beautiful. However, here we will reveal a few secrets of slowing your age.

how to stop aging

How To Stop Aging : 5 valuable Advises You Must Try

1. Laugh loudly

There is a saying “laughter is the best medicine”. Laughter makes your heart healthy and live you long. It keeps your blood circulation as well. Try to watch TV comedy show or film, read joke books, hang out with funny people. Laughter raises the level of useful hormone endorphins and decrease cortisol hormone. Cortisol is a bad hormone which makes your face stressed to look at.

However, a person with stress develops cardiovascular diseases, skin rash, obesity etc and loses immunity at an early age as well.

Every person is busy in their work, definitely you have to do a job to lead a decent life. One thing is important, you have to look after your health. Health and mind are correlated. When your mind is stress-free than your health will be fine and you will look ageless.

This is why, try to enjoy life. Spend time with your friends or nearest person you like most and laugh loudly.

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2. Drink green tea

Green tea contains rich amounts of antioxidants. Antioxidants fight against free radical which damages skin cells and look you aging than what you are. Free radicals work by removing oxygen and collagen from skin cells.

However, green tea acts against many diseases such as Alzheimer’s, joint disease and eye diseases. It contains many important chemicals which have their individual benefits.

Green tea protects breakdown of acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter. It has functions to retain memory. Thus, green tea acts in favor of preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

It contains a chemical called Catechin and polyphenols, which makes bones strong. It also has good effect to heal osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

The Scientist also found that, Catechin cares eye as it reduces oxidative stress and prevents many eye diseases such as Glaucoma.

It prevents wrinkles and fine lines because it is enriched with flavonoids. It also has anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-hypertensive properties.

3. Avoid Sugar

Aging has direct connection with taking sugar. Taking excess sugar is an impediment in the way of “how to stop aging”. Over consumption of sugar creates many problems. First of all, it attaches to protein when it goes to blood. This sugar-protein complex produces Advanced Glycation Endproducts (AGEs) through “glycation”. AGEs have bad effect to skin. It damages collagen (makes skin firm) and elastin (keep skin elastic after stretching). Hence, skin becomes dull and wrinkles are being appeared.

Sugar is the generic name of sweets. When consumes, it breaks down to glucose and fructose. Fructose accelerates aging by AGEs and by raising growth of fat cells and develops heart disease, diabetics, alzheimer’s disease, obesity. This is why it is recommended to have fructose not more than 25 grams per day.

There are many sugary foods such as cake, chocolate, fruits etc. Prior to eat these foods, you must think twice. If you have diabetes you must avoid it. On the other hand, if you don’t have diabetes you should be aware of it. This is why everyone should take low glycemic foods.

It is found from the study that, after age 35, glycation deteriorates skin and makes you older than your real age. At this time, you should avoid sun exposure because sunlight speeds up skin aging.

4. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Many people in the world want to know how to stop aging, but they don’t know how to stop aging. They try lots of expensive options such as cosmetic surgery, buying gym instruments, laser, Botox therapy etc. But, they hardly think about the inexpensive option that is to eat fruits and vegetables in regular basis.

Fruits and vegetables contain all necessary vitamins, which are needed for keeping skin healthy.

Fruits and vegetables have huge nutritional benefits. Both foods contain vitamin, minerals, which keep your skin young and makes you free from many diseases. Fruits contain following vitamin:

  • Pectin: It is a fiber found in many fruits such as apple makes skin free from toxin and stay skin away from wrinkles.
  • Vitamin E: It repairs damaged skin and keep it young, radiant and soft.
  • Vitamin C: It is antioxidants fight against free radicals and protects skin cells from damage. Moreover, it enhances immunity of skin.

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Vegetables Contain following vitamin:

  • Vitamin K: It is found mostly in green leafy vegetables such as spinach. It tights your bone and protect from fracture or losing bone density.
  • Vitamin A: Green peepers contain vitamin A. It keeps skin hydrate and glow.

5. Positive Attitude

Positive attitude means remaining stress free. How to stop aging is a big question if you have a negative attitude. There are lots of problems in everyone’s life. You cannot solve all of these problems but you should be worried. Life is not ending here. Keep hope and you will not lose. Keep fighting and earn result. You have to be strong enough to cope with every problem. This is why, positive attitude is important. The main secret of positive thinking is enjoying your present life, whatever obstacle you are facing.  People usually become tense for following reason when get older- Financial crisis, Loneliness, Morbidity.

To gain positive attitude you have to busy yourselves in many works. Such as-

  • Reading book.
  • Take care yourself. Admit in the gym or morning exercise. It keeps you fit and fresh your mind. It also helps you to keep free from diseases.
  • Join a job if you are not employed. It is not a matter whether it is full time or part time.
  • Keep your brain active. Play crossword.
  • Keep engage you in volunteering and help your community.
Final Thought

Finally, the answer of “how to stop aging” is dependent on you. You have to work hard, follow rules, control diet to keep yourself young. One thing to believe that, nothing is impossible. Look around us and see. Many people retain their health fit and keep skin fresh even at their old age. So, don’t be disappointed. Start your new day with a new routine.