How To Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes Quickly (10 Tips)

How to get rid of bags under eyes is a common question nowadays. Eye bags are droopy succulent mild-swelling puffiness that occurs beneath the eyes. They generally appear with old age. However, certain behavioral and dietary flaws may also contribute to their formation. Genetics is also thought to have a role to play in their proliferation and subsequent development. They mainly interfere with the self-esteem of the individual, may interfere with the clarity of the visions of the individuals concerned, and if not mitigated in time, may also lead to partial blindness.

How to get rid of bags under eyes

That’s why their total and timely eradication is by all means necessary. The gist of this blog is to identify and examine the various remedies that may be employed to get rid of these unnecessary health problems.

How To Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes Quickly (10 Tips)

Discussed below are some of the main intervention mechanisms that may be adopted to mitigate these conditions:

1. Drinking Plenty of Water

One of the important ways of how to get rid of bags under eyes is to intake water. High concentration of salt in the body is chiefly responsible for the development of eye bags. To eliminate them, plenty of water ought to be drunk. The water dissolves the salt and aids in their eventual excretion from the body by way of urination. If this is done consistently in the long run, the excess salts that may have the potential to inflict the eye bags are eliminated and with it, any possibilities of eye bags forming.

2. Soothing your Eyes with Something Cold

Cool substances have the ability to soothe the areas beneath the eyes and help mitigate the side effects of the eye bags. The coolers may be anything that is soft, has the right shape, and size. The cucumbers are the most outstanding coolers in existence because they embody all the critical traits described above. In their absence, the chilled tea bags may be handy.

3. Putting on Concealers

This is a stop-gap measure in the sense that it does not really answer how to get rid of bags under eyes at all. It merely conceals them from being seen by the general public. It entails the use of concealers (special make-ups) which are applied beneath the eyes and on the areas which the eye bags are located. The ideal concealer ought to be of the same skin tone and complexion as the user. The application of such special makeups hides the eye bags from the view of those who may look at them.

4. Utilizing Teabags

The tannins in the tea bags are famed for their ability to mitigate the eye bags. For the tea bags to accomplish this feat, they have to be soaked in warm water first and foremost. They then have to be placed on the eye bags for some time. The tannin that is contained in them plus the warmth they provide have the impacts of melting away the puffs and thus getting rid of the ugly looks.

5. Treating any Allergies

Eye bags may also arise as the result of allergic reactions by the eyes to certain external conditions. If this is the case, then appropriate medical attention ought to be sought from a qualified ophthalmologist. Certain anti-allergens may subsequently be taken to mitigate the negative impacts of these eye bags. Please note that this should not be a do-it-yourself activity as any errors in prescription and dosage may often result into adverse negative consequences. It is also recommended that places that are hotbeds of allergies such as dusty areas, flowers, or animals be avoided altogether as a precautionary measure.

6. Altering the Preferred Sleep Positions

Proper sleeping position will help on how to get rid of bags under eyes. Some sleeping positions such as stomach and sides have the potential to predispose the sleepers to the risks of eye bags. That’s because they let the fluids accumulate under the eyes at night. Sleepers are thus advised to make every effort to alter their sleeping patterns. A gradual switch from the sides and the stomach to the back position is therefore advised. This may be difficult for a start but consistent practice will achieve the desired results in the long run. Sleepers may try placing pillows on the sides to help them straighten up and avoid drifting to the side position.

7. Treating the Face Gently

The face is very delicate part of the human body. It is as a matter of fact very sensitive to damages which have the potential to inflict even bigger bags. However, it is therefore very necessary to treat the face in such a manner as to prevent the formation of the bags. That’s why, it is strongly advised that make-ups be eliminated prior to getting to bed as their chemical makeups may irritate the eyes. The face should also be washed just before sleep to rid it of any dust that may inflict such issues. Sunscreens that have the potential of blocking harmful rays from the sun should also be used on a regular basis. Finally, the face should also be moisturized preferably each night to help the skin to retain its elasticity and strength.

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8. Altering the Dietary Habits

Certain dietary habits such as excessive consumption of alcohol and salt may accelerate the formation of these bags. It, therefore, follows that one of the best strategies to adopt in order to mitigate the eye bags should be the alteration of the dietary habits. It is strongly advised that the consumption of alcohol and too much salt in particular be reduced. This way, they will not accumulate unnecessarily in the bloodstream and subsequently deposit beneath the eyes and help about how to get rid of bags under eyes.

9. Utilizing a Hyaluronic Filler

Hyaluronic filler helps on how to get rid of bags under eyes. The hyaluronic filler may be injected beneath the eye wherein the bags are located. They restore the eyes to their youthful appearance and get rid of the bags also. The fillers are injected by a professional doctor or healthcare practitioner only. This option is only suitable in case the root cause of the bags is old age. Their main downsides are that they are they may be quite painful and lead to further swelling if not done correctly.

10. Going for Surgery

As has already been hinted out earlier, old age too has a role to play in the formation of eye bags. That’s because as people age, fat deposits and accumulates below the eyes leading to the formation of these eye bags. In this sense, only a surgery may effectively get rid of them. The precise surgery, in this case, is the Blepharoplasty which entails the alteration or the removal of the position of the accumulated fat which is subsequently followed by a laser treatment that tightens the area.

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Final Thought

How to get rid of bags under eyes may be a do-it-yourself activity, granted. However, owing to the sensitivity of the eyes, the crucial roles and contributions they play in the human life, as well as the potentially disastrous consequences that poor treatment may inflict on the eyes; it is strongly recommended that only a qualified ophthalmologist be entrusted with the task of getting rid of these eye bags. It is only then that a thorough job may be done besides the entire attendant side effects kept at bay.