Laser Treatment For Wrinkles – Does It Efficacious?

Laser treatment for wrinkles works better for certain reasons. This treatment is surgical type, so keeps you free from surgical complications. It has quick recovery record, so you don’t need wait for long period of time. Laser treatment is performed by dermatologist or plastic surgeon. This is why, you don’t need to be tensed about safety.

laser treatment for wrinkles

How does it work?

Laser treatment is a cosmetic procedure to treat uneven skin and diminish skin disorders such as wrinkles. It works against both static and dynamic wrinkles. Static means the wrinkle which is always remain same but dynamic wrinkle changes as facial expression changes.

A pulsating beam of light is applied on the skin to remove damaged outermost layer of skin. Its anti-aging effect ensures smoother, rejuvenated and younger looking skin. It is less costly but effective and safe treatment option for wrinkles and other skin damages.

Preparation of laser treatment for wrinkles

The main mechanism of laser treatment for wrinkles is to vaporize damaged skin cell in top layer of skin. There are two major types of laser treatment by which your doctor will perform it. One is CO2 treatment, another is Erbium. In the both case, a short pulse beam is delivered to the skin. Select an appropriate doctor who is trained in laser treatment and has practical experience.

  • You may have to administer antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral drug before treatment to avoid possible infections by the recommendation of doctor.
  • You have to apply special lotion or cream to prepare skin for laser treatment.
  • Doctor will recommend anesthesia (general or local) in this case. General anesthesia is used when treatment is applied on the deep skin tissues.
  • You must clear your disease history prior to treatment whether you have cold sores or fever blister or other diseases.
  • Your doctor may will advise you to postpone taking medicine of blood clotting such as aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E.
  • You have to stop smoking 10 days before of treatment starts.

Types of laser treatment

There three types of laser treatment. Every type has their unique efficacy for wrinkles.

1) Non-ablative rejuvenation

It has dramatic result to wrinkle removal especially against early wrinkles. Moreover, its recovery time is very short. On the other hand, it doesn’t vaporize the layers of skin

2) Fractional rejuvenation

Here, deep rejuvenation is seen as it is a technologically advanced procedure. For effective anti aging recovery doctor usually choose it for patients. It works in small areas such as around the eyes.

3) Ablative resurfacing

Patients who have extensive sun damage and deep wrinkles should use this laser treatment for wrinkles.  It has longer recovery time as it is a most invasive laser after surgery. However, it will take 2-3 weeks for full recovery. It will work both wrinkles and fine lines. Ablative resurfacing stimulates to produce new collagen to grow tissue skin.

Efficacy of laser treatment for wrinkles

It is true that introducing laser treatment is a very good path for anti-aging world. However, laser treatment has superb efficacy for wrinkles though it depends on what type of laser is being used and the area of skin where it is being applied. It shows dramatic result just after one or two treatments. It significantly reduces wrinkle sign by producing collagen and elastin. The light treatment has little effect, but most invasive treatment shows extensive result. But it needs multiple weeks to recover. This laser treatment for wrinkles backs your youth look and beauty.

Post-treatment preparation

  • Ointment is used after treatment as protection. Sometimes bandage is also used.
  • Certain topical pain killer medicine and ice pack are helpful to alleviate skin swelling and pain.
  • Don’t go outside especially in the sun exposure until you recover from pink skin.
  • One most important tip, keep someone with you who will guide you to go back to home after treatment. This is because, in this time it is risky to get anesthesia induced lingering effect.


Yes, costing is an important issue for laser treatment for wrinkles, definitely.  Costing is actually depends on many factors such as surgeon fees for winkles, facilities are used, pre- and post operative care, medications and other medical services. According to, American society of plastic surgeon, about $2500 is the expenditure of every session with surgeon.

Side effects

Though laser treatment for wrinkles work better, but it has some side effects as well. The most common problem is reddening of skin and feeling discomfort.   However, these side effects are infrequent. Common incidents are infection, abnormal healing etc. Scarring is appeared after laser treatment.  Moreover, burns, hyperpigmentation, cold sores are also been seen.


As it is laser treatment for wrinkles, you have to follow all instructions of your plastic surgeon. Let your doctor to examine whether you are candidate or not for this treatment. Follow all pre- and post operative instructions of doctor.