What means premature grey hair?

Premature grey hair means finding your hair as gray at an early age. The average age for grey hair is when they become older or at age around 40. But when hair start to become white even at 16, it is premature greying. The average age for premature grey hair is late 20’s to early 30’s. It is a physical sign of aging.

premature grey hair
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Greying occurs due to inactivity melanocyte, a skin cell. The function of melanocyte is to produce melanin which is a pigment responsible for hair color. Inactive melanocytes can not produce enough melanin and this is why our hair become white.

Causes of premature grey hair

There are some significant causes of grey hair. “What causes grey hair in teenage years” many wants to know it. The following causes are same for teenage also. You need to know it because sometimes prevention is better than cure. If you know the causes then you can prevent them.

1 – Thyroid hormone

Thyroid gland is major role player of our body. It operates many bodily function such as regulating heart rate, hormone, metabolism, menstrual cycle and definitely melanin function. Sudden increase or decrease of thyroid gland has direct relation with hair whitening. Premature grey hair thyroid disorder is the major cause of premature grey hair. Research suggests, this gland can alter hair follicle characteristics. Hence, it disturbs in melanin functioning. Check your thyroid hormone level if you suffer from premature greying.

2 – Genetics

It is really sorry to say that, your premature white hair may be the consequences of your parents or grandparents white hair. I am telling about genetics. It is all about genetics by which some people doesn’t get grey hair even at age 50. In contrast, some other experience it at only 20’s. So don’t be sorry as you have no fault, it is only the genetic mutation from your ancestor.

3 – Deficiency of vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is such an essential element that it’s deficiency can create early greying of hair. Not only it causes greying but also it fastens greying process as well. It happens sometimes when our intestine become unable to absorb adequate vitamin B12.

4 – Stress

Stress is a major cause of premature grey hair. It has direct linkage to damage of melanocytes. The more you are in stress condition the more have your chance is to get affected by it. It is found from Natural medicine journal that, stress can deplete stem cells of base of hair follicle.

5 – Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune disease means the disease by which body attacked its own body cells. Like vitiligo, alopecia, premature grey hairing is another autoimmune disease.  When body attack hair cell then hair cell can be damage and cause early grey hairing.

6 – Smoking

Smoking is ever culprit for hair and skin. It not only causes premature grey hair but also premature balding. However, it is found from an study that, people who smokes are 4 times riskier to cause premature hair greying than who doesn’t smoke.

According to specialist, maximum chain smokers are generally affected by wrinkles. Skin wrinkles are easily identifiable but scalp wrinkles are not. This wrinkle damages hair follicles. A study from national center for biotechnology information said, smokers are 2.5 folds more susceptible to get early white hair than non-smokers.

Prevention of premature grey hair

Here are some prevention methods that you must have to know to fight against grey hairing.

1 – General guidelines

We have mentioned earlier in this article several causes of premature grey hair. First of all, we have to resolve this problems as well as we should be sincere. Stress, smoking, over thyroid activity are mainly responsible for white hair. In order to get rid of premature grey hair we must quit smoking, keep ourselves free from stress and we must check our thyroid hormone at regular basis.

2 – Proper diet

Your proper diet can help you to stay away from premature grey hair. This is because, our hair is made up of keratin, a proteinaceous substance. So, you have to eat protein foods such as spinach, dairy products. The more you eat it, the less you will be affected by grey hair.

3 – Choose your right shampoo

It is very detrimental if you choose a shampoo which not suited to your hair. Sometimes we select harsh shampoo instead of mild one which makes your pigment to damage. This is why, use right shampoo or conditioner.

4 – Oil your hair

Dry hair induces hair damage and causes grey hairing. In order to get rid of it, use good oil regularly to ensure good hair. This is why, you need a perfect oil. Many people use perfumed oil which contains harmful chemical.  However, choose natural oil to protect your hair from both premature balding and premature greying.

5 – Home remedies

If you are lover organic, then you can follow this grey hair home remedies. You can use concentrated tea to rinse your hair to avoid early hair greying. Curry leave is also has beneficial effect to healthy hair. It may be used with or without coconut oil. You will get good benefit from ginger and honey also. Mix grated ginger with honey and eat it every day. Mixture of table salt and black tea also helpful for treating premature grey hair. Amla juice, almond oil and lemon juice have defending effect against white hair.

Final Thought

Finally, take care of your precious hair before it turns to grey. Eat good food, sleep well and roam beautiful place where your mind become fresh, pass time with your close one. You can take advice from hair specialist as well at a regular basis for your better hair and prevent it from premature grey hair.