Dark Circles Under Eyes men : Causes and Remedies

Dark circles under eyes men is not an unusual stuff. It appears not only among women but also men. Though skin structures are between men and women, 25% thicker skin of men, dark circles under eyes have seen due to some unhealthy lifestyle and aging. Nature doesn’t differentiate sex, age, so anyone can be affected by dark circles under eyes.

Dark circles under eyes men means appearing color deviation below eyes which looks dark rather than rest part of skin. It occurs due to tissue disorder or due to poor blood circulation. The skin around eyes is delicate and this is why, blood circulation is more visible.

Dark Circles Under Eyes men
Dark Circles Under Eyes men. Photo: Wisegeek

Three colors of dark circles under eyes:

-Reddish: This forms as blood remains glued in the blood vessel under eyes.

-Bluish: Unhealthy lifestyles cause bluish dark circles men.

-Brownish: Hereditary dark circles are responsible for men’s brownish eyes of dark circles under eyes.

Dark circles under eyes men causes

Causes of dark circles men are more or less similar with women. Although there is a significant differentiation between both sex skin but dark circle is common skin disorder.

1 # Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation means broad, dark patches on the skin. It is the prime reason to cause dark circles under eye men due to their testosterone hormone imbalance. Sudden increase or decrease of testosterone induces excessive melanin secretion. Melanin is a pigment of skin which regulates skin color. Increased melanin creates melasma or dark circles. So, it can be said that hyperpigmentation is the result of unusual biological and chemical condition of body.

2 # Exposed capillaries

Sometimes our blood capillaries become exposed for many reasons such as for sun exposure or UV radiation.  Other disease such as rosacea may also affect to cause exposed blood vessel and dark circles.

3 # Improper suborbital volume

If you are unlucky to get insufficient volume and fat around your eyes may suffer dark circles under eyes. This deficient suborbital volume is appeared in men and women.

4 # Other causes

Allergy, medication side effects, dehydration and lack of sleep can cause your dark circles.

How to get rid of dark circles under eyes men (6 Tips)

Men have some differentiated lifestyles compared to women. However, men usually lead an aggressive, desperate and sometimes careless life. This is why, men are at high risk of dark circles. Here, you will find some useful tips to get rid of dark circles under eyes.

1. Intake Water & Food for good

It is very important to have regular intake of water, fruits, and vegetables to stay free from dark under eyes. Every young adult have to drink 10 glasses of water daily. It diminishes dehydration as it is the major cause of hyperpigmentation. Water washes out toxins of body. Select the best fruits and vegetables that contain essential vitamins. Orange fruits provide you vitamin-A, Citrus fruit contains vitamin-C and green leafy vegetables provides vitamin-E. You can get omega-3 fatty acid from salmon fish and zinc from beef/pork.

2. Eradicate Allergy

Allergy whatever it is gained from seasonal or food dilates blood vessel, swell and makes dark circles visible for men. In order to get relief, use Over-the-counter antihistamine drugs to stop release of histamine and stop dark circles symptoms.

3. Cold compress use

Sometimes over temperature around eyes is responsible for dark circles for men. This usually happens in warm weather. To get rid of it use cold compress for 10-15 minutes per day. This practice minimizes dark circles under eyes men.

4. Leave Smoking

Smoking is one of major causes of dark circles under eyes men. Men do smoke 30% more than women, a study says. However, in order to get relief from it, stay away you from smoking. Moreover, drinking alcohol and taking caffeinated soda exhibit similar bad experience under eyes.

5. Sleep, sleep and sleep

Lack of sleeping introduces lots of impediments in life. It makes you fatigue and fatigue eye loses smooth blood circulation which ultimately develop dark circles under eyes. The recommended daily sleep requirement is 6-8 hours. Moreover, sleeping posture may exacerbate dark circles by forming puffiness. If you sleep by smashing your face on the pillow puffiness develops.

6. Eczema Eradication

Eczema is a notorious skin disease can create dark circles under eye. It makes skin thin and makes dark circles visible. In this situation you have to visit a dermatologist and take drugs antibiotics, antihistamines etc. Avoid all eczema triggers such as soap, humidifier etc.

Home remedies for dark circles men (5 Tips)

1 – Natural oil

Natural oil such as sesame oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil are all important oil to treat hyperpigmentation which is the main culprit for dark circles under eyes men. Skin around our eyes is very delicate as well as face. In order to eradicate dark circles you have to massage this oil properly and at particular period of time.

2 – Rose Water

Rose water is used on skin for thousand years. It has skin rejuvenating power and it fades away dark circles. It is easily available in drug store. Use a cotton bud to apply rose water perfectly.

3 – Potato

Raw potato, a very common and available vegetable, is used for the treatment of dark circles. This vegetable has skin lightening effect. Its juice has been extracted and applies on the affected areas under eyes.

4 – Tomato

Tomato is called super food as it is rich with many nutrients. On the other hand, tomato, the delicious food, acts as dark circles remover because it has skin bleaching and healing property. Mostly its pulp and juice is used to fight against dark circles.

5 – Green Tea Bag

Green tea bag is an effective choice for dark circles because it is a good antioxidant providing Polyphenols. It has soothing effect on eyes. To use it, firstly you soak tea bag in boiling water. Afterward, transfer it in fridge for cooling. Then apply chilled tea bag on both eyes for 10-20 minutes.

General guidelines for eyes
  • Move eyes gently after sleeping in the morning. It is a one kind of facial exercise which keeps blood circulation well under eyes and protects you from possible dark circles.
  • Dust, pollution etc are responsible to cause dark circles. Clean your face just after coming back from outside. Moreover, it will help to apply cream or other cosmetics on face.
  • Use special cream in eye area for every morning and night. But stay away from facial cream in these areas of skin.
Final Thought

Though it mostly appears in women but dark circles under eyes men are also common. Carefulness and safe lifestyles can help to keep you free from it. Go to dermatologist or qualified doctor if see condition has become deteriorated. And every time consult with your doctor and pharmacist prior to take prescription medicine for dark circles.