Wrinkles Around Mouth : Causes, Types & Remedies

Wrinkles around mouth are a very common problem among both men and women. As we get older it will appear in our face. But it is more visible near mouth. Women are more susceptible than men due to their skin structure. However, though it is an inevitable matter, but we can stop it from becoming worsened. Regular sun exposure, smoking, stress deteriorate wrinkle problem. The building block of our skin is collagen and elastin. If we lose these materials than our skin tends to appear wrinkled.

Wrinkles around mouth

Why wrinkles around mouth occur?

  • Sun exposure is the one of main culprit of wrinkle. Harmful ultraviolet ray is emitted from sun which damage skin firmness and make skin dull. There are two types of UV ray: UVA and UVB. Both rays enter into the dermis layer where skin’s essential substance collagen and elastin resides. Rays creates the abnormal production of these two materials and later skin tries to rebuild this abnormality which eventually forms wrinkles.
  • Smoking is another reason of wrinkles. Smokers have to squeeze mouth during taking cigarette. This leads to make fine lines and wrinkle in the mouth. Chain smokers lose collagen and elastin as smokes dries out mouth chin.
  • Using straw during drinking makes your lips purse like you are smoking. Repetitive movement of cheek muscle causes collagen and elastin to be damaged and create premature wrinkles around mouth and lips.
  • Sleeping on your side is another reason of wrinkles in the face. When a person sleep in one side, than his/her face is pressed against pillow which can create wrinkles. The line is appeared in the lower cheek or jaw and it become permanent when skin losses its collagen and elastin.

Types of wrinkle around mouth

  • Perioral wrinkles: It occurs in the lip. When lips are squeezed due to smoking or any other lip movement, then lip is appeared as uneven which is termed as perioral wrinkles.
  • Permanent Creases: When there are multiple lines are appeared on the face, upper lip and neck and retain for long time called creases.
  • Marionette lines: It occurs when people become too much angry or too much sad. Normally this line is found in the corner of mouth.
  • Nasolabial Lines: This line starts from bottom of nose and ends in the corner of mouth.

5 Remedies of wrinkles around mouth

1. Using Topical Products:

Topical products are effective to reduce wrinkles. It is very necessary when surgical procedures are matter of scary. There are different kinds of topical products such as sunscreen, moisturizer, essential oils, creams etc. Different key ingredients must be embedded in these topical items.

Retinol, Alpha hydroxyl acid, Coenzyme Q10 are those important ingredients which have beneficiary effects in reducing wrinkles around mouth. Wrinkles mainly occur due to lack of collagen and elastin. That’s why, you have to choose topical products which works to regain these two essential skin components.

Why topical products should be an ideal choice-

  • Affordable price
  • Free from surgical fear
  • Natural origin

In case of essential oil, it evaporates readily when given solely. That’s it should be supplied with a carrier oil. Normally, carrier oil has no fragrance and it has anti-wrinkle benefit.

2. Laser

Laser treatment is a good option to treat wrinkles. The main objective of this treatment is to produce collagen, a skin tightening element. This occurs by stimulating dermis, the inner layer of skin. Collagen situated in this layer.

Normally, laser treatment means non-ablative laser which less intense, but effective, whereas ablative is very intense. Ablative laser destroy the epidermis to grow new skin and dermis to stimulate collagen but its treatment duration is long.

Due to popularity of non-ablative laser it is also found for home use, though costs is higher than conventional one.

One of the significant lasers is CO2 Resurfacing treatment. It is very effective, lasts for a long time and provides healthy collagen and restores beautiful, youthful lips.

Why laser treatment is better-

  • Long lasting treatment
  • Guaranteed to treat wrinkles

3. Dermabrasion, chemical peeling

These are two surgical processes by which wrinkled skin will be replaced with new one. In this process special machine is used. However, In dermabrasion, damages skin will be removed. On the other hand, during chemical peeling skin will be burnt and new skin will form.

It works against mainly perioral wrinkles. Along with creating a new skin, it also stimulates collagen- the building block of skin.

Some sorts of side effects are seen in this action, such as skin irritation, inflammation etc. You have to be more careful to choose a dermatologist and whether dermatologist is licensed or not. After having treatment you have to obey some rules. You should cover the treatment area and use an appropriate product properly as per direction of your dermatologist.

Reasons to use it-

  • Guaranteed
  • To get immediate result

4. Botox

One of the most safe and popular non-surgical method is Botox. It is used worldwide, both for men and women.

It is an injection therapy applied around mouth where the wrinkle is present. As an over facial expression propel for wrinkles, Botox injection paralyzes the muscle to prevent it. It specifically blocks acetylcholine acts in favor of expression. Hence, muscle will not crease and don’t show wrinkles.

This is a short term therapy lasts for 3 months. It has no major side effects. Sometimes, mild redness, bruises occurs.

Benefit to use-

  • Affordable
  • Very few risks

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5. Stop using Chewing Gum

Using chewing gum causes wrinkles so, you have to stop to use it. Most of the people are not aware about it. But the fact is using chewing gum exerts similar effect like smoking. In the both case, user has to use their mouth, jaw and lip repeatedly. This overuse of facial muscle tends to create wrinkles and fine lines in the mouth.

It is really a weird thing that, how chewing gum can cause wrinkles. However, the reality is it causes mouth to be wrinkled.

During having chewing gum, the users have to chew it repeatedly for a long time. Skin loses its collagen production and elastin as well. At this time, over facial expression is appeared. Hence, wrinkle is formed around mouth and lips.


Normally, wrinkles around mouth is the general aging result. When you age, skin loses its strength and cause wrinkles. However, if you care your skin properly as mentioned above, you can beat your age. To be younger and to get a fresh skin, you must follow proper anti aging skin care guidelines.