5 Surprising Benefits of Using Almond Oil for Wrinkles


Almond oil is a nut-derived oil comes from seeds of the Prunus dulcis tree, specifically known as Almond tree. The seeds are located at the center of the fruit and it is look-a-like of peach. It has wide range of beauty benefits along with almond oil for wrinkles, such as it works for both skin and hair. Almond oil exhibits natural benefits like moisturizing effect for dry or sensitive skin. Along with vitamin E, Almond oil protects sun damage and aging skin. Moreover, it prevents spread of skin stretch mark due to its soothing effect.

Almond Oil for Wrinkles

Almond oil facial wrinkles

Moreover, it is found from the study of renowned journal “Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology” in the year 2007 that Almond oil has the significant anti-wrinkle effect. The study was conducted among mice who are exposed to sun exposure responsible for aging and wrinkle skin. However, Almond oil was given for remedy and after 12 weeks result comes as almond oil is effective in “decelerating the photoaging process”. In contrast, according to a report published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, almond oil has anti-aging capacity which smooths & rejuvenates skin.

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5 Benefits of Using Almond oil for wrinkles

Along with aforementioned benefits of almond oil, its great effect is seen against wrinkles. Wrinkles is a certain skin condition in which skin becomes furrow, creases, crinkles, thinner, drier. This often occurs when skin loses its elasticity and firmness. However, it is one of a sign of aging process. There are a few characteristics of almond oil for wrinkles:

  1. Almond oil helps to hold moisture and keep skin relief from possible wrinkles.
  2. It contains very potent antioxidant which repairs skin
  3. Vitamin E fights by retarding degradation of skin collagen fibers.
  4. As an emollient substance it improves skin complexion and tone.
  5. Almond oil contains Omega 3 fatty acid which renews new cell, nourish skin.

Almond oil applying procedure:

It is very simple. You can use it directly in the skin area which is affected in wrinkles. Just use a few drops on the wrinkle area before going to sleep or using makeup. On the other hand, you can use crushed almond with pure almond oil for making a paste just like commercial creams, lotions.