9 Simple Tips on How can I look More Attractive

Everybody wants to look attractive and answer of how can I look more attractive. Especially girls want to look attractive more than boys. But we have to remember that beauty lies in mind not in body.

There are many ways to look more attractive. Some basics are given below:

9 Simple Tips on How can I look more attractive?

1. Fresh and clean skin:

To look more attractive you need a fresh and clean skin, here color of skin is not the important thing. For getting a fresh and clean skin you need to wash your face daily with any kind of face wash or face packs. Then you need to apply moisturizer to keep the skin healthy. And applying sunscreen is necessary before going outside. And also don’t forget to take sunglass.

2. Smile and white teeth:

Smile is another important thing to draw attention of anybody. And having white teeth can give one the best smile. White teeth are also the indicator of sound health. Everybody needs to brush twice (before breakfast and after dinner) in a day to keep the teeth healthy. A big smile also boosts your confidence.

How can I look more attractive

3. Workout:

A perfect figure is necessary to look attractive. And to balance your figure you need to do workout. Workout includes walking or any kind of exercise. Besides maintaining a good figure exercise boosts energy level. It also prevents one from several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Exercise is good for brain function, heart and immune system. A healthy body is important thing to look attractive. So one needs to workout daily for at least 35-40 minutes.

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4. Importance of hair:

Hair is another indicator of sound health. Everybody knows that hair is important asset for a woman. A beautiful hairstyle enhances ones confidence and energy level. To maintain healthy hair one needs to wash his/her hair with shampoo 2-3 times in a week. Excessive use of shampoo makes scalp dry which is bad for hair. Using coconut or olive oil before shampoo is good for hair. Different hairstyle makes one more glossy and attractive but it is necessary to remember that a bad hair style decreases one’s confidence. So you need to be careful before choosing hairstyle.

5. Enough sleep:

Getting sound sleep not only makes us refresh but also makes us healthier and attractive. During sleep both our body and mind go to repair mood. Lacking of sleep makes one sick and creates under eye circle. 8 hour complete sleep is necessary to be confident and to look more attractive.

6. Healthy diet:

Nourishment is one of the important elements to look attractive and give your answer of how can I look more attractive. Research has proved that by eating fresh fruits and vegetables one can get healthy skin. one can get adequate quantity of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from fresh fruits and vegetables. Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables also makes one slim and attractive .


7. Developing personal style:

Style varies from woman to woman. Wearing comfortable clothes and clothes of one’s own style makes one more attractive. It is not true that wearing costly clothes makes one attractive. Wearing right outfit makes a woman so confident that she can conquer the world. It is not necessary to follow the trend to look attractive; you have to believe in your own instinct to look more attractive.

8. Use of ornaments:

Sometimes using ornaments make one look attractive. Ornament makes woman look more beautiful and it brings a confidence within her that she looks more attractive than others.

9. Using makeup hacks:

After using makeup one can look more attractive because makeup helps us  to get rid of dark circles and marks and makes one more confident and attractive.

Above all developing confidence is the most important thing on how can I look more attractive.