Anti wrinkle cream ingredients that really works

You must first know what are anti wrinkle cream ingredients before you buy it. Lots of anti wrinkle cream is available in the market and promise that, they are providing the best wrinkle fighting ingredients. Do these cosmetics really work to treat wrinkles? It’s a big question. People around the world invest a huge amount of money every year for removing different face spot such as wrinkle, dark circle, sagging etc.

anti wrinkle cream ingredients


The real fact about anti wrinkle cream is, every cream should contain useful ingredients which have a beneficiary effect on the skin. First of all, we have to know the reasons of wrinkle. The common reasons of skin wrinkles are reduction of collagen, free radical damage etc. That’s why, you have to choose a cream which contain both collagen, producing and free radical damage protecting property.

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In this article you will find the ingredient list, which must be present in an anti wrinkle cream. Moreover, you will find the details about those ingredients. Hope you will read till the end. Now let’s start…

Top 6 Anti wrinkle cream ingredients that really work

1 – Retinol

What is it: Retinol is the most common ingredient of an anti wrinkle cream.Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A. It is a powerful antioxidant, which saves skin from free radical damage by neutralizing oxidation. Retinol is over-the-counter drug and it can be used without a prescription. On the other hand, prescription form is also available in  name of Retin-A.

How it works: Retinol must be present in wrinkle cream because it diminishes wrinkle effectively. It accelerates growth of skin and it also repairs skin damage. Hence, it decreases signs of aging. Moreover, it removes dead skin cells and turns skin to a fresh look.

It not only eliminates wrinkles, but also fine lines, sagging, prepiness, dryness etc. It increases production of collagen, an essential component of skin which gives skin strength. When you are at the age of 30’s, you must need collagen producing ingredients.

Avoid less effective form of retinol such as Retinyl palmitate, Retinyl linoleate.

2 – Hydroxy Acid

What is it: Generally hydroxyl acids are Exfoliants– removes dead skin cells. Alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA), Beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) and Poly hydroxyl acid (PHA) are different kinds of hydroxyl acids. These acids come from natural sources.

anti wrinkle cream ingredients

How it works: As a strong Exfoliants firstly it wipes out dead skin cells and makes skin smooth, soft and radiant. Secondly, it accelerates newer skin to be appearing. Thirdly, it works by removing intracellular glue which retains dead skin cells. Fourthly,  it boosts production of collagen.

3 – Hyaluronic Acid

What is it: Hyaluronic acid (HA) is called glycosaminoglycan- a gel like molecule having water holding ability. As we grow older we start to lose natural hyaluronic acid and wrinkles appears on our face. That’s why, after age 30’s we should choose a wrinkle cream which contain hyaluronic acid.

How it works:  Hyaluronic acid is an excellent moisturizer. No other molecules have such ability to retain water as much as HA can. Each gram of HA contains 1000 ml of water. Hence, it keeps skin moist for a long time and prevents dryness and wrinkles. That’s why, it is one of essential anti wrinkle cream ingredients.

On the other hand, it can produce collagen, elastin. It has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity.

4 – Tea Extracts

What is it: Tea extract is another common anti wrinkle cream ingredient found widely across the world. The key nutrients of tea extract are Polyphenol which acts as a potent antioxidant. It combats skin cells against free radical damage. It acts as an organic skin care.

How it works: It shields skin from sun damage and skin cancer. Moreover, its antioxidant property makes skin young, radiant and shiny.

Types of Tea extracts: 1) Green tea, 2) Black tea & 3) Oolong tea

5 – Peptide

What is it: Peptides are anti wrinkle cream ingredients made up of short chain amino acid. It has a strong anti aging effect and it cures wrinkles. Two common peptides are- Pentapeptide & Copper peptide.

How it works: Peptides are best known for it would healing property. It can produce collagen- an essential elements which keeps skin strengthen. When people age, they start to lose collagen day by day and become very prone to appear wrinkled. That’s why, it is recommended to choose a anti wrinkle cream enriched with peptide.

It not only diminish wrinkles, but also it firms skin. It also stimulate to grow new skin cell. Furthermore, it has moisturizing ability to keep skin moist, i.e free from dryness.

6 – Niacinamide

What is it: Niacinamide is another most important anti wrinkle cream ingredients,  made up of Vitamin B3.

How it works:  It diminishes wrinkles by following ways-

  • It is a super moisturizer and retain skin moist. From a study, it is found that, it added 5% of water for women and work to disappear wrinkle.
  • It prevents hyperpigmentation and lowers the melanin concentration from skin. Hence, it reduces wrinkles and makes skin bright, radiant.
  • It increases the synthesis of protein and ceramides as well. These components improve skin tone and fade wrinkles.
  • It also has collagen forming ability which gives skin strength and cures wrinkles.

Buying instruction:

You should follow the below instructions before buying an anti wrinkle cream.

  • See mentioned ingredient list properly are present.
  • Each ingredient concentration must be present in optimum concentration.
  • Scrutinize customer feedback and review.
  • The product must be packaged in aluminium tube and opaque plump tube so that it remains safe from air and light.

 Using guideline:

It is better to use anti wrinkle cream at night. Before every using, you must first wash face with warm water. Then apply it to wrinkle area for the whole night.


Anti wrinkle cream is surely necessary when you cross age 30. Because, at that time people start to lose skin’s natural component. You should be judicious prior to select an effective anti wrinkle cream ingredients.

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