5 Effective Tips on How to Look Younger for Men

How to look younger for men– the most buzzing question nowadays. Everywhere you see tips and advice for getting younger for women, but you won’t get it for men. Aren’t men are being allowed to follow young looking regimen? Everyone has their own necessity to cut age and look 5 or 10 years younger when they go to their adult age. This is why, global anti-aging market is expanding day to day, year to year.

However, It is found from transparency market research that, the value of global anti-aging market will reach $191.7 billion in 2019. The most important reason behind this extension is the contribution of men’s skin care. According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, America saw the business growth of 375 percent in the last two decades in men’s cosmetic surgery. Moreover, According to mensjournal, American men spend worth $1.3 billion dollars last year for cosmetic purpose only.

There are lots of ways of how to look younger for men. The core matter is, you have to look after your skin, proper diet, exercise and using appropriate skin care products or taking right treatment.

5 Effective tips on how to look younger for men

Tips # 1: Trim Unwanted Hair

When men grow older, they got hair in different places of their body. This hair comes from a male hormone called testosterone. However, common places of hair are chest, back, nostril, ear and eyebrow. On the other hand, beard on the check and scalp are also common. This hair sometimes creates an awkward situation when it grows longer. Every men must trim this hair before it becomes large.

Four most common ways to eliminate this hair are- Shaving, waxing, using depilatory cream and laser treatment. If you cut this unnecessary hair, then you will look 10 years younger than what you are. Hence, we get the first answer on how to look younger for men. By cutting hair you are free of dead skin cells and skin will be able to produce collagen.

However, by these methods you will know how to look younger for men. To look you younger, you can apply a secret and that is to trim your gray scalp hair to small. I am telling about the haircut. A stylish haircut can bring a significant change in your look. It can lower your actual age. So, do haircut at a regular interval.

Tips # 2: Choose your right dress

Actually age is all about appearance. If you expose people, they will notice it and comment you that you are growing older or not. But there are other ways and techniques by which you restrict your age to look at. To do it you must know anti-aging dressing code.

Dressing sense is must-to-know fact to conceal your actual age. It is true that, a proper dress-up can lower your age, and vice versa an improper dress can increase your age. The best formula to choose the right dress is look your age.

If you are in middle age, then you couldn’t not wear teenagers dress. Moreover, color is an important issue. Don’t choose inappropriate colors which can raise your instead of lowering it. You have to buy eye-catchy color dress in your shopping.

On the other hand, look at your body shape and select dress accordingly, then you will get answer of how to look younger for men. You don’t find the right dress which match your body then go to tailor and order your perfect shirts or pants.

According to Webmd, Good suit, leather jacket, classic fit jeans is good at this age. In contrast,  Chukka boots and wingtip shoes are also attractive.

According to Indiatimes, update classic is better than fade and choose a dress by seeing you, not by seeing current fashion.

Tips # 3: Avoid smoking

It is most common in men to take cigarette than women. According to WHO ,the number of male smoker are five times more than women. In the USA, the ratio of men and women smoker is 23.9% and 18.1%.

Smoking has direct connection with aging. It can be said that, smoking brings age. Smoker loses their skin and teeth day by day. Smoking can make skin dull by creating wrinkles, fine lines etc. Smoking destroys collagen, which is essential part of a healthy skin. For this reason men are susceptible to grow older at an early age.

However, to know how to look younger for men by avoiding premature aging, you have to quit smoking as early as possible. But you will not get results instantly just after quitting smoking. Your skin will its energy and it will become fresh and glowing.

So, how to look younger for men is at your hand. If you want to stay young, you have no way other than quitting smoking.

Tips # 4: Do Shave or not

It is true that a shaved face always looks young and it gives the solution of How to look younger for men. But it is not recommended that you must do it. Sometimes it shows some drawback as well. If you have neck wrinkles,  then you can avoid shaving. This is because, it shows your real aging skin.

On the other hand, if you own some gray beard, then it is better to trim it regularly to conceal age. Sometimes beard enhance your face beauty if you are lucky enough to get a good beard growth. If you have good beard you can use a different style. This style depends on your face shape.

Tips # 5: Use sunscreen, moisturizer and exfoliant

Men are most likely vulnerable to sun damage comparatively than women. In the world, men go outside more than women. In low income and middle income countries, men work outside and women take care of home. This why, men have to face UV rays of sun.

Men are more susceptible to get forehead wrinkles,  than neck wrinkle as beard protects neck and check.

One more thing, sunlight not only make skin dull, but also it creates skin cancer. According to WSFA, 40% Melanoma occurs in men and 60% death is counted of men due to skin cancer. This due to men does not use sunscreen as like women.

UV rays sun makes skin dull and creates wrinkles, fine lines. Damage skin shows that you are growing older. In order to get rid of sun damage and to know how to look younger for men, two cosmetics are very necessary which are sunscreen and moisturizer. In contrast, to remove skin’s dead cell you must have to use an exfoliant.

However, before going outside use sunscreen every time. You must ensure your sunscreen should not contain SPF below 30.

On the other hand, choose a good moisturizer which contains retinol, vitamin c and e. Use moisturizer after washing your face in the morning and evening after shower. However, it works well at night. So, use moisturizer on your face for the whole night.


Finally, this is the explanation of How to look younger for men. Actually practice makes a man perfect. If you practice the aforementioned tips, daily then you must be able to get a fresh young look.

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