5 Lifestyles To Keep You Evergreen, Young and Healthy

Lifestyles to keep you evergreen will direct you what are the ways by which you keep yourself fit and young forever. Growing older a natural process, but you can delay it or you can stop aging if you follow the ideal rules of aging care. Practicing meditation and yoga, drinking green tea are the examples of healthy lifestyle regime. There are many other natural ways by which you look younger than what you are. According to evergreen Indian Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor, the best way to keep yourself young is not only be physically active but also mentally and avoid all negativity.

Lifestyles to keep you evergreen

To be young forever is not a difficult task. It is easily possible if you overcome diseases which affect your health and skin. Skin is the biggest organ which covers the whole body. If your skin becomes saggy, you will look aged. So, a few daily routine is necessary to be young forever. Here, in this article we will discuss how you will protect your skin and health and lead a youthful and healthier life.


5 Lifestyles To Keep You Evergreen, Young and Healthy

1. Be stress free

Every day we do lots of work to earn our livelihood. Sometimes we take excessive pressure to accomplish our professional duties. Regularly taking stress will drag you in danger. It affects heart and mind and you become aged at an early period of your life. Constant stress induces to release hormone Cortisol and decreases serotonin hormone. Increasing of cortisol hormone causes high blood pressure, high blood sugar, insomnia, mood disorders, low libido and weight gain. Cardiovascular exercise will help you to stop the excessive release of Cortisol. Moreover, do meditation and yoga to be stress free. On the other hand, regular social relationship will help you to get relief from stress and depression. It also prevents Alzheimer’s disease as well.

2. Need Quality sleep

Good sleep is one a very essential lifestyles to keep you evergreen, young and healthy. It remains your brain cool and we know cool brain work accurately. It monitors blood and glucose level as well as immune system. To get the full benefits of sleep you have to nap for at least six hours daily. It will give you a fresh brain in the next morning. Sleep helps you to repair your day-long tiredness and prepare you for the next day. On the other hand, lack of sleep hampers metabolism, which leads to visceral fat deposition around the organs. Moreover, it increases risk of type 2 diabetes as irregular sleep induces insulin resistance.

3. Eat your best

The necessary thing is you have to eat balanced food which is the blending of carbohydrate, fat and protein. On the other hand, you should avoid excessive sugar and salt. Sugar elevates the level of blood glucose and salt increases blood pressure. Eating colorful anti aging fruits and vegetables will keep you strong and your heart healthy. Raisin, berries, broccoli contains higher amount of antioxidant. So, try to eat those foods.

On the other hand, drinking green tea is a good habit to avoid premature aging. It contains antioxidant, which keeps skin protected from sun damage. It fights against ultra violet rays of the sun.  This is why, it is called skin doctor. Moreover, green tea takes care and energizes of cells. Green tea plays a significant role in the beautification of skin. It contains Catechin which acts as antibacterials and prevents acne and pimples.

4. Trust on Herbal

According to WHO, 80% world population uses herbal plant as their primary treatment of disease rather than using drugs. There are 21,000 thousand plants which have healing effect on the body. Using habit of naturally produced medicinal herbs has been a decent lifestyle to be young forever. These garden produced plants will keep you young and glowing. Basil, tulsi, aloe vera, calendula, thyme etc are examples of herbals which has different medicinal use in the whole body. Ginger and herbal tea are useful to treat cough. On the other hand, aloe vera is used to alleviate constipation. However, avoiding drug is good decision to avoid unnecessary side effects and adverse effects. It will help you to live a longer life.

5. Meditation and yoga

Practicing meditation and yoga are called perfect lifestyles to keep you evergreen. Meditation relieves you from anxiety and depression because it reduces production of stress hormone. Hence, it ensures youthfulness and keeps you evergreen. On the other hand, yoga improves our chromosomes and helps cell division and diminishes visible signs of aging. Yoga is one kind of physical exercise. Doing yoga everyday will make you mentally, physically and emotionally fit.

Evergreen Anil Kapoor’s Diet Plan

Lifestyles to keep you evergreen

Anil Kapoor is a role model of evergreen personality in the Bollywood industry. His present age is 60 but he looks young like 25! Here is the diet secret of Mr. Kapoor for being evergreen.

Usually Mr. Kapoor takes protein because of its quick digestion. He always calculates daily calorie intake. Moreover, he selects those foods which contain Carbohydrate, potassium and iron. He drinks lots of water to be hydrated.

Morning: In the morning he takes a banana and eggs or muesli.

Evening: At evening time, he eats ham, chicken or turkey sandwich.

Dinner: At dinner time, he takes 250 grams of chicken or fish.

It is noted that, he takes meal six times a day at a regular interval.

Final Thought

Lifestyles to keep you evergreen are not a difficult task. You have to do work hard, firstly. Once you habituate, then you will not face any problem later on.