Physical Signs of Aging : 5 Most Common Signs

Early detection of physical signs of aging even can save you from dire consequence. Here, in this article we will talk about physical signs of aging. These physical changes during aging process are natural. You have to know properly different aging signs and their resolving ways.

Although, aging is a natural process, everyone tries to stay young forever and it is a universal truth. When we get older we will see some sorts of aging symptoms. But, if we get these symptoms earlier than the average time, it is called premature aging and it’s unnatural. However, visible face sign of aging is preventable. Here, we will talk about visible and common signs of aging.

Physical Signs of Aging : 5 Most Common Signs

1. Sagging Skin

physical signs of aging

Sagging skin is the most common first signs of aging. There are two important proteins in our skin called collagen and elastin. These are the building block of healthy and tight skin. When we age, it becomes thin and lose ability to support skin. On the other hand, when underlying tissues fail to add expected support to skin then skin becomes sag. Normally, sagging starts at the age of late 40’s. However, when it starts to appear in early 30’s, it called signs of premature aging.

Treatment of Sagging skin: Fat injection, filler, laser has been used for many years in developed countries like USA, Canada, Australia. These are expensive, However, are effective medical solution. On the other hand, you can take the help of home remedies. This is cost effective and shows no side effects on skin. As, for example, you can use egg white on face and neck at a regular basis to avoid sagging of skin.

2. Fine Lines and Wrinkles

physical signs of aging

Fine lines and wrinkles are the two major physical signs of aging. It appears around the eyes, forehead and lips. It occurs due to continuous losing of elastic fibers and collagen. We lose these two important components due to inflammation. It may be diet induced inflammation or everyday inflammation. Lack of eating omega-3 fatty acid causes inflammation. In contrast, excessive sun exposure and smoking also cause inflammation. Furthermore, smoking, frowning and inappropriate sleeping causes wrinkles.

Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles: There are two remedies option of wrinkles. One is preventive measures, another is home remedies. You have to combat UV rays, stop smoking as preventive measures. For more preventive read 13 Ways of How to Get Rid of Wrinkles. For home remedies you can use different medicinal plant such as: Ginger, Aloe Vera. You can use essential oils such as Olive oil. These products are highly enriched with antioxidants and you would be safe from sunlight.

On the other hand, you can purchase a good anti wrinkle cream from the market which contain anti-aging ingredients such as retinoids, niacinamide, peptides etc.

3. Hair loss and graying

physical signs of aging

The two embarrassing signs of ageing are hair loss and graying. Why these occur? Hair loss is caused due to hormonal imbalance. Male loss, hair when prostaglandin hormone level increases. In contrast, hair graying is occurred due to oxidative stress. Free radicals are responsible for oxidative stress. In order to alleviate oxidation you have to eat foods rich in polyphenols.

Treatment of hair loss and graying: Essential oils or egg oil which can stop hair loss. When you start to use oil, your scalp will start to active hair follicle. To avoid graying of hair you should take vitamins, especially vitamin B12. You can take it as supplements or through foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy etc.

4. Vision loss

physical signs of aging

Vision loss is another normal sign of aging. There are two reasons of vision loss- 1) Cataract, 2) Age related macular degeneration (ARMD). Nutritional deficiencies are the main cause of early vision loss. Cataract is inevitable when people go to age 60-70. It means clouding of the eye lens. However, ARMD occurs when the macula, the central part of tissue that lines eye, damaged.

Treatment of Vision loss: Regular taking vitamins, minerals including zinc, vitamin C, E, Lutein, Zeaxanthin can help for a healthy eye. Furthermore, antioxidant nutrient can play a vital role to reduce vision loss. In medical science, there are three treatment options- anti-VEGF treatment, laser treatment, Photodynamic therapy for ARMD and cataract surgery to heal cataract.

5. Crow’s Feet and Frown Lines

physical signs of aging

Crow’s feet and Frown lines are another two most common sign of aging face. Repeated smiling and squinting creases skin in different parts of the face. It may be in the check, corner of the eye etc.

Treatment of Crow’s feet and Frown lines: Botox treatment is used to paralyze skin so that it cannot give expression. Hence, all types of skin folding will not be visible where the injection has been pushed.

Final Thought

The effect of aging on the body is common and visible when we grow older. But we can do a lot to save our skin from aging. We have just taken care of health and skin. We should eat vitamin and mineral rich food, use antioxidant cream and accept natural home remedies. This how, you can get relieved from physical signs of aging.