Tea tree oil is an essential oil. Before to go to details of tea tree oil for acne scars, we need to know about tea tree oil. It is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia plant. This plant originates from the Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. It exudes camphoraceous aroma. Its color varies from the pale yellow to clear or colorless. This one is proven to be very effective in mitigating several skin conditions such as lice, dandruff, insect bites, herpes, scabies, fungal, and bacterial infections.

In the subsequent discussions, we are going to narrow down to the subject matter of tea tree oil for acne scars. We are going to discuss how it works, its health benefits, and the procedures to follow to apply it on the affected area.

tea tree oil for acne scars


Tea tree possesses anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. These two properties prevent acne lesions which subsequently reduce the swelling that is generally associated with inflammatory acne. Tea tree is very potent. 5% of the oil can treat mild to moderate cases of acne.

The two vital ingredients further dissolve the scars, remove dead matter on the skin surface, and get rid of impurities within the sweat glands. This leaves the skin spotless and absolutely free of any scars. They also penetrate deeper into the inner layers of the skin. In so doing, the ingredients flush out toxins that are responsible for the scars. This is not to mention that they prevent clogging on the pores and glands. In so doing, they mitigate the risk of acne and other related skin conditions. And hence, it works tea tree oil for acne scars.

The oil is potentially poisonous. For this reason, it should never be taken orally or placed anywhere near the mouth. It can cause drowsiness, weaknesses, trauma, stomach upsets, and blood cell anomalies, among other issues. It should hence be administered by applying on the skin or neutralizing using other kinds of substances as we shall see.


The following are the top benefits of the tea tree oil:

Minimal Side Effects

On the whole, the oil brings along minimal side effects. For instance, it does not cause itches, scars, pimples, burns, and other kinds of skin issues. It does this notwithstanding the fact that it lightens the acne scars and those other scars that arise from injuries. Because of this, you can be sure that you will obtain the highest utility but without the likelihood of suffering undesirable consequences. You can, therefore, be sure of your safety at all times.

Kills Bacteria

Tea tree oil contains the terpinen–4. This is an antimicrobial component of the essential oil. It basically kills the bacteria which is the one that is responsible for the growth and proliferation of acne. Bacteria also cause odor and foul stench. By being able to kill the bacteria, the essential oil indirectly eliminates the stench that may generally form under the armpits and pubic parts. This also checks the spread of bacterial infections and diseases.

Heals Wounded Skin

Wounds take longer to heal. This is because of the need for the cells to regenerate and the cuts to be bound together. The tea tree oil has the ability to speed up the pace of the healing of the wounds. It is particularly handy for the healing of viral skin infections, insect bites, and sunburns. Examples of these conditions are warts, cold sores, and chicken pox. It does so mainly because it accelerates the clotting of blood.

Moisturizes and Hydrates the Skin

Tea tree oil also moisturizes and rehydrates the skin. This oil contains Vitamin E which is pretty good at restoring the skin’s natural oil balance. It in so doing prevents the skin from getting too dark or dry. By moisturizing your skin, the oil prevents it from cracking, developing inflammations, and invasion by harmful substances. This oil stands apart from the artificial cosmetics in the sense that it does not have chemicals which can potentially cause rashes and other skin problems.

Detoxifies the Skin

This essential oil can penetrate deeper into the skin pores. It can reach levels that cannot be reached by the ordinary cosmetics and skincare products. This penetration allows it to impact the skin in ways that the ordinary skincare products can. For instance, it can flush out toxins and prevent the clogging which primarily causes acne. In light of this, your skin shall stay healthy and unaffected by pimples as well as most other contaminants.

Reduces Inflammations

Lastly, the tea tree oil also reduces inflammations. It has the ability to soothe pains and other disturbances that can cause unnecessary discomforts to the skin. What’s more? The essential oil can also eliminate dead cells from the skin. This also goes a long way to minimize the proliferation of scars. It, therefore, gives you the comfort you require to go about your businesses with ease and minimal inconvenience.


Tea tree oil shows safety. However, it is not without its share of downsides and potential risks. The following are some of the negative issues that may arise from the use of this essential oil.

Allergic Reactions

Some people may develop allergic reactions when they use the oil. These include coughs, inflammations, the feelings of itchiness, reddening of the skin, and discomforts. You are advised to discontinue use as soon as you witness any of the signs stipulated.

Too Potent

In its undiluted form, tea tree oil remains too potent to be used on skin. It may cause permanent damages to the skin if used in this form. It is for this reason to use in skin, you have to dilute it first and foremost before eventually applying.

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Skin Problems

Those with sensitive skin may experience rashes, additional redness, and even hives. If you are such kind of a person, you are advised to be moderate in your usage. You may even contemplate discontinuing use altogether to prevent the problems from worsening.

Slower Actions

On the whole, tea tree oil for acne scars takes a longer duration of time compared to other substances. It actually takes months if not several weeks to completely rid the skin of the acne and rashes. This may pose some inconvenience to you.

tea tree oil for acne scars


Step I: Spray the Toner on a Cotton Ball

Start by spraying the oil toner on a cotton ball. The cotton ball has to be clean and fresh. You do not want to infect your body and skin with harmful substances. Be sparing in your use of this toner as excessive amounts may harm your skin.

Step II: Wipe your Face with the Cotton Ball

Now proceed to wipe the cotton ball gently on your face. Spread the contents evenly yet slowly to all areas. This is to see to it that all areas are impacted evenly and that no one area is neglected. Pay more attention to those areas that are worse affected than others.

Step III: Leave it to Dry

Once you have spread the toner in all areas or portions of your skin, leave to dry. This should take no less than 15 minutes. Drying gives room for the toner to sink beneath the skin and impact the depths of the skin.

Step IV: Scrub out the Toner

After the 15 minutes have elapsed, finish off by scrubbing out the toner from the pores and skin. Follow this by washing the skin with water thoroughly. This will eliminate all the remaining substances of the toner.

PS: Do not spray the toner on your face, open wounds, or eyes. This essential oil can harm the said parts of the body when they are allowed to get into contact.


Well, we hope you have obtained the guidance you need to get started well regarding tea tree oil for acne scars. Tea tree oil means natural ingredient. It is devoid of any harsh chemicals and is therefore very safe. Moreover, it is easier to apply compared to most other oils of its kind. You just cannot afford to overlook it at all. You may now proceed and leverage the benefits of this oil for your skin acne and other conditions.