What is The Best Vitamin for Thicker Hair?

Vitamin has a good effect to get thicker hair. This is why, we have to know what is the best vitamin for thicker hair. First of all need to know importance of thicker hair. Thicker hair keeps your youthful look and helps you to get smart physical appearance.  The hair care industry is supplying hair care product for good hair growth and to prevent premature balding. A vitamin deficiency is one of the major causes of hair thinning. Proper vitamin helps to strengthen hair root, regulate hormone status and lower oxidative stress.

Here, we will discuss essential vitamin to boost your hair growth and make hair thicker.

How do vitamins work for thicker hair

Vitamins are natural elements to develop a healthy body. It provides sufficient nutrition necessary to develop and strengthen your hair follicle. A strong hair follicle may reduce hair loss and help to get thicker hair. In contrast, lack of proper vitamin leads to malnutrition, weakness and fragility of bone and hair. It also has bad impact on skin, nails and health immunity.  To get your hair free from dry and fragile condition, you must have to include necessary vitamin in your daily diet list.

What is the best vitamin for thicker hair?

To get thicker and fuller hair on head is a dream for every young women. It makes us presentable. As a beauty seeker person you have to know what are the best vitamins for thicker hair.  Here there are 7 vitamins which definitely will help you to get thicker hair.

What is the best vitamin for thicker hair

1 – Biotin

In search of what is the best vitamin for thicker hair first of all you may think about Biotin. Biotin is also known as vitamin B7 is helpful to strengthen hair, prevent hair loss and revive growth as well. This water soluble vitamin utilizes foods (fat and carbohydrate) to metabolize from protein to amino acid and hence produce energy for hair and nail. Moreover, biotin containing foods help to protect hair from dryness and brittle condition. It firms cortex of hair, the layer of hair. As a result hair remains thick and strong even in sun exposure, chlorine and over styling. Some biotin rich foods are eggs, nuts, carrot, swiss chard, goat’s milk, almonds, berries etc.

2 – Zinc

Zinc is another effective vitamin to treat hair loss and ensure thicker hair. Like biotin, it also break down protein to amino acid for hair growth. It is found from clinical study that Zinc significantly reduces alopecia areata and telogen effluvium as well. Studies also suggest that, regular oral zinc sulfate intake help to get thicker hair. On the other hand, zinc help to produce sebum, a natural oil to maintain healthy growth of hair. It prevents scalp from dandruff and firms hair shaft. Insufficient zinc may lead to premature greying and premature balding. Pumpkin seeds, egg yolk, shrimp are the common sources of zinc.

3 – Vitamin C

Another acceptable answer of what is the best vitamin for thicker hair is vitamin C. It is an antioxidant help to minimize oxidative stress by free radicals. In contrast, it helps iron to absorb better into blood and utilize to get thicker hair. Moreover, vitamin C strengthen collagen an essential part of hair. Daily recommended vitamin C should be 500-1000 milligram. The best sources of vitamin C are peepers, citrus fruits-orange, kale strawberries etc.

4 – Iron

Iron is another best vitamin for thicker hair. The reason is iron produces blood (Red blood cell) and blood carries oxygen to all cells and tissues of body including under hair follicle. If anyone is lack of iron he/she might be affected from oxygen under hair follicle. As a result hair shaft will be soft and the people lose thicker hair. In order to get thicker hair you must have to eat iron rich food items such as egg yolk, chicken, red meat, lentil, spinach etc. Women are more susceptible of iron deficiency as they lose blood during period and childbirth. This is women must take iron food items frequently.  If needed, they have to have iron capsule by the instruction of registered physician. However, men and women both must take iron to get thicker and strong hair. Moreover, it maintains and grow your hair also.

5 – Vitamin E

The another name of vitamin E is good skin vitamin. However, its main function is to maintain good blood flow and especially oxygenated blood flow to the scalp which help to get thicker and healthy hair. It is administered both internally and externally and it shows beneficial effect in both routes. You must follow the daily recommended dose which is 400 IUs in a day. To get substantial amount of vitamin E you can eat green leafy vegetables, nuts, shrimp, beans, soybeans or other foods recommended by nutritionist.

6 – Vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary for thicker hair as because it helps in hair follicle cycle. This is required when a person doesn’t get sun exposure. Normally we get vitamin D from sunlight.  But stay away from excessive sun exposure. On the other hand, like vitamin C it has antioxidant property to tackle free radicals. However, which dietary items are to be eaten are fatty fish, cod liver oil, fortified foods, salmon, mushroom etc.

7 – Vitamin A

Vitamin A is well known for good vision. Nevertheless, it also has beneficial effect good hair growth. Vitamin A produces sebum for scalp and it retain hair glittering by removing dryness and fragile hair. You can find vitamin A from sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, milk, egg, yogurt etc. The recommended daily dose of vitamin A is 25,000 IU.

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Finally we have come to know that what is the best vitamin for thicker hair? To get a better hair intake these essential vitamins as per daily recommendation.