7 Foods That Reverse Wrinkles You Won’t Believe

Wrinkles are folds and creases skin appears mainly around eyes, face and neck. It is mainly seen during facial expression where lines become visible. The prime reason is when skin become thinner and get less elastic, it appears. Mostly, it is found when people age. (1)

Wrinkles has linkage with psychological status as human social life established skin as the first business card in our society. People with wrinkles feel shy, inferior and ignored by others. (2)

Here I will talk about how to reverse wrinkles, is there any way to do it and which food will do that. In a nutshell, We will discuss foods that reverse wrinkles

foods that reverse wrinkles

7 Foods That Reverse Wrinkles You Won’t Believe

Basically, what we do for wrinkles? We use many costly anti-wrinkle cream, do different treatments on skin with the help of dermatologists.

But the thing is, there are many foods that have the ability to reverse wrinkled skin and make it tauter, smoother and younger. Nutritionists and dieticians also say that essential nutrients and improved diet can delay aging. This is why choosing right food is important. Here I am suggesting you some foods according to study that reverse wrinkles.

1. Olive Oil:

According to Journal of the American College of Nutrition, higher intake of Olive oil ensures less skin wrinkling in sun-exposed skin site. The primary reason is olive oil is an antioxidant. Skin wrinkle is caused by oxidative stress. As an antioxidant Olive oil protects skin from wrinkling. (3)

It’s oleic acid keeps skin soft by preserving cell membrane’s fluid. On the other hand, vitamin E and polyphenol of olive oil helps to get younger-looking skin. It is suggested to use 100 percent extra virgin olive oil. The precaution is not overheating of oil during cooking to avoid losing its beneficial effects. 

foods that reverse wrinkles

2. Spinach: 

Vegetables are very helpful in preventing skin wrinkles because they shield skin from oxidative stress like olive oil. 

Spinach is a very good vegetable source of antioxidant and we know that antioxidants are necessary to get rid of wrinkles. Regular eating of Spinach produces Coenzyme Q10 – an antioxidant in the body. Moreover, this vegetable also helps to produce collagen. Collagen brings smooth and young-looking skin. 

foods to reverse wrinkles

3. Watercress

Watercress is a green leafy vegetable found in natural spring water. This vegetable has a unique benefit compared to others as it has antiseptic properties. Moreover, it contains vitamin c and vitamin a which can neutralize detrimental free radicals and reverse wrinkled skin. (4)

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4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are helpful in building collagen of skin which is the structure of the . If someone’s collagen is strong they are away from wrinkles. Tomatoes also provide lycopene, protect ultraviolet rays and keep skin healthy. 

anti-aging food

5. Legumes: 

Anthocyanin is a member of the phytochemical group. This group has anti-aging properties. That’s legumes are anti-wrinkle agents. There are many types of legumes such as peas, beans, peanuts. (5)

foods to reverse wrinkles

6. Pomegranate

Pomegranate is red colored seed fruit that contains vitamin c. As an antioxidant it’s prime function is to combat the oxidation process by the sun. Moreover, it preserves collagen and helps to reverse wrinkles. 

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7. Avocados

According to nutritionists, avocados are good in food value while they contain good fat consisting of monounsaturated and some polyunsaturated fats. By eating avocado aids to protect skin from UV light due to lutein and zeaxanthin. It rectifies skin health by absorbing vitamin and other fat-soluble nutrients. (6)

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