How To Get Darker Skin Safely At Home: 7 Best Methods

How to get darker skin, how to darken bleached skin, what are the methods – many questions are revolving in our head. Here we are going to discuss everything.

Darkening our body skin can be somewhat hard, but with the right information, you can learn how to darken black skin. Besides, it isn’t impossible to learn how to make your skin darker permanently.

Eating certain nourishments and carefully choosing vitamin enhancements can have any kind of effect, as can natural-based lotions. You can darken your skin securely, reducing the danger of premature maturing and skin cancer. Here are the absolute best tips on the most proficient method to darken dyed skin.

how to get darker skin

How To Get Darker Skin Safely At Home: 7 Best Methods


1. Utilization of self-tanning lotions

In the market, we have excellent lotions that are used for self-tanning and they are specifically made for a gradual skin tanning. You should purchase a quality item that is just one or 2 shades darker than your natural color, at that point you can expand the dimness overtime.

The item will work within days, not hours, so on the off chance that you are looking at how to get darker skin overnight, this isn’t your best bet. Thus, this is an amazing way to get darker without looking orange or experiencing a tanning bed.


2. Getting a Spray Tan

Numerous people would prefer not to spend more time in the Sun or outside because of their bustling schedule. Going for a spray tan is a perfect substitute for a sunbath. This will leave your skin alone darker quick and you will not need to spend more time presenting to sunbeams.

These systems of getting tan by spray are protected and incredibly this stays seven days. These spray tans are picking up ubiquity and results in getting darker skin quickly.


3. Utilizing cinnamon rub

Blend 2 tablespoons of cinnamon in with a large portion of a cup of your body cream or oil, blend, and spread onto your face and additionally body. Let dry. You will get darker skin quickly. Whenever you want, you can wash this out with water and soap.


4. Utilizing tanning bed

5 minutes of tanning bed equivalent 2 hours in the sun, so this is a good way to get darker skin overnight. To remain tanned, you can utilize a tanning bed regularly for a couple of moments. By giving out an expanding melanin quantity thus making you darker. On the other hand, tanning beds may not good, so you ought to discuss the dangers associated with them with a professional.


5. Enlist the assistance of natural oil.

Emu oil potentially creates a higher creation of melanin in the skin, which is the dull pigmentation that shows up in the skin tone to form a tan. With a reasonable color can get a general look that is nearly halfway darker than their natural conceived skin tone. In case you’re keen on attempting emu oil, go for a natural brand that comes with practically zero counterfeit alterations.

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6. Taking black tea

Make 250ml of black tea with 5 tea sacks. Let it sit for thirty minutes. Dunk a froth paintbrush into the tea and paint your skin with the tea and let it dry. Whenever you want, you can wash this out with water and soap.


7. Skin-Healthy eating routine

The last method you can use is taking more carrots, tomatoes, based nourishments. Tomatoes are an imperative source of lycopene, an operator that promotes dark skin color.

What’s great about tomatoes and carrots is that they help outfit your skin with the protection it needs to dodge UV damages. Attempt to include the same number of tomatoes and carrots in your eating regimen as you can.

You can eat them cooked, crude, pureed, or even squeezed. If you use carrots and tomatoes, you can learn how to darken bleached skin. Using those products will make your skin increase a dark color. Also, do be aware of the measurements you are taking. Always check with your primary care physician first, particularly when you are taking other medications also to ensure your total wellbeing.



There are a bunch of lotions today than can naturally darken your skin. They’re entirely affordable and simple to discover. Perhaps the main drawback to skin darkening creams is the strong smell that regularly accompanies them.

Besides, if it’s all the same to you the smell, you can always check out it in case you’re looking for an affordable method that you can learn on how to get darker skin without the sun.