What Causes Female Hair Loss At Temples And Front Of Head Women


Baldness or hair loss is largely associated with males. However, even women may be affected by the menace. But why is this the case? What causes female hair loss at temples? What are some of the factors that can necessitate the loss of hair by the females? And is such a loss normal, or could it in fact signify a deeper issue?

Here, we will discuss mainly about what causes female hair loss at temples. Additionally, we will also talk about what is temple hair loss, remedies of female hair loss at the temples, hair thinning, the life cycle of a hair and many more. To know everything about female hair loss at temples please read the article till the end.

Wonder no more as we have drafted and dedicated the entire article to answer those very questions. To do this, we shall take our time to dig deeper and find out all about the subject matter. At the tail end of it all, we do hope that you shall receive the insight you need to combat this menace.

what causes female hair loss at temples
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What Is Temple Hair Loss?

This is the female hair loss frontal hairline i.e. the thinning of the hair at the temples of the human face. Though it is predominantly a ‘male’ problem, some females have also reported suffering from it. This kind of loss is ‘normal’ for men but abnormal for women as it is often indicative of worse underlying issues.


What Causes Female Hair Loss At Temples?

Several factors are to blame for this hair loss at temples. Below are the most notable reasons behind what causes female hair loss at temples?


1 # Genetics

Some women are naturally predisposed to this issue of hair loss. This is especially the case if the mother or a grandmother had that issue. There is nothing much that can be done to reverse this problem in this sense. All that may be done is to develop strategies to cope with it.


2 # Hormonal Changes

Women do undergo some hormonal changes during their pregnancy years. If and when this happens, some hair might be lost. The good news though is that the loss is automatically reversed after the end of the pregnancy and the resumption of the levels of hormones to their natural levels.


3 # Stress

When some women are too stressed, they often tend to shed off some hair. Like the case with the hormonal changes above, this is also temporary and lasts as long as the stress exists. If the situation persists after that, some medications may have to be administered to counter it.


4 # Tight Hairstyles

There are some hairstyles that take a toll on the natural hairs of the women. These include the cornrows and the ponytails. They have the tendency to rip off the hair from the skin especially if left to persist for too long. You are advised to stay away from them to keep the hair thinning at temples female hairstyles at bay.


5 # Medications

A number of medications have also been noted to accelerate the pace of hair loss. This situation for a large part is compounded when the person taking the medication is allergic to it in some shape or form. Yet again, you are advised to take such drugs in moderation to prevent the issues from escalating.


6 # Smoking

Smoking is never a good thing to do as it also has the inadvertent side effect of causing the hair to be lost. The smoke from the cigarettes is also not great for the health of the skin altogether. It is one of what causes female hair loss at temples. The only way to go about it is to desist from smoking altogether.


7 # Vitamin Deficiencies

Vitamins are essential to the good health of the human body. It hence goes that a deficiency in the level of vitamins in the body subsequently brings along some undesirable side effects. Chief among these are the B and the D vitamins. You are advised to administer them in plenty in your diet.


What’s The Most Common Form Of Female Hair Loss?

Androgenetic Alopecia, it is! Though predominantly a ‘male issue,’ this pattern of hair loss has been noted to affect women also. A study puts the number of women affected in the United States alone to be a whopping 30 million! That is mainly because of its hereditary nature and lack of appropriate medication to mitigate it.


Signs And Symptoms Of Female Hair Loss

After looking at what causes female hair loss at temples, we now examine some of the common signs and symptoms that signify the problem. Below are some of the common signs and symptoms of the female hair loss:


1 – Gradual thinning of the hair

The most notable sign of hair loss is the gradual thinning of the hair. This, for a large part, is the first indicator of the issue of hair loss. If left unmitigated, it often boils over to affect the entire head. Thus, it is great if you can take the first step to do something while at it.


2 – Circular or Patchy Bald Spots

If the hair loss persists beyond the first stage described above, it graduates to the circular or patchy bald spots. At such times, the skin becomes itchy and painful. It is also not uncommon for some red spots that are ghastly to behold to arise at such times also.

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3 – Sudden Loosening of the Hair

Some people experience more rapid hair loss than others. For them, the head loses the hair faster and without any prior notice. This in many cases is brought about by a sudden and unexpected emotional or physical shock. Luckily, it is temporary and reverts back to the original state after the shock has come to an end.


4 – Full-body Hair Loss

In this sense, the whole body loses all the hair. This is largely artificial as it is induced mainly by medical treatments like chemotherapy. Those with terminal illnesses like cancer also experience it to a large extent. What causes female hair loss at temples under such a circumstance is permanent and irreversible.


5 – Scaly Patches

These are patches that are rough and ghastly to behold. They originate from the scalp but nevertheless spread to the temple region of the face as well. These patches are often accompanied by some swelling, redness, broken hair, and oozing at some times. They may inflict hair loss on one side of head female if not mitigated in time.


The Life Cycle Of A Hair

Throughout its growth, the hair goes through some steps from start to the finish. There are three main stages that are marked by some distinct characteristics and developments. We shed more light to these stages here below:

Stage I: Anagen Phase

Also known as the growth phase, this is the first stage of hair loss. At this stage, the hair grows physically from scratch to approximately 1 cm per month. The phase can stretch out to 3-5 years after which it begins to decline. It is largely determined by genetics and varies significantly from one person to another.


Stage II: Catagen Phase

Next comes the catagen phase. It is also referred to as the transitional phase as it marks the boundary between the starting phase to the mature phase. At this stage, the hair follicles renew themselves. The phase lasts around a fortnight and ends when the hair follicles shrink considerably.


Stage III: Telogen Phase

The Telogen phase marks the last of the three major stages of hair growth. This is also called the shedding phase as it is extensively marked by the shedding off of the hair. Also, the hair follicle remains dormant for 1-4 months. Overall, it accounts for 10-15% of the entire growth duration.


Treatments Of Female Hair Loss At Temples (Medical Treatment)

To mitigate this issue, a range of treatment options may be explored. Of these, it is the minoxidil (Rogaine) that is by far the most effective. It has been found to deliver exceptionally awesome performances chiefly by reverting the lost hair to the original state sooner. It has to be prescribed by a doctor though for you to purchase it over the counter.


How Can Female Hair Loss At The Temples Be Avoided? (Home Remedy)

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. It is better to in fact prevent the hair from getting lost first and foremost than to let the issue arise and then deal with it later. We take a look at some of the preventive measures that may help to stall the emergence of this issue altogether:


# Desist from Twisting or Pulling the Hair

As we have explained, twisting or pulling your hair is one of what causes female hair loss at temples. You are hence asked to desist from twisting or pulling off your hair. That will maintain the hair in the best shape and form all the while.

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# Stay away from Dangerous Hair Treatments

Also, stay away from dangerous hair treatments that are likely to pose permanent damages to the hairs. These include harsh chemicals that can neutralize the hair follicles and make them weaker. Particularly, avoid the hot curling irons. They are able to scald and permanently burn your hair.


# Be Mindful of your Hairstyles

Some kinds of hairstyles as we have noted have the ability to inflict balding on your hair. These include the ponytails. Instead, choose those styles that tend to maintain your hair straight and loose. They are unlikely to pull off your hair strands and cause you to suffer baldness.

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# Reduce Stress

If you have the tendency of getting stress unnecessarily, you should avoid scenes and circumstances that are likely to accelerate the problem or make it worse off. Instead, insist on those circumstances that have the ability to lower the stress levels while at the same time keep you fit.


# Take Plenty of Proteins

Round it up by taking foods that are rich in proteins and particularly, the Omega III fatty acids. These usually replenish the lost hair by invigorating the growth thereof. While at it, drink also plenty of water to aid with digestion and the subsequent absorption of the proteins.


Can Hair Loss Be A Sign Of A More Serious Problem?

YES, it can! For men, it is normal to lose hair at some stages in their lifetime. However, for women, that hair loss front of head female could be a sign of a deeper problem. You should hence take the earliest opportunity to seek medical attention to ascertain the root cause of the problem and how to mitigate it.



Our look into the question about what causes female hair loss at temples comes to an end there. As you may see from the foregoing discussions, this is something that ought never to be taken lightly. Instead, it has to be given the seriousness it truly deserves.

In fact, we do suggest that you enroll for appropriate medication and intervention mechanisms as soon as you spot the problem emerging. Dragging your feet excessively longer may worsen the problem and make it difficult to deter thereafter. Is it not fair for you to share the insight with the others around you?