Baking Soda For Dark Circles – Everything You Need To Know

Baking soda for dark circles – a new but an effective concept of treating dark circles. However, though dark circles are not deadly, they are ghastly to behold and may potentially compromise your own self-confidence.

You want to avoid them at all costs hence. In the unlikely event that it finally catches up with you, you want to eliminate them using the most successful methods available.

We are here to help you to get started. In our discussions below, we shall look into the various methods that may serve you right. Further to that, we shall also examine a couple of frequently asked questions with regards to this particular topic of baking soda for dark circles to be able to enlighten you further.

baking soda for dark circles
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What Is Baking Soda?

Before going to know baking soda for dark circles we will know what is baking soda, basically. Baking soda is a special leavening agent that is basically used to make the bread and the cakes to rise.

It is primarily intended for the use in matters of the bakery, confectionaries, and the making of cookies. Its overall appearance is a white crystalline powder that is naturally basic or alkaline.

When this substance is mixed with an acid, the reaction is often violent and results in the formation of the Carbon dioxide gas.

Though primarily intended for the matters of cooking, it finds extensive use outside such an area primarily in healing wounds and tackling many home remedies healthcare interventions.


Most Common Uses Of Baking Soda

Below are the most common uses of the baking soda:

  • Treating heartburns and other metabolic disorders
  • May serve as a mouthwash agent and other oral hygiene applications
  • Soothes the canker sores and other wounds
  • Whitens your teeth
  • Acts as a deodorant or roll-on
  • Improves the performances of the exercises
  • Relieves itchiness and the effects of sunburns
  • Treats calluses
  • Use in baking confectionaries
  • Has the ability to disinfect mild surfaces
  • May be used to facilitating the laundry of garments


Use Of Baking Soda For Dark Circles; Does It Really Work?

In a nutshell, YES! The baking soda does indeed work for dark circles. It comprises many ingredient mixes that have been known to jointly combine to make the dark circles disappear. These include bleaching, exfoliation, anecdotal, and anti-inflammatory characteristics. This brings us to how the agent works when applied on the dark surface. Below are what it does:

1 # Bleaches the Skin

As a way of combating the dark circles, this agent does bleach the skin. It basically reverses the blackness to make the affected portion of the skin lighter to behold. That way, it restores the skin to the proper and original stature all the while.

2 # Dissolves the Dark Surface

Then, it moves ahead to dissolve the dark surfaces. This in fact forms the core of its proper functioning. By dissolving the dark surfaces, it basically makes the same to melt away and revert the skin to its original healthy status. That of course leads to proper growth and vitality of the skin thereafter.

3 # Exfoliates the Skin

Due to its abrasive nature, the baking soda for dark circles also exfoliates the skin. They basically scratch the surface of the skin to eliminate the dead layers that exist there. In the course of doing this, they leave behind a sparkling skin that is exceedingly great to behold.

4 # Kills Germs

The harsh chemical components of the baking soda for dark circles also kill the germs that be on the surfaces of the skin. These include the harmful bacteria and other microorganisms that may pose threats to your own comfort and vitality all the while. That is not to mention that it leaves behind minimal side effects.

5 # Evens the Tones

When used regularly and in just the precise quantities, the baking soda for dark circles also have the attendant impact of lightening the hyperpigmentation and balance the skin tones. You hence have it for your choice and subsequent use if you have some portions of your skins darker and others lighter.

PS: Kindly note that the agent is potentially quite abrasive. Thus, you are asked to employ moderate use to prevent the issues from getting out of hand. Stay away from the same if your skin is sensitive to these harsh chemicals.


How To Use Baking Soda For Dark Circles (Mask Recipe)

To be able to use the baking soda for dark circles, there are tools and materials you have to make use of and the procedures to follow. Let us now examine these twin details in the following segment of our discussions.

baking soda for dark circles
baking soda for dark circles

Tools and Materials Required

  • Base reagent e.g. lemon and vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Spatula
  • Bowl or dish
  • Mirror
  • Clean cloth

Step-by-step Procedures

Step I: Mix the baking soda with a base reagent

It all begins by mixing the baking soda with a base reagent like the lemon. The purpose of this mixing is to bring out the reactive nature of the baking soda. It is this trait that goes a long way in combating the dark circles from off the skin and the areas under the eyes.


Step II: Form a thick paste

Stir this mixture to form a thick yet viscous paste. Use a spatula for the job as it is the one that is intended for this purpose. All this mixing has to be done in a bowl or a petri dish. Be slow, consistent, and articulate while tackling these issues to guarantee the preciseness.


Step III: Apply this paste on the dark circles

Move ahead now to apply this paste on the dark circles using a spatula. Be slow and meticulous yet again as you undertake this activity. While at it, ensure that you cover the entire length and breadth of the dark circles for maximum impacts. Use a mirror of course to ascertain that this is truly the case.


Step IV: Leave the application to settle

After applying and impacting the entire length and breadth of the dark circles, leave the application untouched for some time to let it have its maximum impacts. This should take roughly 3-4 minutes. Stay away from direct sunlight or heat as these two have the possibility of diminishing the efficacy of the reagents.


Step V: Remove it after sometime

At the end of the 3-4 minute interlude, proceed now to remove the paste from off your eyes. Wash your face off using some lukewarm water and gently remove the paste completely. Use a clean cloth to eliminate the residues that be there to let your face sparkle.


Step VI: Repeat the procedure consistently

For best results, you are urged to repeat the procedure consistently. This should happen preferably daily for a couple of weeks to be able to accrue maximum impacts. In doing so, you shall also exfoliate the skin to restore it to proper working conditions.

Other Options To Remove Dark Circles

Obviously, the baking soda for dark circles is not the only intervention that you may rely on to eliminate the problem. Several other options are available. We devote the entire segment of our discussions below to look into these alternatives that have been tried and tested to work for you:

Home-based Remedies

1 – Cold Compress

Your first bet is to try the cold compress. It reduces the swells while at the same time shrinks the blood vessels that are dilated. The steps below will certainly help you with that:

  • Dampen a washcloth using cold water
  • Apply this cloth to the skin under your eyes
  • Leave to settle for around 20 minutes
  • Repeat the procedure consistently for best outcomes

2 – Extra Sleep

Sleeping for a longer duration of time can also help to counter this menace. By sleeping for a longer duration of time, you give your eyes sufficient time to relax and the blood to flow smoothly and simply. As a matter of fact, you are strongly recommended to sleep for no less than eight hours a day.


3 – Sleep Properly

Sleeping for a longer duration of time in and of itself is not enough. You also have to adopt the proper posture as you sleep. Keep your head and back elevated high enough as one sure way of attaining this end. That will keep the flow of blood uninterrupted as you move along.

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4 – Try the Tea Bags

You may also attempt the tea bags. Tea contains a sufficiently high level of caffeine and a host of antioxidants that stimulate the circulation of blood in the body. Simply the bags on the affected portions of the body to have your way in all these.

Medical treatments

1  # Chemical Peels

The chemical peels are your first and by far your safest bets when it comes to the medical interventions. They work by simply peeling off the dark circles to reduce the pigmentation. Never attempt them on a skin that is too sensitive as they may only serve to make your issue worse off.

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2 # Laser Surgery

Laser surgery comes in next. Its purpose is to resurface the skin and thus enhance its tightening thereafter. Being expensive and complicated, it is not an intervention we would recommend for any other little issue that is. Needless to say, you have to seek medical consent before tackling it.


3 # Medical Tattoos

The medical tattoos may also serve to remedy the dark circles. This entails the injection of the pigments to the dark circles to be able to reverse the problem altogether. It is also expensive and somewhat complicated to the extent that it may never be attempted anyhow.

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4 # Tissue Fillers

You may also consider the use of the tissue filters. These conceal the blood vessels and the melanin on the skin. They hence reverse the discolorations that do arise underneath the eyes. This intervention is also slightly expensive and is hence reserved only for the extremely critical levels.

What Is The Effect Of Coconut Oil And Baking Soda For Dark Circles?

Coconut oil is on the whole safer as it is devoid of any harmful substances and ingredients. Nonetheless, some people have reported allergies. If you are one such, you are advised to tone down the use. This mix of coconut oil and the baking soda is pretty effective at remedying the dark circles.

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What are The Other Uses of Baking Soda?

Baking soda has three main applications besides tackling the dark circles. These are:

# Treat Heartburns

It may be used to treat heartburns. This is a sensation of pain that is felt mainly when you overeat, consume acidic foods, or tighten your tummy after taking a meal. It makes one feel like throwing. Baking soda is abundantly present in the antacids that are used to combat it.


# Relieve Itchy Skin and Sunburns

The baking soda may also be used to relieve itchy skins and the sunburns. It is able to do this because it contains some potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. The baking soda is better than many solutions because it is less hazardous. That is evidenced by the fact that it leaves behind negligible side effects.

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# Mouthwash

Owing to its possession of great antiseptic properties, the baking soda may also be used as the mouthwash or mouth-cleansing agents. Here, they neutralize the acidic contents of the mouth to give rise to fresh-smelling mouths. Moreover, they can also whiten the teeth to make the same appear neater.



Let’s take a look now at some of the questions that are frequently asked concerning this wonderful subject matter of the baking soda for dark circles:


Q1. Is Baking Soda Harmful to Our Health?

YES, only if it is not handled well. When ingested in extremely large quantities, the baking soda does induce a feeling of vomiting and diarrhea. They also have the potential to dehydrate the body owing to the ability to suck out all the moisture and fluids from the internal organs.


Q2. Is it Harmful to Use Baking Soda on Skin?

NOT really! It all depends on the kind of skin you have. Before setting out for use, be sure to match the intervention with the kind of skin you have. Choose that intervention that is safe, comfortable, convenient, and relevant to the kind of skin you possess. That will go a long way in minimizing frictions and the harms that potentially be.


Q3. Does baking soda for dark circles lighten skin?

YES, it does! Though not meant to be a skin lightener, the baking soda is indeed able to make your skin appear lighter. That is due to the active ingredients that are contained in it which react positively with the skin upon getting into contact with the same.

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Q4. How useful is baking soda for dark spots

Baking soda is extremely reactive in nature. It hence has that distinct ability to dissolve the dark spots and other ghastly blemishes on the skin surface. You hence have it for your taking if you also have other unwanted marks on your skin besides the dark circles.


Q5. Does it works baking soda for dark neck?

YES, it does! Do you have a dark neck? You may yet again use the baking soda for dark circles to impact such areas of your body. This agent has the ability to even out the skin tone and restores the skin to its original glow stature. All you have to do is apply it diligently and maintain some consistency all the while of use.


Q6. Baking powder under eyes – Does it really work?

YES, it does! As we have explained above, this agent has the distinct capability of dissolving the dark circles to give rise to skin that is fresher and devoid of any blemishes at all. Some have however experienced allergic reactions. If you are one such, think of toning down the use.



We bring an end to our look into the baking soda for dark circles there. As you may see, this wonderful ingredient is truly great for your eyes and face at large. Why not make it a priority in your search and quest for the right face-cleansing agent?

There is never the right time to make the first move insofar as the leveraging of this baking soda for dark circles is concerned. Dragging your feet for far too long may only cause you to go to ruin or have to spend too much later on. This is the time to take swift and decisive action!