My Eyes Look Old And Tired – 10 Best Remedies

My eyes look old and tired, that is the expression you will get from most people during these hard times. Having healthy eyes that do not have eye bags or dark circles under them represents health, beauty, and happiness.

When you work hard, spend hours on the computer, you spend troubled days, and fatigue appears through your tired or hanging eyes.

Your eyes are exposed to dirt, wind, and many other elements that can cause puffiness or dull eyes. According to experts, constant use of makeup and mascara can reduce it and make it disappear on the face.

my eyes look old and tired
Photo by Isaac Taylor from Pexels

My Eyes Look Old And Tired – 10 Best Remedies

Because your eyes offer so much, it is crucial to take care of them. To help you keep your eyes beautiful and bright, here are some things we recommend.


1. Caring for the skin around the eyes

If you need to know how to make eyes look less tired, start with caring for the skin around the eyes. This delicate and delicate area is one of the first parts of the face that immediately shows signs of aging or damage. That is why it is good to apply an eye cream that moisturizes not only the eye area, but also repairs and protects it from the harmful effects of the sun.


2. Light up your dark circles

Dark circles not only give a faded look but also make you look older than your actual age. You can get rid of dark circles using natural remedies, which means you don’t need to spend large sums on different creams and cosmetics.

There are two very easy ways to use it. It requires that you first create an original mix of black circles; this includes mixing lemon juice with tomatoes. Use the blender to create the perfect blend. After preparing the mixture, use a cotton ball to dip it into the mixture and rub it under the dark eye. Repeat this procedure twice a day.

If you find that making this mix is less mobile, you can also use tea bags, as they not only reduce dark circles but also give you a calming effect.


3. Take care of your eyes well

If you wish to know how to make your eyes look less tired and avoid saying that my eyes look old and tired, make sure that you take care of your eyes. You can protect your eyes by always adding a UV protective layer to all your glasses or making sure to wear sunglasses in any part of the sun.

These coatings will help protect your eyes from the harmful rays that can eventually cause cancer. In addition to making sure you flash a lot, make sure to clean your eyes when you need them. If you find something stuck in your eyes, be sure to use water or saline to clean it thoroughly.


4. Take good care of your contact lenses.

If you wear contact lenses, you must pay enough attention to them. Avoid sleeping with contact lenses and wearing them for a more extended time than recommended. Also, saliva and water should never be used to sterilize your lenses. Always keep it healthy and use the right solution to keep it clean.


5. Stop smoking

Cigarette smoking is directly related to many health problems. Age-related macular degeneration is only one among many diseases. By quitting smoking, you reduce the risk of developing this devastating visual impairment and reduce the chance of cataracts. You will also reduce the chances of always complaining that my eyes look old and tired.


6. Eat a proper diet to get rid of my eyes look old and tired

Remember, when a parent tries to examine their child’s eyes to determine their possible health status? If you eat a good meal with a complete balance of protein, vegetables, and fruits, the nutrients will improve your health. This is where your vision comes in because your physical health is reflected in the eyes. Another thing is to take plenty of fluids. The body is made up of a large percentage of water.


7. Glasses can give the illusion of beautiful eyes

Try wearing contact lenses, or choose glasses with no rim or narrow rims. This will draw more attention to your real eyes than your spectacles, making them appear smart. Communication will go further by creating this illusion. The bright, open eye is easier to see and perceive when not covered with heavy glasses.


8. Coverage your eyes if the situation allows

This is not the same as wearing glasses. So what does this mean? It is merely this prerequisite to cover the eyes when there is intense sunlight, excessive dust, and flying debris. The mentioned case could put your beloved device at high risk. So once you cover it, you offer your eyes excellent service.


9. Give your eyes some exercise.

In general, most people spend several hours a day in front of one screen or another, be it a computer or touch phones. The tireless gaze at the constant brightness of these screens can tighten our eyes. However, there are many small exercises we can do to keep our vision sharp in these conditions.

Always watch and focus on something that dries your eyes, so one of the best tips to remember is still to keep your eyes lubricated eyelash. Flickering helps you stay focused while allowing your eyes to take a little break.

Also, when looking at computer screens, be sure to separate your eyes every 20-45 minutes. Look at something about 10 centimeters from your face, and then something else 10 feet away. Then let your eyes rest for a bit before refocusing on the screen.


10. How to make your eyes look younger with makeup

You should also remember to wear fun and eye-catching eye makeup; you don’t want to wear eye makeup that will irritate your eyes and keep you from looking and feeling your best. Wear eye shadow and eyeliner to help give your eyes an attractive look, and discover application techniques that will make you look sexier or even flaming.

Look for makeup consisting of liquid eye shadows that contain ingredients that help nourish, fix, and oxygenate the eye area so that you can have a complete combination of beauty and skin health.



As a precaution, wear sunglasses, quit smoking, limit the amount of alcohol you consume, control cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar, and eat green leafy vegetables and other foods that contain antioxidants.

By using the above tricks, you will have known how to reverse aging eyes easily and will never hear you say “My eyes look old and tired.”